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Julie_Tgirl 69T
1241 posts
2/28/2019 2:02 pm
Dreams like these

I do not have them frequently but over the I have had some weird dreams are kinda similar to this pic. When I found this pic on the internet it reminded of these dreams, although they have not been exactly like this.

I have been a fully naked women just wearing high heels in some dreams and I am being chased by giant alien sperm from outer space and are trying to get inside me. They are not like the ones in the pic with the eyeball head but just giant sperm with a cone shaped head and long tail. It has never happened in the dreams but it just seems to be known if they do get inside me I will get knocked and my tits will be like basketballs and I will get a swelly belly about like Octomom, remember her? My tummy gets bigger with each sperm finds its way inside .

I have had several dreams of being a naked woman in front of a group of fully dressed people, men and women both and I am there for their entertainment. These dreams have BDSM overtones.

Julie_Tgirl 69T
2134 posts
2/28/2019 2:05 pm

As each of the sperm enters me the tails will fall off to the ground

Julie_Tgirl 69T
2134 posts
2/28/2019 2:06 pm

My tummy will get bigger with each sperm that enters me and so will my tits

Julie_Tgirl 69T
2134 posts
2/28/2019 2:09 pm

I do not know what I am supposed to give birth to, maybe some alien type creatures.

Julie_Tgirl 69T
2134 posts
2/28/2019 2:10 pm

I do not know if I give birth from between my legs or my butt hole. The dreams have never gone that far to where I give birth.

OnDaFence 31M/39M
27396 posts
2/28/2019 2:25 pm

Your aliens wanna fuck ya... Mine wanna eat me.

Julie_Tgirl replies on 2/28/2019 6:32 pm:
I just don't want them getting me knocked up and giving birth to strange creatures!

Stevie1954 61T
130 posts
3/1/2019 4:00 am

Interesting! What could it all mean?

Julie_Tgirl replies on 3/1/2019 7:08 am:
The ones of being a nude woman if front of fully dressed people could have to do with my own debauchery.

Being attacked by giant sperm could have something to do with fears of men fucking me bareback.

newboy69 64M
140 posts
3/1/2019 7:03 am

You're in the Twilight Zone.

Julie_Tgirl replies on 3/1/2019 7:09 am:
Could be...I watch that show.

Stevie1954 61T
130 posts
3/2/2019 6:52 pm

It is all very sexy in our own ways! Love you, girl!

Julie_Tgirl replies on 3/3/2019 3:33 pm:
TY...Luv you too girlfriend!

52curiousjoe 66M  
14 posts
3/2/2019 9:38 pm

If you can imagine using a protection gel over any part that need protection.

Julie_Tgirl replies on 3/3/2019 3:34 pm:
Might work... but in a dream?