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Black Caddy Daddy and Peterbilt Man
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 12:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2019 5:41 am
Black Caddy

Over the many years of cruising I have learned how look for the signs of places and men who are looking for a little action. Learning loiter with intent and recognize those who are loitering with intent is a more exact science now days but it can still be done. We live in a surveillance society now with cameras, security guards, lighting and cops watching public places so the days of open cruising are long gone. If you take your time, are cautious and learn from small mistakes you can avoid the big mistakes while at the same time hooking up with some consistency. Close home I am cautious but confident in my four hunting grounds. On the road I closer attention, sit back and observe and watch the action before jumping in but still manage score.

On my regular trips across the desert I have picked a few spots that are prime ground for finding men in need. Truckers, travelers, bikers, RV guys and guys going and from work congregate in these places get food, fuel or pee breaks and under the right conditions you can make contact and link up. One such place, a large truck stop adjacent to one of our major freeways is one of my favorites. So on my way home I decided to stop, gas up, take a leak and maybe get a coffee for the remainder of the trip home. As I pulled off the freeway I noted the fading sun, ample traffic in the lots and pumps and loads of cars and trucks. This particular truck stop is a favorite of mine because there is a lot of off premises parking for the truckers and RV’s which means no prying eyes.

As I pulled in and parked I took a look around. I try to dress comfortably but not be obvious in public. My usual attire is a running suit, tennis shoes and ball cap. Under the running suit I will wear a rainbow shirt but stay zipped and I take two hats, one rainbow and one plain. That way I can signal guys when the time is right or just look like another tourist passing through. As I parked I noted the cars and trucks at the pumps and in the lot. The sun was starting to fade in the early evening so I wanted to burn some time by taking a leak and getting a drink. That way I could cruise the men’s room before heading back to the lot. While I was in the men’s room a couple of guys came in and out. One gentleman stood out in particular so I timed my exit to follow his. I further scoped him as we walked through the building and then out in to the lot. He was a black gentleman, about 60 or maybe a few years older, about 6’1”, probably 240 lbs but well proportioned. I noted his broad shoulders from the back and under his gaberdine slacks and golf shirt I noted the still present form of an athlete’s body. He had a tiny spare tire and paunch but otherwise was very fit. He moved like a cat, a trained athlete as I followed and I got harder as I watched him walk across the lot. Under his Callaway Golf cap he had short, salt and pepper hair and I noted a short, precisely trimmed goatee and mustache. In his day this man tore up some serious pussy. I was hoping he would tear me up tonight. All in all this man was a class act. So I followed.

Fortunately we were parked in the same area of the lot. As I followed he walked up to a beautiful jet black Cadillac El Dorado, early 1970’s, fully restored with a lipstick red leather interior. He slid in to the driver’s seat and I split off to my car. I tracked him as he drove to the pumps and followed and pulled in to the pump opposite of the one he chose. I had put on my black baseball cap to shade my eyes from the setting sun. When I got out of my car and moved around back he was already pumping gas so I quickly got my gas going and meandered around the pump. He made eye contact with me and I instinctively said something to him in hopes of getting a conversation going. We made eye contact and I stammered “beautiful car” and something like what year. He smiled, turned toward me and said “’72, just finished her up last month. New like they from Detroit.” We bantered back and forth as gas flowed and he seemed really warm up me. We talked about destinations and then both pumps clicked “done.” We got our receipts and as he slid in his car I said “have a safe trip.” He tipped the brim of his hat and said the same. When I sat down in my car and checked my rear view mirror I realized I had my black rainbow hat on and thought “made.” I knew I was as he turned smile me as he pulled away from the pumps and then headed the parking area farthest from the pumps and lot lighting. I followed.

I watched as he parked at the extreme end of the lot with no one around save a couple of RVs and sleeping big rigs. I noted that he had rolled down the windows on both driver and passenger side as he moved in his space and once halted in the space he turned off his engine and then hit his brake lights twice. Off the races. I pulled in next him on his passenger side and had my window down. He looked, smiled and gave me a “ hither” nod. I was out of my car and sitting on his massive bench seat in no time. He was leaning back in his seat and gave me a full view of his manhood tenting the fine fabric of his trousers. I stared and licked my lips and he said “want spend some time?” I said yes and he slid toward me, straddled the hump with his feet and I slid to the floor and knee crawled between his legs with my knees straddling the hump. I turned my hat around backwards, reached for his fly and he adjusted himself to give me working room.

