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lwbtm4top 59M
15 posts
11/5/2019 11:40 am

Last Read:
6/2/2023 3:54 pm

the exam

I went for my first prostate exam and i was really nervous. everyone describes it as very uncomfortable so i was not looking forward it. The nurse came the waiting room get and the nerves really started in. She was very nice making small talk down the hall the room. Once in the room she took the necessary vitals. She then gave a paper gown and instructed how put it on then left the room. I removed all my clothes and put the gown on with the opening in the back as instructed. Now i was really nervous by this time and a little chilled. Then a young man came in who was about 40 and introduced himself as the Dr. Now i was expecting someone much older say in their 60's. Now i didnt realize it at the time but the doctor was quite attractive and had a very nice physic. He asked why i was there and i explained that my primary doctor suggested that i get a prostate exam due to family history. He asked if this was my first one and i stated yes sir it is. He said to me nothing to be nervous about and that there would be no pain. He asked about my sex life and i told him that i had a girlfriend and we only had protected sex. He talked a little about the procedure to help me relax. The time came and he asked me to lie back on the table. He proceeded to move these metal looking props out to each side of the table. He then took each leg one at a time and propped my feet up so as to bring my knees up towards my chest. Now i was really nervous at this point thinking how uncomfortable this was going to feel. Somehow his calming voice slowly put me at ease as he talked me through each step. First he wiped my anus with a cleansing wipe. Then i could feel him spread some warm liquid in the same location. He said lets give that min it will numb you a little. A min or goes by nd he said ok lets get stared. I could feel him wipe a slippery liquid on and around my anus. Ok Your going feel a little pressure. I took a deep breath and he applied the pressure and his finger slid right in. I though this was to bad i dont know what everyone complains about. He moved his finger around several times and then i felt like there was more than one finger inside me. He asked me how i was doing and i said ok in a chipper upbeat voice. All of i sudden he touched what i guess was my prostate and i let out a little moan in pleasure. He continued working around in side me and again pressure was felt on the prostate and i moaned and eve pushed back a little towards his hand. He again asked if i was ok and I replied oh yes. The doctor slowly removed his fingers from inside me. He gently wiped around my anus to clean me up. He removed me from the post and said you can get dressed now. I felt so relieved that it was over but at the same time was wondering to myself how could i have enjoyed it so much when everyone else i know hated it. I got dressed and while doing so noticed the doctor looking at me as i put on my clothes. I didnt think anything of it at the time and finished and sat down on a chair in the room. The doctors said i didnt find anything abnormal with your exam but i do want to discuss something with you. Well i had planned for bad news but he said it was normal so now i was curious about what he wanted to talk about. I sat patiently as he finished his notes. Ok said the doctor i could not help to notice that you actually seemed to enjoy our little intimate time together. Now i began to blush and said it wasnt all that bad especially from what i heard from others. He asked me if i had every been with a man in that way and i said this is the first time. He began to discuss sex with men and i was a little confused. He asked me if i have ever had thoughts about being with a man before. I said i hadnt but could not lie what he did was very arousing and made me think that maybe i would enjoy it. well here is where i get blown out of the water. He made a proposal saying that he would like be my first if i open it. I was flabbergasted for a minute not knowing how respond. However my curiosity kicked into high gear all of a sudden and out of the blue i said i would like to try it. He assured it would not be any different then earlier except a lot more stimulation. I shook my head in agreement and said yes. He asked me if i could come back after the offices closed. Well not having any plans for this evening i said i would like .
He instructd stop and get an ennima and follow the directions on the box. We agree i would return in hours and i would knock on the door when i arrived. I left his office and stopped and got the supplies and headed home. the entire way home i was thinking to myself what was i doing i am not attracted to men. I hashed it out in my brain all the way home. Just before i was supposed to return i did the ennama following the directions on the box and cleaned up and showered. I figured how bad could it be to have a second exam. I arrived at the prescribed time and knocked on the door. The doctor greeted me and motioned me in. I could hear the door being locked behind me as he said lets go back to Rm number 4. This room was different it had a couch and a desk inside. He asked me if i followed the prep directions and i agreed.
We chatted for a few minutes and then he said why dont you remove your clothes and place them on the chair in the corner and that he would be right bac I nervously removed my clothes and placed them in the chair and sat down on the couch. When the doctor returned i noticed he was not wearing any pants shoes or socks just white lab coat. He came over to me and sat down next to me. He told me he would like to do a more extensive exam and it may trigger feelings for me and assured me it would be fine and for me to relax and just enjoy. I said ok i am good. He grabbed my hand and led me into the exam room for earlier where he asked me to get up on the table as before. I climbed up on the table and placed my feet in the strups as eariler. He began cleaning and a placed a little numbing agent and then some lube around my anus. Already i was feeling a little excited as i wasn't afraid and it actually felt great. He started with one finger the then said lets try it was a little tight feeling but i eventually relaxed enough for it fell incredible. The doctor could tell by the expression on my face that i was enjoying it. Well like i said i was enjoying him finger , then he surprised and asked if would like try the real thing. Well i dont know i though i guess it would be ok as what had happened so far was great. I told him i would like to try it. He stood up removed his lab coat reveling a perfectly erect coc This was the first one i had seen up close other than mine nd i didnt know what thin I was about the same size as mine and i didnt see any thing out of the ordinary. I couldn't believe i was going through with it but didnt have the balls stop it either. He rolled on a condom and grabbed a little more lube and applied it to his wrapped coc Then he slid out a stool from under the exam table and stepped up on it just below . He asked again if i was willing and i agreed. He stepped up towards and said ok you will a little more pressure than before. He gently applied pressure his penis and ever so slowly he entered . He would pause then push some more and repeat till he was all the way inside me. He keep checking see if i was o Slowly at first he would pull partially out then push back in, until he felt relax and he began stroke it in and out faster and faster till i felt him tense up and he came. He relaxed leaving his cock in me till he got soft. he asked how did i enjoy my first sexual twist with a man and being fucked. I felt so awesome but so guilty at the same time. What had i done. What box had i opened. Was i really secretly gay. So many questions and feelings. We went back office and layed down on the couch for awhile when he said i want fuck you again, so we did about times that hour. I never knew it would be so erotic and satisfying. We met once a week for about a year until his practice moved another town a little to far for travel once a wee The girlfriend never caught on and i was very happy have that chance be broken in like that.

