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lwbtm4top 59M
13 posts
8/13/2019 12:46 pm

Last Read:
6/2/2023 3:56 pm

my summer surprise

one evening a gentleman asked me out to a club. I was reluctant since i had only talked to him a couple of times. After he asked me for the third time i gave in. He told me to get ready and he would pick me up at 8. So i got all cleaned up put on a sex thong and dress up nice. He arrived right on time and rang the bell. i answered the door and he asked if i were ready and i agreed i locked the door and we walked to the car. we drove for about minutes to an area of town i was not all familiar with. We stopped outside of this building looked like an old warehouse which had no windows on the front. We walked to the door and went inside. As i looked around there were several bars with lot of men everywhere. He asked me what i would like to drink? i told him a double rum and coke. He went and got us our drinks while i looked around the room. when came came back he directed me over to a table in the corner the restrooms. we drank our drinks and listed to the live music. He told me to sit tight he had to go talk to someone and he would be right back. i nodded in agreement. he returned and told me he had a huge surprise for me when the band went for a break. Now i started to feel nervous. in a short time i heard the band say we are going to take a break but don't go anywhere there was more to come. he reached over and grabbed my hand and said follow me. he lead me down the hall to the restrooms but we didnt go all the way down the hall instead he open a side door and took me in this semi dark room. now i am thinking he is going to put the moves on me and the nervousness ramped up even higher. he placed a blind fold over my eyes. the he placed leather cuffs on my wrist and ankles and secured my wrist to something. he proceeded to take my clothes off quickly. i was directed to another spot in the room and helped to down down on something hard face down. he one one took each cuff and clipped it so i could not move. i was positioned sort of like a jockey on a . Well i have never been with a man before little alone in this position. i could feel the table moving across the floor but could not see anything. Then the table came to a stop in another room which seem to be very load. I could hear someone speaking into what must have been a microphone and a roar of a crowd. Now i was really nervous what had i got myself into. What was going on ? What was going to happen next. i heard the announcer say " next guys we have Johnny gets a ride. i could feel a warm liquid oozing down the crack of my man pussy . Someone was playing with me and slowly inserting what felt like fingers inside me. i must say i forgot what was going on around me as the overwhelming feeling of pleasure took over. i felt like someone was behind me i could feel then push close rubbing my ass and giving it little smacks. then to my surprise i felt the pressure of him entering my pussy slowly at first then faster and faster. I was actually being fuckec for the first time and really loving the overwhelming pleasure. theni could feel his cock pulsating and him getting even bigger inside of me. all of a sudden i felt the warm hot explosion of his shooting inside me, What a rush was. when he was done another took his place. I was fucked 5 times straight. All of a sudden i could hear a roar coming from inside the room like there were alot of people in the room. I thought i hope i am not going to be all the victim of all of them. I then felt the table moving again across the room. he leaned in and whispered how was . I could barley get the words out i was still in shock, I managed one word incredible. I was released from my bounds and the blind fold removed. He asked if i would like another drink and i nodded yes. He said relax on the couch over there and said he would be right back. in a few minutes he came back and we had our drink. he asked ne how did i liked my surprise. i said well was a total first for ne in so many ways but i enjoyed it totally. He said well we have two more rounds to perform when the band took there next break and i was well looking forward to it but still nervous. At the end of the night i think i may have been fuck men but was not the bad part. Right before we left the club he showed me a video of me strapped to a saw getting fucked the band on there break in front of the whole audience.. I felt so many feelings of happiness for my first gsngbang to embarrasment knowing it was all watched a hundred or two men. he liked me so much we did this every weekend summer before he moved away. Wow what a summer


lwbtm4top 59M
107 posts
11/1/2019 8:48 pm

Yes i would agree with that

bjhogan 66M
1950 posts
11/1/2019 3:17 pm

oooooooooh honey ,,, i'm sure you will GET THERE !! i may be a SUBMISSIVE FAGGOT ! but I"M NEVER PASSIVE !! LOL in fact ,,, i'm NOW more VOCAL in my DESIRES !! i was never that way with any woman ! if it FEELS GOOD !! THEN tell your LOVER ! if feels BAD ! TELL HIM TOO !! that's the ONLY to ASSure you BOTH ENJOY the EXXXperince !!! but i have FOUND most GAY/Bi MEN already KNOW how to please another man ! after all ! we do share the same plumbing ! so we already know what feels good !

lwbtm4top 59M
107 posts
10/28/2019 12:42 pm

im not there yet but would love a more dominate male to take me places, or put in certain situtations i would never do on my own.

bjhogan 66M
1950 posts
10/28/2019 11:59 am

oooh my god ! what a way to be welcumed to the gaaaaaaaaaay side ! you will never forget your first time ! and honey ! it only keeps getting better ! the more you learn your body's HOT SPOTS the LESS INHIBITED you beCUM !! it was definetly that way for me ! i could never give up the dick ! eventualy my 2nd ex wife found out i was having gay sex from the lube and comdoms she found in my jeans with the BATH HOUSE LOGO on them !! she never confronted me about infidelity ! or my homosexuality ! as she had already started fucking a guy at work ! and preparing to move in with him ! i had dropped many hints prior to her discovering my sex kit ! we used to sunbathe at popular gay hang out and a mutual gay nudist would often join us ! it the first place i started having gay love after my 1st divorce in 94 and i have never stopped going ! i assured her she would be safe going topless as the man are all gay ! that should have been her first clue ! but when ever she could not go ,, it was ok for me to take OUR GAY BUDDY for a DAY in the SUN !! that should have been her 2nd clue ! there were others ! once our divorce was final in 09 i did not HESITATE to CUM OUT of the CLOSET !!

bjhogan 66M
1950 posts
9/15/2019 3:36 pm

ooooooooooooooh baby ! once you go gaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! you never go back !