I reached up with my left hand and unzipped his fly and with my right hand spread the opening enough to release his hard cock. It extended through the opening of both his blue silk boxers and his tan tropical trousers. I leaned in to him, flicked his glans with my tongue and gently pressed his pants and shorts down to release the full length of his manhood. This was one well equipped piece of manhood and as I worked my lips, tongue and mouth down the full extent of his shaft he showed his appreciation by getting harder and giving me a little taste of precum. I estimated him to be about nine and a half inches but very thick and with a very large glans. He was cut and very sensitive. I really appreciate a man who takes care of himself and this definitely did. As I worked I could tell he knew how take a blow job and direct the action. He put his left hand on my right shoulder and cupped his right hand behind my head guide me. As I worked up and down his shaft he showed his approval with little convulsions and moans and words of encouragement and direction. I worked a moderate pace and with lighter pressure and suction hoping keep him going longer and avoid a quick, shallow orgasm. When I go down on a man I want that first orgasm be so intense he will back for more. And this man was exactly the kind I wanted show the real meaning of orgasm and more. We worked in tempo for another 15 minutes and as he approached orgasm I backed off a bit. In time I knew it was time for him blow his loads so this time I did not ease off but let him reach orgasm on his pace. When he started cum I kept his cock least half down me and eased out only enough flick his glans with my tongue and then go down for more. He shot four long ropes of thick semen which I took down with both suction and tongue action and kept up the motion in hopes of draining him. He had both hands tightly clasped behind my head a guided me deeper and then eased off so I would slide my lips and tongue over his shaft and to the head of his cock and then go down once more. He continued to shoot and drip cum as I worked and showed no signs of discomfort so I continued to work and give him pleasure. As soon as he showed any sign that it was too intense I would back off and resort to gentle sucking and tongue flicking once he was relaxed again I would once again go all the way down on him.

This went on for a few more minutes and then he stopped pumping semen and started to go soft. I let him go soft in my mouth and at that point he motioned me back up on to the seat. I pulled a Handi-Wipe from my pocket and washed his cock off and then my mouth. We chatted for a while and he told me how good it felt to get drained by an expert. I told him that I lived 30 miles away and if he came through the area I would either host him at my house or meet him and take care of his business. He asked for my number and e-mail and I produced one of my cards with all the contact info. He then apologetically told me he did not reciprocate and I told him I was perfectly happy sucking cock and really loved working on his and would love to have the opportunity to do it again and anything else he desired. He talked about fucking his ex-wife in the ass and I told him I would also do that if he desired but preferred to do that at my place and in a bed.

He terminated the conversation by saying he had to get moving to get to Vegas in time but would call and e-mail and arrange a link up on his next trip. He said he was very comfortable with me and had been looking for a long time for a white fag to take care of him from time to time. I slid out of the car and closed the door, he started and backed out giving me a kind wave and smile as he did. I stepped back to my car, straightened out my pants legs, hair and back and stared off in to the night sky. To my right I noted a few rigs parked on the dirt lot and straight across from where I was parked stood a man next to his rig, smoking a cigarette and his hand on his crotch. He stared at me with an intensity that said cum here boy so I started walking is way.

As I approached I took note of the rig and the man. He was driving a late model Peterbilt conventional, maroon with black trim and the door panel indicated a freight hauler out of Oklahoma. I approached and he flicked away his butt while he rubbed his crotch. This guy was shorter, probably 5 ‘8” or so, stocky but not fat, had a trimmed mid length beard and dressed totally cowboy. I could tell he was well built and when I got within speaking distance he said in a drawl “ on and hop up in the rig.” I followed him around the passenger side, he opened the door and climbed in and indicated for me follow. Inside was spacious, clean and organized and there was a huge sleeper behind the cab. He remained standing and leaned back against the upper deck of the sleeper as he unbuttoned his jean and produced his beer can cock. I dropped to my knees in front of him, took him in my mouth and started to work. My new friend was much more insistent and more forceful than my Caddy friend as he held the back of my head and fucked my mouth with authority. As we worked he talked to me, first telling me what a nasty I was to be sucking dicks at a truck stop and how hot it was watching me as I went down sucking a black man. He then told me about linking up in truck stops and how glad he was that he had stopped here. His regular team driver was home sick so he was on the road alone which gave him the chance to cruise and hook up. Tonight he had been really horny and really looking and had pegged me as a faggot before I even got in to that Caddy.

As his cock slid in and out of my mouth and throat he talked and pushed me to perform. He did not waste any time taking his pleasure with me and soon shot a full load down my throat. He held himself as deep as he could as he came and I could smell the faint smell of tobacco, Irish Spring bath soap and leather as he held me strongly with my face pressed in to his hairy crotch. When he had expended himself he eased off and let me work his cock with my mouth and tongue. He convulsed twice more and stayed hard as I worked on him. And as soon as it began it stopped. He backed off, pulled out of me and asked “you got any rubbers?” I said yes, in the car to which he responded “go get them and back, we’re not done yet.”

