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Porn Star in the House   by Editors with Nick Da

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OUT writer DJ Jonbone spotted porn star Nick Da'Kannon while reviewing Chi Chi LaRue's Blackballed 5. Actually it didn't take much spotting because Da'Kannon has one of those stand-out poles that make a big impression, even in a crowd of gangbangers. Come to find out, Nick's a long-time member of OutPersonals AKA AllStarNick. So…
We could not resist asking a few questions. Lucky for us, Nick was kind enough to oblige, and here he is:

OutPersonals: So how did you get into porn -- a natural exhibitionist or voyeur all your life or did you more or less stumble into it?

Nick Da'Kannon: I always wanted to do porn, but when I was 18 my mother told me I would have to be cut to do it, so I took it out of my mind. Then my sister, Marie Luv, started to do it and I started hanging with her on set and watching ah lot of XXX movies that had guys with uncut dicks. I thought, I have all these ideas, and dick to do it -- I might as well try now before I get too old.

OutPersonals: What was it like working with the guys at Chi Chi's and Channel 1? Is Dean Monroe as easy, wide, and willing as he looks?

[Read DJ Jonbone's review, "Balled Black and Blue" under Meet the Guys]

Nick: Black Balled was my 1st DVD. My 1st time being on ah big set (well not really 'cause my sister shot there before), but it was my 1st time workin' on something that I considered big. I still ah big fan of Chi Chi and to see her in person… I kinda freaked, so I needed ah min to get it together. I went to kick it in the back alone, 'cause I didn't know anybody and none of the other models were really talkin to me. Then Dean walked in and I almost died. I had busted the biggest nut to Taking Flight earlier in the week, so to see him in person, then have him tell me that he feelin my look, then kiss me… I'm gettin' hard thinkin' about it.

OutPersonals: Chi Chi's films have a lot of fans on OUTPersonals. How did you hook up with that porn house? Had they seen you in other things? Did you audition?

Nick: I hit ChiChi via myspace and she gave me a chance to be on her LiveAndRaw site. I never thought I would be on ah site that has Johnny Hazzard and Victor Rios on it. It's like I'm living ah dream.

OutPersonals: We were excited when we learned you were a member of the site. Have you had any hot hook-ups on OUT? What are your favorite things about the site?

Nick: LoL, I been ah member of this site longer than I been in the porn game. I talk to all kinds of coo' people on here. Some of my best friends are members and we hang all the time. I love to just hang in the chat room and talk about porn, and I love goin' thru profiles. The members on here are sexy as hell.

OutPersonals: Obviously you look at the magazine! Is there anything in particular you like about the magazine?

Nick: I love the reviews because you can tell that they were written by someone who enjoys what he do.

OutPersonals: Is your own site, or how did you hook up with that?

Nick: Naw Thugboy isn't my site. I'm just one of the hottest things on the site. I wasn't sayin' that before the fans voted me number one on the site. I sent in some of my pictures to Flavaworks and when they were in Cali for the Gay Expo in 2006 we hooked up and made some fire.

OutPersonals: Thugboy's a hot concept; does it get a lot of action? Would you say it best fits your style and personality, or do you have a lot of different moods and flavas?

Nick: Both Thugboy and CocoDorm are run by the people at Flavaworks. They pretty big in both the Black and Latino community. I think other people are starting to notice what they are doing. I think Castro got his start with them and he ah big name now. I fit on the site 'cause sometime I have that stereotype look, but at the same time I have ah li'l hip hop/Goth thing going on, and sometime I like the rock look. I change ah lot. My personal style is based on how I feel that day.

OutPersonals: In your comments you said: "that shit sells like hotcakes." What do you see as some of the hot trends or opportunities for gay, black porn stars? Any predictions of what's going to be the next gold mine?

Nick: I'm not gon front; so far, what I seen is that gay porn is ah white boy's game and I'm just try'n' to make it. I think big dick white boys are the next big thing. That Ben Andrews guy -- he's hot. I think self-suckin' is coming up. I got that. Kinda. (LoL)

OutPersonals: Reviewers rave about your size thang (including our own DJ Jonbone) and we also noticed you came up # 1 in Thugboy's top ten hottest guys. Looks like you're heading for stardom. Are you getting a lot of film offers?