Hertsguy_1973 51M
60 posts
3/30/2023 1:04 pm

    Quoting bjhogan:
    damn ! wish he was my dr. ! LET ME TELL YOU !! ONCE you GO GAAAAAY !! YOU NEVER GO BACK !! just WAIT untill SOME ONE EATS YOUR ASS ! & THEN FUCKS YOU !!! YOU WILL CUMIN BUCKETS !! & HAVE THE MOST INTENSE ASSSgasm /ORGASM !! well that's how i knew i was truly queeeeeeeeeer as fuck ! it only gets better hon !
Thank you great blog

13BA9211 57M
6 posts
12/22/2019 7:08 am

Nice story. wish I was that doctor having your man pussy

travelfaber 61M
24 posts
11/7/2019 8:24 am

Your Dr must be well busy but now you have to find another Doctor in your city to get prostate exam regularly. It's important, don't postpone new exams

Hungr4Yungr 75M
5766 posts
11/6/2019 1:22 pm

WoW! What an experience. I have to secretly admit that I have 3 young doctors, all of whom I would like to see naked and would readily agree to having sex with them.

hate_Fakes 39M

11/5/2019 7:07 pm

    Quoting bjhogan:
    damn ! wish he was my dr. ! LET ME TELL YOU !! ONCE you GO GAAAAAY !! YOU NEVER GO BACK !! just WAIT untill SOME ONE EATS YOUR ASS ! & THEN FUCKS YOU !!! YOU WILL CUMIN BUCKETS !! & HAVE THE MOST INTENSE ASSSgasm /ORGASM !! well that's how i knew i was truly queeeeeeeeeer as fuck ! it only gets better hon !
I second that!

bjhogan 66M
1950 posts
11/5/2019 2:13 pm

damn ! wish he was my dr. ! LET ME TELL YOU !! ONCE you GO GAAAAAY !! YOU NEVER GO BACK !! just WAIT untill SOME ONE EATS YOUR ASS ! & THEN FUCKS YOU !!! YOU WILL CUMIN BUCKETS !! & HAVE THE MOST INTENSE ASSSgasm /ORGASM !! well that's how i knew i was truly queeeeeeeeeer as fuck ! it only gets better hon !