I walked quickly my car, got in, ran up the windows and then grabbed my date bag with the rubbers, lube and Handi-Wipes. Then back the truck, up in the cab where he greeted me by pointing the sleeper and ordered “strip.” I slid in, kicked off my shoes and socks, dropped my running suit pants and then jacket. I sat there looking up at him wearing a black pair of satin panties and a black long sleeved tee shirt with the rainbow flash on the front and the words “Totally Gay” emblazoned across the front. He laughed and said “that’s good” as he climbed up, boots, socks and jeans now on the passenger seat as well as his long sleeved shirt. All he wore was a wife beater undershirt and boxers. He climbed in to the sleeper and dropped his boxers and moved up next to me. I had my date kit out and pulled out a rubber and lube. He took both and put on a rubber then rolled me over on to my stomach. I felt him pull my hips up and slide two pillows under my waist, then a hand pulled my panties down in back and he mounted me. In three thrusts he was fully inside of me and began thrusting hard and at a good pace. As he pounded me I got hard feeling my cock rub against the inside of my panties and also feeling his thick tool working my walnut. He had both hands on the front of my hips and controlled me as he pounded away. I could feel his heavy breathing as he worked and once again he started a one way conversation telling me just how hard I was going to get fucked. As he pumped I got harder and in another three minutes I released with an orgasm shooting my small load in to my panties. He could feel me cum and said “just like a bitch.” The thought of me having an orgasm while he was fucking me must have struck an erotic G spot with him because he then fucked harder and deeper until he shot a second load in to the condom. He held me tight as he held himself deep inside of me and pumped until he once again went soft. He collapsed on me pushing me down in to the pillows and mattress and laid on me for about 10 minutes remaining inside of me the whole time. I contracted on his cock and gave him some sensations which he seemed to enjoy. He pulled out, rolled off me and asked “I didn’t hurt you, did I” to which I responded no, not even close, but that was the best fuck I had had in a long time. As we got dressed I asked him of he was through often and if he would like a regular date. He responded that any time his team mate was not along he would text me and we could link up. I said I would like that to which he responded “great, and after we fuck we can go out and get something to eat and a beer.” I got the distinct feeling that he was a really nice guy. He certainly looked like the kind of guy I dream about when I am laying on my back, Estim plug up my ass, jacking off and dreaming about sucking cock.

I gave him my number, he told me his name was Tim and he would be in touch. And he has. Like my Caddy , Eugene, he has been a regular for over ten months now. It just goes show if you take good care of men they will be back.
Male Pussy Maintenance
Posted:Feb 20, 2019 5:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 6:31 am
Male Pussy Maintenance

1. I often get questions from guys about how to take care of themselves in preparation for anal sex. In order to keep the male pussy ready to pleasure a partner, you must make an investment in time and effort, as well as make a few sacrifices in you diet. This is what works for me:

2. Diet: I avoid red meat for health reasons and also because it is so hard on your digestive tract. Red meats tend to be tough to digest, and are partially responsible for the residue that most people have in their digestive tracts. On average, people have between 4 and 10 pounds of undigested matter in their intestines and colons. Not a pleasant thought when you have 20 minutes to get ready for a hot date. I also avoid regular consumption of junk foods such as pastries, chips, etc. Again, tough to digest, and even tougher to flush through your digestive tract. The best diet is one high in fruits (you are what you eat) and vegetables, complex carbs like rice and pasta, and white meats and fish. Easy to digest, good for you, and fly through you like a speeding freight train
3. Secret #1. For breakfast, your most important meal if you are a bottom queen, I have a milkshake with a twist. Here goes:

16 ounces of water
one banana or some strawberries, or other fruit high in fiber
four tablespoons of OLIVE OIL
two tablespoons of Metamucil or other powdered fiber supplement
one half cup of dry nonfat milk or one half cup of milk
add any vitamins or supplements you may be taking, especially herbals, after removing from the little gel or plastic caplets

Put this mess in a blender, blend it, and drink it. Actually, it's not bad, and it grows on you. This is the maintenance milkshake, and if taken every morning, will make douching for sex a breeze after a good BM. For the first two weeks, add the following in order to get your digestive tract cleared of all junk that has accumulated over the years; 2 table spoons of mineral oil, and one quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. WHAT?!!!!!!!! Yes, dearies, cayenne pepper. Makes the shake take on a Latin flavor, and it also attacks the junk in your intestines and breaks it down. Cayenne also has medicinal qualities that help reduce bacteria, certain mold and fungus spores, and it's acidic qualities clean out all of those fries and big macs you ate over the years. Wow, while typing this, I just realized that my spell checker has every four-letter word in the book in it! I typed “fungus”, and “fucked” comes up! I guess you know what I have been up to!! Another note, try to avoid the laxatives. They may be a quick fix, but over time, are not the best thing in the world for you. As for oils, use olive primarily, and I like to put in a drop or two of oil of oregano.

4. OK, sweet thing, now we are making some progress. After about two weeks, you will notice that your bowels are functioning as they were designed, and you are clear after your morning contribution to the sanitary district. The next step is sweetening that thing so your man does not get any unpleasant surprises. The next subject is douching, yes, a French word. Douching is the process of putting clean soapy water in your rectum and colon in order to get the bad stuff out. The term comes from the word “douche”, which is what the German Army did to the French Army in WWII, WWI, and on, and on, and on. The French will never learn!

5. You will need some tools for this operation. I have found over the years that the best douching tool is one of those non disposable douche bulbs that you can get at Longs, Rite-Aid, or any other full-service drug store. They are the type with a bulb about the size of a softball with a dong-like prong that screws into it. You can unscrew the prong-thangie for filling and cleaning. Other tools and supplies you need are some liquid, non-antibacterial soap, like the stuff you get in Walmart (Soft Hands is good, Costco conditioner or Aussie Mega Conditioner is best); toilet paper at hand, toilet, and a sink. You will generally find these things in your bathroom. Now, we are ready to get the boom-boom room in first class shape and keep that man happy!

