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2/14/2019 11:40 am

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Gay Love & Romance, Hollywood Style!!!

Hello everyone! Surely you didn't think the day of love and romance would go by without hearing from the true African Queen of Hearts! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I think I want to start though with some words to Jussie Smollett! As you surely have heard by now, Jussie, from the show,"Empire" was brutally attacked in Chicago recently. And since a noose may have been involved, and both the "n" word and the "f" word were used during the attack, it should be considered a hate crime! Now, one of those few black people who has missed a lot of the racism experiences, and unless you count one's preference for meat isn't dark, don't feel I've been discriminated against much for being either gay or black. a fuller figure bitch though and pretty tall, so I wouldn't be the first black homosexual you'd negatively. But like Jussie, I am a multi-talented, openly gay African-American just trying to do his thing and live his life on his own terms. I know you are moving beyond ass of this now, and getting back to your life, but I do want you to know, one proud African Queen to another, I've got your back, and not only are you in my thoughts and prayers, but so is this sad ass country and this crazy ass world!!!

Now, I just went back through all my posts and realized with the exception of the Black Divas post, I have some incredible looking men on here. Most of them are gay, but nearly all of them are attractive. Apparently, I've done some pushing, and promoting, and hopefully made you aware of some you may not have noticed before checking me out. And if you are actually reading, and not just stuck on the photos, some names have quite a bit. Sir Ari Gold, my favorite gay musical performers outside of George Michael. Darren Criss, the singer and award winning actor whose talents could be making him the next big thing! But most of you would single out Tyler Posey as the guy I seem to be the most focused on, based on this blo Well, here is some news!

I was pushing for everyone to check out "Now Apocolypse," the new show has him in his first gay scene as a possible love interest for Ulyssess, played by Avan Jogia. Well, the more I learn about the show itself, the less I think going to like it. So going to try and stick it out, least until the big scene. But I will not be pushing it like I had been.

Now I could have gone a lot of different ways with this post. I could have went with some real Hollywood gay couples, like Simon Halls & Matt Bomer, or Lance Bass & Michael Turchin, or Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, or my personal favorite, Blue Hamilton & Matt Dallas. I gave some serious consideration to doing some gay romantic comedies and love stories, and may do in the future. Epics like Brokeback Mountain and By Your Name, as well little known independents like Ciao, The Trip, All Over The Guy and Culture. But I decided to do just a few gay characters from television, in hopes the pictures or a brief synopsis of their life, might get some of you to go back and check out their journeys for yourself!

going to start with The Walking Dead, because I am still pretty pissed, and with key and favorite characters exiting the show, even I can't promise to hang with it much longer! Don't worry, Chris Hardwick. I will still be looking for your pretty ass on the Talking Dead!

Now for nine seasons, Daryl has not had a love interest. It looked like he might get one a couple of times, but not yet. And there was talk might be because he was gay, and the actor, Norman Reedus, didn't have a problem playing it way. Well, soon we across Aaron, played by the lovely Ross Marchand. He's gay, but not single. Eventually, his husband dies, and ...all right! Here we go! Well, not quite. Enters Jesus, played by the beautiful and talented Tom Payne, and it was a complete surprise to to learn he was gay as well. A gay love triangle? Well, not exactly. A six year jump in time is implemented to allow for the lead character's departure. During this jump, you get the feeling Daryl still hasn't had no loving, but it is possible Aaron and Jesus may have gotten close. Of course, we don't get to see any of , if it even happened. What do we get? The three of them fighting off an attack, and one of them doesn't make it! No love triangle. No kisses. And Daryl is still either a monk or a virgin. Though something interesting has developed and I think, we have one hell of a unexpected twist or tryst coming !

Now perhaps it is just , but in real life, it seems to when a kid comes out to a disapproving family, the usual recourse is either some sort of conversion attempt or them out. The total concept of actually leaving your kid on the side of the road is just unimaginable to . But we actually got to see it played out on Desperate Housewives, when Bree Van de Kamp, played by Marcia Cross, leaves her gay son, Andrew, by the side of the road, with clothes and some of course. And even though she may have felt justified, (he did set it so she would walk in while he was in bed with her boyfriend the time.) it was still a heart-breaking scene to actually have to sit through. But apparently, a similar fate fell upon Will Lexington. On Nashville, Will, played by the awesome Chris Carmack, is caught playing with a "friend," and his dad drops him off by the side of a road. You don't actually get to see part, but you get to see his journey, including his struggle for self-acceptance, a suicide attempt, a bad move towards his best friend, coming out as an -and-coming country singer, eventually finding love and fucking it ...twice...with the same guy, and more. It is a powerful storyline, and Kyle Dean Massey is wonderful in his role. I haven't had to sit through much country music, since I stopped working the gay bar, but it was well worth it!

Now, in the last post, I talked about Kristian Kordula, who plays Langdon on the Haves and The Have Nots. He was the secretly gay right hand man to the guy who would be president. Well, let's just say his attraction to the president came out in an interesting manner, and now there seem to be a weird dynamic building between the two. But let's go to may favorite gay storyline on the show.