Nick: I don't have an agent yet and I'm learning game from my sister's agent, Mark Spiegler. I'm pullin' some big stuff in for myself, I just got contact for Bacchus, I got the green light from Lucas Entertainment for when I'm in New York they'll shoot me. I'm always gonna shoot for my people at LiveAndRaw and AllWorldsVideo. But I want to work with ah lot of companies.

OutPersonals: Ideally, where would you like your "large" talent to take you? (We saw you’re planning on Blackballed 5 getting some GayVN nominations.)

Nick: Hell, I want us to win. I think that would be so coo if my 1st DVD pulls ah GayVN. But I don't know, I busted like 5 nuts to the Show part 1. I want to be the black Tiger Tyson. He doing so much in the game. I would love to follow in his steps and start my own company. I want to write and star in my own movies; then I want to start working behind the cam.

OutPersonals: So, what we can look forward to in a Nick Da’Kannon film?

Nick: In ah Nick Da'Kannon movie (one that I own the rights too, not with just my name in the title), you can look forward to me bottoming -- that's not happening for nobody else. I want my adult movies to have ah bit of ah funny story to them, but you still should be on your 5th nut when you 25% into the movie. My movies are going to be stuff that I like, and I like ah lot of way outthere Evil Angel stuff.

OutPersonals: What do you do when you're not fucking it up on camera? And where do you hope to be in another 5 or 7 years? Will you be a superstar or will you give it all up and become a Geology professor or something?

Nick: When I'm not being Nick "The Dick," I'm just ah normal twenty-something dude. I work two other jobs and I go to school. I hang with my friends, listen to Gwen Stefani. I like to stay busy. In 5-7 years I want to have my own porn company and be living somewhere near Yellowstone Park so I can study the super-volcano under the park. Yeah, I'm ah li'l thugged out geek.

OutPersonals: What's your favorite kind of guy to fuck? You mentioned you like to top -- what gets you the most hot in a guy you're fucking? Is there any kind of a stud -- a big bear for example -- who will make you go all bottom?

Nick: So far, there is only a few guys I would be bottoming for. That's real personal to me. LoL. The 1st is Victor Rios; 2nd has to be Matthew Rush (I'm gon start goin' to the gym so Falcon will shoot that), and lastly I think I'll let Tiger Tyson take me down like he did Castro. I like all kinds of guy, but I do have a weakness for Ricans, brothers from the South and hot-blooded Italians. But I'll talk to anyone as long as they are coo. I don't have a set type yet.

OutPersonals: One of your bios says you're bisexual. Are you interested in doing straight porn or 3-ways or couples? Either in porn or real life, what's the most you've ever mixed it up -- between male, female, orgy, multi-racial, etc.?

Nick: They all should say I'm Bi 'cause when I started I had a girlfriend. I'll do Bi porn movies but I don't think I can do straight porn cause that's my sister thing and I hate for them to put us together. The most people I've mixed it up with has to be on Black Balled 5.

OutPersonals: What are some things you're dying to do on film? Or stars you'd like to get with?

Nick: I want to suck dick on film. I think I did it twice. I really get off doin' that. Gets me rock hard. I want to direct the sex we have while tapin'. I want to shoot ah P.O.V. gay porn movie. I want to work with, Victor Rios, Castro, Pimp, Stonie (I want that bad), Johnny Hazzard, Matthew Rush, Ben Andrews and Jean Franko.

OutPersonals: Are you related to director Keith Kannon of Flava Works?

Nick: Naw we haven't even met. I'm gon have to check him out.

OutPersonals: You got any other projects in the works we should know about? Where else can we see you?

Nick: You can always check me right here on OutPersonals AllStarNick, or on, 79-82,,, and Black Inches, December 2006. This is all the porn work I done so far. I know I'm in the new Thugboy DVD. I'm goin' to Miami to shoot my own movie with them after X-mas. I'm gonna make ah return in ah few week.

Just keep looking out for your boy and thanks for showing me so much love. I'll no doubt keep it hot!