6. Step one is to take a good BM, and empty your colon. This should happen every morning if you are doing the milkshakes every morning. After that, fill your sink with warm water and enough liquid soap to make Mister Bubble appear. The idea is to be completely relaxed, so water should be comfortably warm, not hot. Next, fill the bulb with soapy water, screw on the prong, and put it under water in the sink and squeeze out the air, filling it completely with water. NO AIR! Have a towel handy for drips and spills. Next, place some liquid soap on the tip of the prong, sit on the commode, and keeping the douche bottle upright, place the prong at the entrance of your love canal. Relax, and press it in, stopping and adjusting your angle if you get any resistance. Ease it about 4 inches in, and squeeze the bulb, flooding your RECTUM with water. Pull the douche out, wipe tip, and refill. Give yourself a second shot if you can hold it, same method. Hold it for a minute or so, and then let your anal sphincter relax and allow the water to flow out. Wipe clean and relax. Not pleasant if you have not been taking care of yourself, but necessary work.

7. The next step will involve going a bit deeper into the subject matter. We have just flushed your rectum, and next, we flush the colon. Fill the douche bulb as before, getting all air out of it, and lube it again with liquid soap or lotion. Put it in your pussy, and slowly press it in, first 4 inches, where you last stopped, and then further until you can feel your Lower colonic sphincter. That is the little door that separates your colon from your rectum. We are now going to slowly press the prong through the sphincter, taking care to watch the angle and get it straight thru and avoid pain and discomfort. Once it, at the full length of the douche bottle prong, squeeze and fill your colon with water. Extract, wipe, refill, and repeat. Most experienced (well fucked) take between two and three bulbs full of water. You will feel a mild pressure, and will feel like you have to go, once you have filled your colon. Hold the soapy water inside for at least one minute. You can also stand and move around a bit. I dance, some guys do jumping jacks, and some stand on their heads. Whatever it takes to get the soapy water up your colon and get it working on your colon walls, without pain, is OK. Always watch for signs of bleeding and pain. If either occurs, you are doing something wrong and need to cease.

8. Now that your colon is full of warm, soapy water, try to hold it and get it to do it's thing on your colon walls. After a few minutes, sit on the pot, relax, and let the water and other unmentionables flow out. Do not force or put pressure. It will come out when it has done it's job. Once the majority of the water has flowed out, clean up, and repeat the process. You will probably have to repeat this process at least three times in order to start flushing clear. Once you are flushing fairly clear, i'e., just discolored water, take a break for about 20 to 30 minutes.
9.After 20 to 30 minutes, you are probably going to have your small intestine decide to drain itself. This is a result of inefficient digestion. As a general rule, if your digestive tract is running as it was designed, what you ate at 6 PM last nite hits the septic system at 6 AM the next morning. If your small intestine does drain, resulting in another, much sloppier BM, not to worry. Just repeat the step we used to flush the colon (yes, way up there). You will notice that after about 2 flushes, you are running clear. That is the goal.

10. Now that you are just running clear, soapy water, allow it all to drain out, then hit the shower and start your day. If you are anticipating any large flying objects shooting up your pussy in the next few hours, now is a great time to lube a bit with some lotion. Just put some good lotion on your finger, put it up there, and lightly lubricate your pussy. It is good for you. And of course, lube again right before penetration. I have a shower shot in my shower which I use to finish the flush and also keep a couple of those beaded chain dildos in there and loads of nice conditioner. Lube up the beaded dildo with conditioner, slip in it, and take a ride for a few minutes. Then flush with the shower shot. The key to using a shower shot is to just put it up your rear and let it flow. No need to clamp down and you don't want to put too much water up there.

11. This system does require discipline and time. You will find that it is the best way to keep yourself ready for sex, and healthy. Also, I attribute my success in dodging the HIV bullet to good anal health, and this whole program has been the basis of that. And you can ask my two ex-husbands and the many guys I date, no unpleasant surprises and a superior ride every time. Remember guts, if you are going to keep a guy happy, you need to give it up when he is ready for it. This is how it is done in the real world. Again, bleeding, pain, and discomfort are NOT part of this program.

12. The next issue is actually taking a cock up your hind side. Contrary to popular (ill informed) opinion, you don't need to be “broken” like or a or have your cherry or any other of your fruity parts broken or destroyed. Take it slow. The best position for the new cummer is what we call “jailhouse” because you are on your stomach and your man lays on top of you and takes you from the rear. Not very romantic, but it is easier for him to control you and find your love hole. Spread your legs, and when you feel the head of his well lubricated cock pressing to get in, relax and try to simulate the same muscle sensations that your would if you were trying to have a BM.
Let him press in slowly, dilate your hole for him, and if it hurts, tell him and have him stop. Keep that outward pressure, downward like you are trying to take a BM, and let him slowly work his way in to you. Once he is all the way in, then he can start pumping slowly until you are warmed up, and as long as you don't get out of alignment and you don't clamp down on him too hard, he can ride like the wind. I do prefer the anal sex specific gel lubes if needed, but I do not recommend you use any of the deadeners like Anal Eze because pain is your first sign that something is amiss and you need to either take a break to stretch out or you need to change position. A little pain will prevent a lot of damage from a tear or fissure or worse, having your sphincter muscles torn. Tear enough of them, and you not only become a sloppy, lousy fuck, but you will end up back in diapers. Not good.

