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GayMohave 60M  
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3/21/2019 12:22 pm
Black Caddy Daddy and Peterbilt Man

Black Caddy

Over the many years of cruising I have learned how look for the signs of places and men who are looking for a little action. Learning loiter with intent and recognize those who are loitering with intent is a more exact science now days but it can still be done. We live in a surveillance society now with cameras, security guards, lighting and cops watching public places so the days of open cruising are long gone. If you take your time, are cautious and learn from small mistakes you can avoid the big mistakes while at the same time hooking up with some consistency. Close home I am cautious but confident in my four hunting grounds. On the road I closer attention, sit back and observe and watch the action before jumping in but still manage score.

On my regular trips across the desert I have picked a few spots that are prime ground for finding men in need. Truckers, travelers, bikers, RV guys and guys going and from work congregate in these places get food, fuel or pee breaks and under the right conditions you can make contact and link up. One such place, a large truck stop adjacent to one of our major freeways is one of my favorites. So on my way home I decided to stop, gas up, take a leak and maybe get a coffee for the remainder of the trip home. As I pulled off the freeway I noted the fading sun, ample traffic in the lots and pumps and loads of cars and trucks. This particular truck stop is a favorite of mine because there is a lot of off premises parking for the truckers and RV’s which means no prying eyes.

As I pulled in and parked I took a look around. I try to dress comfortably but not be obvious in public. My usual attire is a running suit, tennis shoes and ball cap. Under the running suit I will wear a rainbow shirt but stay zipped and I take two hats, one rainbow and one plain. That way I can signal guys when the time is right or just look like another tourist passing through. As I parked I noted the cars and trucks at the pumps and in the lot. The sun was starting to fade in the early evening so I wanted to burn some time by taking a leak and getting a drink. That way I could cruise the men’s room before heading back to the lot. While I was in the men’s room a couple of guys came in and out. One gentleman stood out in particular so I timed my exit to follow his. I further scoped him as we walked through the building and then out in to the lot. He was a black gentleman, about 60 or maybe a few years older, about 6’1”, probably 240 lbs but well proportioned. I noted his broad shoulders from the back and under his gaberdine slacks and golf shirt I noted the still present form of an athlete’s body. He had a tiny spare tire and paunch but otherwise was very fit. He moved like a cat, a trained athlete as I followed and I got harder as I watched him walk across the lot. Under his Callaway Golf cap he had short, salt and pepper hair and I noted a short, precisely trimmed goatee and mustache. In his day this man tore up some serious pussy. I was hoping he would tear me up tonight. All in all this man was a class act. So I followed.

Fortunately we were parked in the same area of the lot. As I followed he walked up to a beautiful jet black Cadillac El Dorado, early 1970’s, fully restored with a lipstick red leather interior. He slid in to the driver’s seat and I split off to my car. I tracked him as he drove to the pumps and followed and pulled in to the pump opposite of the one he chose. I had put on my black baseball cap to shade my eyes from the setting sun. When I got out of my car and moved around back he was already pumping gas so I quickly got my gas going and meandered around the pump. He made eye contact with me and I instinctively said something to him in hopes of getting a conversation going. We made eye contact and I stammered “beautiful car” and something like what year. He smiled, turned toward me and said “’72, just finished her up last month. New like they from Detroit.” We bantered back and forth as gas flowed and he seemed really warm up me. We talked about destinations and then both pumps clicked “done.” We got our receipts and as he slid in his car I said “have a safe trip.” He tipped the brim of his hat and said the same. When I sat down in my car and checked my rear view mirror I realized I had my black rainbow hat on and thought “made.” I knew I was as he turned smile me as he pulled away from the pumps and then headed the parking area farthest from the pumps and lot lighting. I followed.

I watched as he parked at the extreme end of the lot with no one around save a couple of RVs and sleeping big rigs. I noted that he had rolled down the windows on both driver and passenger side as he moved in his space and once halted in the space he turned off his engine and then hit his brake lights twice. Off the races. I pulled in next him on his passenger side and had my window down. He looked, smiled and gave me a “ hither” nod. I was out of my car and sitting on his massive bench seat in no time. He was leaning back in his seat and gave me a full view of his manhood tenting the fine fabric of his trousers. I stared and licked my lips and he said “want spend some time?” I said yes and he slid toward me, straddled the hump with his feet and I slid to the floor and knee crawled between his legs with my knees straddling the hump. I turned my hat around backwards, reached for his fly and he adjusted himself to give me working room.

