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Midnight Suck and Run
Posted:Mar 9, 2019 8:53 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2019 9:47 am

Well it was a very balmy and hot July evening and we were feeling as though there was something missing that evening. We always check out the regular apps that we were listed on each evening.

Suddenly there was a message and the time was coming up to 8pm, u feeling Horny, we looked at each other and though hell yeah. With this message I could start to feel the stirring in my loins, my cock was waking up. I have always been of the mind that as soon as something sexual is mentioned my body starts to stir and I can feel my horny 6" cock starting to get to a semi hard state.

The messages kept on coming and we were answering them, like u feeling horny and what u like to do etc.

Then came the text, fancy meeting up, again we looked at each other and thought the time was getting on, an another text came and said tonight now, we thought why not!!

We sent another text back and said where r u ? and the answer came back and it was a 10min drive. So we said we were on our way. Buy this time it was around 9pm.

When we got to the address we furtively looked around before knocking on the door lightly trying not to wake any neighbours up. The door was answered by a stocky guy naked in his dressing gown slightly open who welcomed us in.. He looked rather delicious and I thought mmm I am going to get some of that. He smells lovely I thought as well.

He said is there any thing I can get you, we said no and were showed into the very large beautifully decorated bedroom. He said make yourselves comfortable. So we decided to take all our clothes off, I could feel my beautiful cock starting to get hard again and getting moist, I was getting excited. Once we had taken our clothes off we ?

Well what do you think ? Do you want to hear more ?


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