13. Remember, Douching a few times a week will become a pleasurable part of your maintenance routine. Get a few dildos and a couple of variable sized butt plugs and work on them when Mister Man is not around to do you. Once you are used to taking your man's cock with ease, then move on to the other positions and judge for yourselves what works best. Generally, the bottom is concerned about being comfortable while taking it, and the top wants to best angle and depth of stroke. When the bottom starts to get sexual aroused or orgasm while being fucked, you know you are doing it right. That is the whole idea: both get off. When in doubt, ask. That is why we are here, to help. Hope to see you all on a mattress somewhere!
Tres Amigos
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 4:23 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 12:25 pm
Tres Amigos

I have traveled all of Southern California and one of my favorite places to stop is the Beach Park off of Hwy 99 in Bakersfield. It is easy on, easy off the freeway and I can usually find a nice cock at either the Beach Park Loop bathrooms or south at Yokuts Park. Men of all descriptions work out, run, play sports and otherwise hang out there and some have been known to take advantage of the local gay talent to get a quick nut before going home.

Last August I was cruising through and decided to stop. After a long drive from Arizona I needed to get out of the car and walk and stretch so I parked, put my belt bag on and grabbed a towel and headed around the loop. I was wearing nylon shorts and a tank top, running shoes and no socks and it was a good thing. Bakersfield can be hot and humid in August and it was that day.

On my loop I noticed three young men sitting on a picnic table under some trees. About 40 yards from them was a rest room and I thought it might be worth a cruise to see if I could get some action. Most of the time I have only hooked up with singles while cruising but it might be worth a try. As I neared I could see that they were young 20’s Latin guys, all wearing tanks and nylon shorts and it appeared they had been on the adjacent basketball court. I neared and made eye contact. Two had shaved heads and a few tats, really good looking guys, and the third, the youngest, had long hair tied back in a short pony tail. As I neared the older of the three watched me and I made eye contact and gave him a little smile. As I passed and headed for the rest room I gave a little swish and looked over my shoulder. The older of the three watched intently.

I went in to the rest room and took a leak and waited at the urinal for what seemed an eternity. I was about to leave when I heard footsteps and low voices. I backed away from the urinals and backed up against the back wall of the building. I then saw the older of the three enter. He looked at me and slightly smiled and my eyes were drawn to his crotch where he sported an obvious tent. I took off my sun glasses and slipped them in to the band of my shorts, then spread my towel on the floor in front of me. He smiled and reached for his crotch. As he did so I dropped to my knees.

He approached and dropped the front of his shorts revealing a beautiful uncut beer can nested in close cropped thick black pubes. I was so focused on his beautiful manhood that I did not notice the other two come in the entrance. He approached and I put my hands behind his thighs and drew him in to me. I took his beautiful glans in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it then applied some suction and drew him all the way in. As he stretched my mouth out I could both smell and taste the Irish Spring and a little sweat. My lips and nose nestled in to his course pubes and I took his manhood all the way in. I could feel his balls slap on my chin as I drew him in. He put has hands behind my head and gently but firmly guided my head as we settled in to a rhythm of sliding his manhood in and out of my loving mouth.

We settled in to a nice rhythm and I knew he was horned to the max so I wanted to make him last. I was so focused on his pleasure that I did not notice the two younger guys watching. He barked at one of them to watch the door as I pleasured him. The other watched intently as I pleased his leader. I refocused on my duty and paced him so as not to make him cum too fast but to give him the best ride I could. We went back and forth for what seemed 5 minutes and his groaning and breathing increased as his cock hardened and his massive balls were drawn up in to launch position. His grip on my head became more demanding and more commanding as he plunged in to my mouth. I worked his glans and shaft with my tongue as he stroke and it was not too long before he started giving me precum. I stroked and flicked my tongue and his pace and pressure increased and then pressed him in to me as he hardened. With a groan and gasp of breath he put his cock all the way down my palate as he started shooting his load. I held him in place and put on the vacuum as he delivered his man juice down my throat. He pumped 7 times hard and then relaxed his grip as I slid his cock out to the point where I could get my tongue working his glans as I applied suction. He gave me two more spurts and then held me in place as I pleasured his glans and shaft and then took him deep throat again. I alternated that for at least another minute as he convulsed with pleasure and then began to go soft. He slowly pulled out as I swallowed the remainder of his man juice and then holding my head in his hands I looked up at him and he smiled down at me and said “Thanks. You are fantastic.” I gave his cock a few more sucks and flicks but he was done. At that point I reached in to my fag bag and pulled out a Handy Wipe and cleaned his cock and balls. He thanked me again, looked down at me with a smile and motioned at his friend. I nodded yes. He stepped back and looked at his friend and said “Miguel you are up.”