I reached up with my left hand and unzipped his fly and with my right hand spread the opening enough to release his hard cock. It extended through the opening of both his blue silk boxers and his tan tropical trousers. I leaned in to him, flicked his glans with my tongue and gently pressed his pants and shorts down to release the full length of his manhood. This was one well equipped piece of manhood and as I worked my lips, tongue and mouth down the full extent of his shaft he showed his appreciation by getting harder and giving me a little taste of precum. I estimated him to be about nine and a half inches but very thick and with a very large glans. He was cut and very sensitive. I really appreciate a man who takes care of himself and this definitely did. As I worked I could tell he knew how take a blow job and direct the action. He put his left hand on my right shoulder and cupped his right hand behind my head guide me. As I worked up and down his shaft he showed his approval with little convulsions and moans and words of encouragement and direction. I worked a moderate pace and with lighter pressure and suction hoping keep him going longer and avoid a quick, shallow orgasm. When I go down on a man I want that first orgasm be so intense he will back for more. And this man was exactly the kind I wanted show the real meaning of orgasm and more. We worked in tempo for another 15 minutes and as he approached orgasm I backed off a bit. In time I knew it was time for him blow his loads so this time I did not ease off but let him reach orgasm on his pace. When he started cum I kept his cock least half down me and eased out only enough flick his glans with my tongue and then go down for more. He shot four long ropes of thick semen which I took down with both suction and tongue action and kept up the motion in hopes of draining him. He had both hands tightly clasped behind my head a guided me deeper and then eased off so I would slide my lips and tongue over his shaft and to the head of his cock and then go down once more. He continued to shoot and drip cum as I worked and showed no signs of discomfort so I continued to work and give him pleasure. As soon as he showed any sign that it was too intense I would back off and resort to gentle sucking and tongue flicking once he was relaxed again I would once again go all the way down on him.

This went on for a few more minutes and then he stopped pumping semen and started to go soft. I let him go soft in my mouth and at that point he motioned me back up on to the seat. I pulled a Handi-Wipe from my pocket and washed his cock off and then my mouth. We chatted for a while and he told me how good it felt to get drained by an expert. I told him that I lived 30 miles away and if he came through the area I would either host him at my house or meet him and take care of his business. He asked for my number and e-mail and I produced one of my cards with all the contact info. He then apologetically told me he did not reciprocate and I told him I was perfectly happy sucking cock and really loved working on his and would love to have the opportunity to do it again and anything else he desired. He talked about fucking his ex-wife in the ass and I told him I would also do that if he desired but preferred to do that at my place and in a bed.

He terminated the conversation by saying he had to get moving to get to Vegas in time but would call and e-mail and arrange a link up on his next trip. He said he was very comfortable with me and had been looking for a long time for a white fag to take care of him from time to time. I slid out of the car and closed the door, he started and backed out giving me a kind wave and smile as he did. I stepped back to my car, straightened out my pants legs, hair and back and stared off in to the night sky. To my right I noted a few rigs parked on the dirt lot and straight across from where I was parked stood a man next to his rig, smoking a cigarette and his hand on his crotch. He stared at me with an intensity that said cum here boy so I started walking is way.

As I approached I took note of the rig and the man. He was driving a late model Peterbilt conventional, maroon with black trim and the door panel indicated a freight hauler out of Oklahoma. I approached and he flicked away his butt while he rubbed his crotch. This guy was shorter, probably 5 ‘8” or so, stocky but not fat, had a trimmed mid length beard and dressed totally cowboy. I could tell he was well built and when I got within speaking distance he said in a drawl “ on and hop up in the rig.” I followed him around the passenger side, he opened the door and climbed in and indicated for me follow. Inside was spacious, clean and organized and there was a huge sleeper behind the cab. He remained standing and leaned back against the upper deck of the sleeper as he unbuttoned his jean and produced his beer can cock. I dropped to my knees in front of him, took him in my mouth and started to work. My new friend was much more insistent and more forceful than my Caddy friend as he held the back of my head and fucked my mouth with authority. As we worked he talked to me, first telling me what a nasty whore I was to be sucking dicks at a truck stop and how hot it was watching me as I went down sucking a black man. He then told me about linking up in truck stops and how glad he was that he had stopped here. His regular team driver was home sick so he was on the road alone which gave him the chance to cruise and hook up. Tonight he had been really horny and really looking and had pegged me as a faggot before I even got in to that Caddy.

As his cock slid in and out of my mouth and throat he talked and pushed me to perform. He did not waste any time taking his pleasure with me and soon shot a full load down my throat. He held himself as deep as he could as he came and I could smell the faint smell of tobacco, Irish Spring bath soap and leather as he held me strongly with my face pressed in to his hairy crotch. When he had expended himself he eased off and let me work his cock with my mouth and tongue. He convulsed twice more and stayed hard as I worked on him. And as soon as it began it stopped. He backed off, pulled out of me and asked “you got any rubbers?” I said yes, in the car to which he responded “go get them and back, we’re not done yet.”

