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richhfx 63M
4 posts
1/7/2019 5:56 pm
Dirty subject - Hair Removal

I've been shaving for some time but, have thought about other options, like waxing, electrolysis, and laser... How do most of you out there handle unwanted hair? And, why have you taken your approach?
Shave it all
Laser Treatment

btccu4 58M
53 posts
1/19/2019 11:25 am

Shaving which I do almost daily.

PositiveLiving 46M
67 posts
1/21/2019 9:10 pm

I use a product called Magic Shave, It is a powder you mix with with water to form a paste which you put on for 6 to 9 minutes before scraping with a butter knife.

NsaSukBuddy69 49M
1 post
2/27/2019 4:23 am

Thanks for Info, cheers.

bottomlee52 54M
8 posts
3/2/2019 10:56 am

I have dated a few top guys that love to shave body and my legs it was a big turn on for then and me.