Miguel stepped forward and I could see his tent as he did. He dropped his black nylon shorts and revealed a beautiful uncut 7 inch cock. He was not as thick as the leader but well shaped and fully erect. His cock was nestled in a beautiful nest of jet black, tightly curled pubic hair. I put my hands behind his thighs and gently moved him in to position. At first he was hesitant but his leader barked “Get with it” and he stepped in to the batters box and gave me his tool. I could tell this was his first time so I gently flicked his glans with my tongue and slowly took his tip in to my mouth. He relaxed and gave me the rest trusting me with his manhood. As he slid his cock in to the back of my palate I could taste and smell the Safeguard and once again a gentle taste of fresh man sweat. He put his hands in position on the back of my head and I directed him in to an easy pace to make his pleasure last as long as possible. We settled in to a pace with me taking his cock full length and then on the out stroke gently working his glans with my tongue. Miguel was well worked up after watching his boss get pleasured and I had to slow the pace to keep him from cumming too soon. Minutes passed as we went through our pace and he increased in hardness and his breathing increased. As he became more excited he followed his boss’ lead and increased the pressure on the back of my head. We worked together to manage the stroke and depth which allowed me to work his tip with my tongue of about every 3rd stroke. Miguel was now an old pro at using an old fag for his pleasure. We increased the pace as he increased in hardness and his balls moved in to launch position. I could feel the hardness of his tightened scrotum as he breathed heavier and then held my head in place. He learned from watching his boss as he held my head in place as he released his load. Once again I got a half dozen hard pumps and then he released my head enough so I could once again get a full stroke on his shaft and work his glans. I kept up that pleasure as he gave me more cum and for as long as he remained hard I worked his cock and me moaned and convulsed with pleasure. As he began to go soft he pulled back. The feeling was just too intense. He pulled out and we looked at each other, me with semen on my tongue and a bit on my chin. The boss said to him “you will never get Teresa to do that for you, bud” and Miguel nodded in agreement. I reached in to my fag bag and pulled out a handy wipe, cleaned Miguel’s cock and balls and cleaned my spit and some cum off of his gorgeous pubes and he pulled up and took the watch at the door.

The Boss guided the younger of the three in front of me. He appeared to be about 19, smaller and slighter than the others but a good looking young man with thick black hair pulled back in to a short pony tail. He was wearing red nylon basketball shorts and sported a tent. Like Miguel he had a beautiful nest of thick, tightly curled pubic hair surrounding his tool. He put his hands on my shoulders as I put mine behind his thighs and took his cock in to my mouth. He was uncut, about 6 inches and nicely formed. I glided his cock over my tongue and flicked his glans with my tongue. He convulsed and gave me some precum so I released the suction and eased the pressure I was putting on him. This boy was going to burst fast if I was not careful! We eased in to a pace with me swaying back and forth on him and slowing each time he showed signs of cumming. This went on for about 3 minutes when he moved his hands from my shoulders to behind my head and pressed his cock full length in to my throat. I could smell the Safeguard and fresh man sweat as he held my nose and chin in to his crotch and shot a hot load down my throat. He tried to pull away after his 6th shot but I gently held him in position and took his glans in the front of my mouth and worked it with my lips and tongue. After a few seconds he convulsed again and gave me more juice. His breathing was deep and rapid and I could feel his racing pulse through his softening manhood. Finally he pulled away and headed for the sink to clean up.

The Boss looked down at me and smiled. He offered me a hand in getting to my feet. As he did he asked if I came though Bakersfield often. I told him I came through twice a year when traveling from my home in Arizona to the Bay Area. He asked me if I was close to I-40 and I said yes. He was a truck driver who comes though Northern Arizona often. I asked if he wanted my number and he said yes.

He introduced himself as Mark and his two cousins were Miguel and Jimmy. We went to the same picnic table and chatted for a bit. I asked Jimmy if he wanted me to get him off again as he came so fast but he said he was fine. Likewise I asked the other two if they were OK and they said next time.

We said our good byes and I reminded Mark to call or text me if he was headed my way. A man of his word, he has taken my up on my offer 8 times since. I have blown him in his rig when he stops for fuel and we sometimes get a coffee or chat. Last December I told him I would be through Bakersfield again before Christmas and would like to replay our last scene. We did. This time the two cousin were comfortable old hands and gave me a work out.
The Ten Code
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Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 4:52 am

The Ten Code

Last November I pulled off the freeway short of town in order to stop and get a drink and pee break at a local truck stop. This place is a favorite of mine because it is an old classic from Rt 66 days and although older and not quite as spiffy as the new corporate stops it has a certain class and air about it that draws me in. The diner is excellent with a mix of American, Mexican and South Asian food. The curry is to die for as is the chef. Every time I go in there I make a subtle pass at him and he tells me in his thick Hindi accent that his wife would not approve. This inside joke has been going on for a couple of years now but has remained between us. Guys stop here because of the food and because it is a safe and quiet place to get fuel, a shower and some sleep. This place is family owned and operated and it seems the staff really go out of their way for the drivers. It does not have the same hustle and bustle and hassles of the big corporately owned stops and guys tend to like the personalized service and atmosphere. The locals who come here are also part of the family. Just last week I was at the register when I overheard a driver asking how he could get some red antifreeze. The store and shop were both out and the next source was 3 miles away in town. The gal at the register was at a loss for an answer when I piped up and said “I can take you to NAPA and bring you back. It is not that far.” We hopped in my car and headed to town and talked along the way. On the way back from town he had engaged me to the point that if he had the time, I could have blown him easily. He had read me but he was in a rush and I simply noted his rig and colors and hoped for a better opportunity next time. That is typical of this area. Back at the truck stop the clerk went out of her way to thank me. People go out of their way to be nice and be helpful. This place is family. It is a rare thing these days.