I walked quickly my car, got in, ran up the windows and then grabbed my date bag with the rubbers, lube and Handi-Wipes. Then back the truck, up in the cab where he greeted me by pointing the sleeper and ordered “strip.” I slid in, kicked off my shoes and socks, dropped my running suit pants and then jacket. I sat there looking up at him wearing a black pair of satin panties and a black long sleeved tee shirt with the rainbow flash on the front and the words “Totally Gay” emblazoned across the front. He laughed and said “that’s good” as he climbed up, boots, socks and jeans now on the passenger seat as well as his long sleeved shirt. All he wore was a wife beater undershirt and boxers. He climbed in to the sleeper and dropped his boxers and moved up next to me. I had my date kit out and pulled out a rubber and lube. He took both and put on a rubber then rolled me over on to my stomach. I felt him pull my hips up and slide two pillows under my waist, then a hand pulled my panties down in back and he mounted me. In three thrusts he was fully inside of me and began thrusting hard and at a good pace. As he pounded me I got hard feeling my cock rub against the inside of my panties and also feeling his thick tool working my walnut. He had both hands on the front of my hips and controlled me as he pounded away. I could feel his heavy breathing as he worked and once again he started a one way conversation telling me just how hard I was going to get fucked. As he pumped I got harder and in another three minutes I released with an orgasm shooting my small load in to my panties. He could feel me cum and said “just like a bitch.” The thought of me having an orgasm while he was fucking me must have struck an erotic G spot with him because he then fucked harder and deeper until he shot a second load in to the condom. He held me tight as he held himself deep inside of me and pumped until he once again went soft. He collapsed on me pushing me down in to the pillows and mattress and laid on me for about 10 minutes remaining inside of me the whole time. I contracted on his cock and gave him some sensations which he seemed to enjoy. He pulled out, rolled off me and asked “I didn’t hurt you, did I” to which I responded no, not even close, but that was the best fuck I had had in a long time. As we got dressed I asked him of he was through often and if he would like a regular date. He responded that any time his team mate was not along he would text me and we could link up. I said I would like that to which he responded “great, and after we fuck we can go out and get something to eat and a beer.” I got the distinct feeling that he was a really nice guy. He certainly looked like the kind of guy I dream about when I am laying on my back, Estim plug up my ass, jacking off and dreaming about sucking cock.

I gave him my number, he told me his name was Tim and he would be in touch. And he has. Like my Caddy , Eugene, he has been a regular for over ten months now. It just goes show if you take good care of men they will be back.

Thank you for reading my blog postings. These are my life experiences as a gay bottom of more than 40 years. As you can tell, hope my guide may be of some assistance in your quest. Please feel free to shoot me any questions or kind comments. I love hearing from guys. And I love linking up for sex and friendship. Friends still count. A bunch. Peace.

bjhogan 61M  
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3/25/2019 2:58 pm

I HEAR YOU HON !!! LOUD & QUEEEEEEEER !! us FAGS give the BEST BLOW JOBS !!! AND MOST STRAIGHT /MARRIED MEN KNOW THIS !! other wise they would NOT be CRUISING BATH HOUSES ! or OTHER HOT SPOTS !!! like you ! i prefer to hosts men in my home ! or at a hotel ! for saftey and privacy for the man ! i lovvvvvvve to take my time with a men ! giving him the plezzzzures his wife/gf will not do ! like taking it up the ass ! or swallowing his loads ! i can also dress up slutty ! and some men lovvvve pounding a sissy faggot's cunt ! talking dirty and owning our ass ! WOMEN need a REASON to FUCK ! MEN just NEED a PLACE !! i used to service a married man regularly untill he moved away ! he lovvvvvvvvvved kissing ! making out and after cumming in my mouth or cunt ! we would cuddle and snuggle ! i GAVE him WHAT his WIFE would'nt !! UNBRIDELED PASSION ! & NO INHIBITIONS !!

btccu4 58M
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3/28/2019 4:13 am

Wow great story !! I love your photo love the Panties !! Great advise !! Thanks.

adickted18 42M
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4/7/2019 6:47 am

So hot! I've always loved cruising. Especially finding horny straight guys that know some of us are more than willing to please them. It's always such an adrenaline rush when a strange guy gives me that signal that he's interested!

honeyboy67 51M
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4/7/2019 10:52 am