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Look into the raunchy minds of frequent OutPersonals blog posters as they reveal their sexy secrets. From the horny housewife with secret anal fantasies, to the young stud whispering of his cuckolding of his boss with his boss’s slutty older wife, to the most outrageous fantasies of gangbangs and anonymous sex, we have it here. You can share your own raunchy swinger stories and catch the attention of someone who may turn out to the next chapter in your ongoing saga of seduction.

Blog / Creator Posts Date
1   2/19/2018
My Blog
by  Deepthroet    54M
1   2/17/2018
My Blog
by  chris5014    51M
1   2/15/2018
My Blog
by  chocolate_Top    38M
1   2/13/2018
My Blog
by  krazkoolfool    42M
1   2/9/2018
My Blog
by  Threesum4321    59/48BC
1   2/5/2018
My Blog
by  Redwine65A   65M
1   2/4/2018
1   1/26/2018
5   1/21/2018
My Blog
by  Swagdaddy    59M
1   1/21/2018