This particular weekday evening the diner closed at 7 and I had just missed it. So it was in to the convenience mart to hit the boys room and then get a drink to sustain me for the rest of the drive home. As I moved back to the parking spaces where I put my car I took a quick scan of the lot to see if I recognized any of the rigs. I have been lucky here more than once and most of these drivers are on a regular schedule so the probability of seeing a familiar truck and then drawing that driver’s attention to me seemed like the best option to work to get some cock. Nothing on the West side looked familiar so I got in the car and cruised to the East side of the lot and parked on the far edge of the lot. It was now completely dark but I still had a good view of the rigs parked between me and the lights of the fuel plaza. I rolled down the windows, “accidentally” tapped my brakes twice and settled in to watch for signs of action. I keep a small mobile CB in the car and plugged it in and turned it to Channel 19 to listen. Nothing. Switch to Channel 24. I heard a distant voice and a response so I waited and listened to see if I could pick up the conversation. I waited for another 10 minutes until the distant conversation died off and keyed the mike twice. Back came a double key. I then raised the mike and asked “anybody looking for some company?” Back came “what do you have in mind, good buddy?” I answered off the top of my head and without a lot of forethought “I just want to show some respect to a traveling man tonight.” He came back with “Come to the lights.” I noticed a Peterbilt in Electra-glide Blue and a flat bed parked along the north edge of the lot. The marker lights flashed twice. I rolled up my windows, grabbed my fag bag and headed to it across the dark lot.

As I approached I noted a cab light over the center console and what appeared to be the light of a TV screen coming from inside the sleeper. I walked up the side of the trailer to the tractor and the window came down. The door opened and a voice commanded “Hop up” so I mounted the tank and stood inside the door. The driver gave me the once over as I stared at his erect cock in his fly and said “you look good to me, Blondie, cum around the other side and hop in.” I jogged around the front of the idling rig and mounted the right side tank as the door opened. Up on to the seat I went as the driver settled back in to his. He had his cock in his hand, through his fly in his shorts and was stroking himself slowly. From the sleeper I noted the light of a TV and sounds of a porn flick running. His voice broke my train of thought as he said “so would you like to go down on this?” I mumbled yes and looked him in the face for the first time. He was a mid 50’s Latin guy, mustache and goatee, wearing a sleeveless T shirt and cargo shorts. I noted the sleeve jobs on both arms, the girth of his forearms and upper arms and the thickness of his legs and neck. He turned facing me and showed me the full profile of his cock in the dim light of the overhead light and reflected TV light. The thick head was surrounded by his thumb and fingers but I could guess that he was very thick and at least 9 inches just by the position of his hand. He slipped his hand free from his cock and slipped his shorts down allowing them and his boxers to drop to his feet. I went to my knees and knee walked over to him around the stick shift. He stood up and said “over here, this is better” as he sat down on the step leading to the sleeper. I turned, addressed him and went down on him.

He was already fully erect and gave me a taste of precum as I went to my business. This was probably not going to last long because his balls were already up in launch position and he was rock hard and throbbing. All I could do was lighten up on my suction and tongue stroking and try to make this ride last as long as possible but not to the point of frustrating him. There comes a time where a man needs to cum and cum hard and trying to delay that beyond a certain point is counter productive. Once he is ready to go just wait for it and when it comes then you get down on the shaft, turn up the suction and get the tongue working to stimulate the last shot of jizz out of him. He was so close I just prepared myself for the explosion. As I moved up and down his shaft and rolled my tongue around his glans and over his pee hole and then down again as he tensed up and put both of his powerful hands behind my head and guided me as I worked. Three more strokes and his hands tensed and held me down on the base of his shaft as he exploded. I could hear him moan “Ohhh fuck, Ohhhh fuck” in rhythm with his convulsions. His cum came in loads shot hard and bounced off he back of my throat. I counted 6, 7, 8 as he convulsed and filled me with his hot lava as I maintained the suction and tongue action on his shaft. After eight hard shots he lightened the pressure on my head and I went back in to my skull fucking motion. Paying particular attention to the head of his cock and maintaining good suction on him he squirmed with pleasure as I kept up my motion. He let me keep this up for another 2 minutes but when he became too sensitive he cautioned me by once again gripping my head and holding me in place or guiding me more slowly. As he started to go soft I felt him lay back against the frame of the bunk. We kept up this stimulation until it was clear he was done for that inning. He slowly pulled his cock back and out of my mouth and pushed me up erect, on my knees in front of him. He looked down at me with a slight grin and said “you swallowed it all. That is what I call respect.” We both laughed and then moved back on to our respective seats.