Poor tortured love of sorts with his best friend, drug addict, Wyatt, played by the gorgeous Aaron O'Donnell. Forever emasculated, belittled and devastated by his mother, Veronica, who make Alexis Colby seem like bunny rabbit in terms of bitches. This one truly has no heart. Dad id recovering from burns he sustained in an explosion, paid for guessed it, Veronica! And if all of this wasn't bad enough...

Meet Justin, played by the dreamy Nicholas Muscurella. He's a cop, or was who seems to get his jollies from molesting criminals he catches. I think Jeffery was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication...something on the softer end of crimes, and Justin did his thing to Jeffery. Well, it becomes a regular thing, and I think they might actually love one another. Justin has made his feelings known, especially after being outed guessed it, Veronica, costing his his wife and child. But Justin is a bit of a sexy bad , so times his love can across as crazy or obsessive.

A little extra info might help here. Nicholas is actually dating on of the other bitches in the show, and when she got pregnant. There was talk of her leaving the show for maternity purposes, and it looked like they were trying to let go too. Now everything is fine, baby's fine, mom is fine and back work, and it is starting to look like may be on the show a little while longer as well.

Now meet Madison. Jeffery and Madison actually went to school together, and although there were apparently attracted to each other, neither of them were out at the time, so nothing happened. Madison is a nurse working on Jeff's dad after the explosion, and remembers Jeffery immediately. But Madison has made some physical upgrades made it difficult for Jeffery to remember hi So now they are seeing each other, knowing Justin still longs for his man. This could be one of the most interesting gay love triangles on television, but Madison is a goody-two-shoes, so Jeffery just has to decide between good and evil, bad or goody-two-shoes, crazy, intense and interesting or sweet, kind and closet freak.

And by the way fellas, this one, Brock Yurick, is gay in real life!

Everyone knows my favorite gay couple on television was Jude and Zero from the show, The Floor. Another good -bad couple, played wonderfully by Adam Senn and Brent Antonello. Not only were both of these guys easy on the eyes, they had a magical chemistry just made them cute and an absolute joy to watch. If you are interested, and you ought to be, here are five scenes to check out...the closet sex scene(classic and steamy), their first kiss, their first "I love yous", the bubble bath scene, and Zero's coming out scene...he's an all-star basketball player! I will be watching this couple for , even though the show is now cancelled.

I suspect most everyone else will pick Connor and Oliver from How To Get Away With Murder, and in fairness, it is a wonderful, beautiful story. still calling this one a good -bad story as well, but the way they seem to have adopted traits from one another is very interestin Oliver use to be a goody-two-shoes but has become a bit shady over time. And Connor, who started off as an uncaring, selfish, self-centered pricks has softened over time. Their issues and dilemmas aren't quite as rushed through or over like the other shows, and I still find myself fascinated by the whole guy with a not so guy concept. Hell, I keep hoping it will happen to !lol

Now, guessing most of you avoid a certain type of television show. So to test my theory, going to state a gay couple from a show and a few things would be memorable, if you had watched it. Your job would be to tell me the name of the show the gay storyline came fro

Kevin & Scotty-Kevin, a wealthy guy comes across Scotty, a weird, strange and attractive poor guy. Another good -bad story, it is a real shock when the good guy cheats on the bad guy. But they overcome their issues, get married, and if my memory serves me correctly, an uncle comes out later during the show's run.

Nolan & Patrick- Nolan, a young, strange, rich and shady guy.meets his best friend's nemesis's son, Patrick, and what starts as a plot to get information for their side in the war becomes a complicated love affair. Nolan, who is actually bisexual leaning towards the men, regularly screws , helping his friend more than trying to make a real go of a relationship with Patrick, and eventually Patrick gives and moves away.

Paul & Jacob- They shared a drunken night back in college, which one put on the back burner and the other one fell in love. later, they become part of a fiendish plot, and with the help of a catalyst or two, they rekindle their relationship. Sadly, they get caught in the plot and when one gets brutally injured, he ask the other one to kill him, rather than go to jail or prison and have his folks find out what he's done.

And as far as I am concerned, one of the hottest shows ever to grace the small screen was MTV's " Wolf." Though just cute, quirky, smart, sentimental and funny on the show, Dylan O'Brien had appeal even then. Of course, Tyler Posey, and the start of obsession. One of the ten sexiest men on the planet, Tyler Hoechlin played Derek Hale, and I've never wanted to be bitten or eaten so much! And Ryan Kelley. And Daniel Sharman. And Colton Haynes! And Cody Christian. And honestly, I may have gotten through half the list there without lookin But when two of those bastards together, my word it is getting in here. So leaving you with Ethan and Danny! And hoping each of you find sex, love AND romance today!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!


interraciallove7 48M
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2/20/2019 2:22 pm

I really hop Jussie isn't responsible for his own attack. As an African-American and an out homosexual, it would hurt me so deep!