I asked him if he wanted me to stick around long enough to get another load out of him and he said it might be worth a try but he was not sure if he could stay awake. I said okay and then we chatted for a bit. He told me he was through the area every two weeks and I asked if he would like my number. He gladly took my number and said “maybe we should do a rain check for next time I come through. I need to get some sleep. Don’t get me wrong, you are fantastic, but I have to be on the road at 3 am and need to crash. Next time?” I said that was great with me and I look forward to the next time. He said the same and told me he felt comfortable with me and that he had never hooked up on the road like this. He was recently single and his sex life had been reduced to jacking off in his sleeper. He was afraid of the crack whores and lunatics that populated some of the other truck stops and that is why he stopped at this one. But he was glad to meet me and would definitely call me. He also asked if I had any friends just like me, guys who sucked cock for the love of sucking cock who were not nuts or on meth. I told him I knew guys all over the West Coast and Southwest and could hook him up if he let me know in advance. With that I took out two Handi-wipes and cleaned up his cock, balls and crotch. He thanked me and told me he would call in about 10 days. We parted and I hopped down the tank and on to the asphalt parking lot. As I slowly walked around the Peterbilt I directed myself across the lot, between a line of three rigs on each side and kind of indirectly headed back to my car. As I approached the last rig on the left, farthest from the fuel plaza and lit up by the lights of the plaza I noted a cab light come on and a window sliding down. I steered myself closer to the driver’s side of the rig on my slow walk toward my car.

As I was approaching even with the rig I noted a hand come out of the window and give me a cupped finger wave toward his rig. I followed the signal and neared the driver’s side door. As I did a second cab light came on and I could see a long, slender and bearded face smiling down at me. I stood below the window looking up and the face asked “would you like to come up and watch a film?” I said yes and he motioned me around to the passenger side of his new Volvo rig. I mounted the tank and slid through the opened door and on to the seat. In the driver’s seat sat a spectacular example of manhood: over 6 feet tall, slender, mahogany dark skin, jet black hair and beard and long slender hands. His jet black eyes looked me over and then he looked down to reveal his cock poking over the band of his purple and white basket ball shorts. I was transfixed looking at his cock when out of the corner of my left eye I noticed movement in the dim light of the sleeper. In the dull reflected light of a TV screen I could see the profile of another dark body with a cock standing erect in the light. The fellow in the sleeper held his cock erect with his right hand and slowly stroked all 10 inches of it. The driver then leaned over to me and said in a low tone “strip.” I put my fag bag down, slipped off my shoes and socks and the pulled my shirt and tank top off. From there I stood and dropped my cargo shorts revealing the lavender pair of satin granny panties I has wearing for this evening. Seeing this the driver motioned me toward him with his left hand and said “come.” I stepped over to him, leaning forward and as I came close to him his hand slid under my crotch and enveloped my junk. I could feel him rubbing the fabric of my panties as he squeezed my boyhood and looked in to my eyes. The fellow in the sleeper pulled himself up and against the headboard of the bunk. He motioned me to slide in. Before I did I turned and picked up my fag bag knowing full well that I was going to take a pounding and wanted my lube. I then crawled in to the bunk as number two pulled me toward him with his hands under my arm pits. I was suspended over his erect cock when he then guided me down to put my weight on his legs and lined me up on his cock. I came down and took his cock in my mouth as I did. Number two was a bit shorter and heavier than his driving partner but also had a beautiful uncut cock in perfect mahogany with a deep purple glans. I went full down on him and began face fucking myself on his beautiful tool. As I was occupied with the cock in my mouth I noted the driver sliding in to the sleeper and over me. His stiff cock left a trail of precum on the backs of my legs as he rolled to his side. I then heard the snapping of of a rubber, the popping of a lube bottle top and felt his had guide my panties down to expose my waiting pussy ass. He put the lube bottle against my opening and gave it a shot and then gave me one, then two and finally three lubed fingers. As he worked to open me his partner got hard and got his hands behind my head to keep me focused on my current job.

The driver then rolled on top of me and began dry humping my ass. As he did so he showed me the wrapper of his rubber and said “French Tickler. You like?” I tried to mumble yes but had a cock deep down my throat. The driver then put his hands under my hips, hiked me up a bit and then pressed his cock head through my opening and in to me. One, two and then three gentle but insistent pushes had him all the way in me while I continued to work his buddy’s cock. I sank in to a nearly unconscious focus on my work as the spit roast took me over. Both men were powerful, larger than me and directed me as they wished. I timed my face fucking with the inward thrust of the cock now breeding my fanny. We were in a perfect motion with me satisfying both men in a rhythm that kept them both painfully erect but not to the point where they were going to shoot early. We rocked as I sucked and flicked and contracted the muscles of my pussy ass to please them as they rode. Both men began a slow banter in Hindi as I did my work. The low sound of their voices had a controlling, almost hypnotizing effect on me as I worked for their pleasure. In and out, up and down in synchronicity we worked and over the next seven or eight minutes we went on in perfect unison until the driver, driving my fanny for all it was worth stiffened up on me and hardened his grip under my arm pits. He came with a violent explosion and pressed himself full length in to me. I could feel the pulsing of his prostate as he pumped his man juices in to the reservoir tipped rubber. He held me hard under the arm pits as he drove himself in to me and I reciprocated by milking his cock with my pussy ass muscles. How I longed for the good old days of the ‘70’s when I could have taken his load bare and enjoyed the feeling of his hot juices dripping out of me on the way home. His thrusting slowed and I could feel him place his full weight on me as he collapsed in to ecstasy. He remained in me as I milked his cock. This elicited an occasional flinch from him but otherwise he laid on my body and placed his head over my left shoulder as I continued to service his partner. I felt his heavy breathing as I worked for his partner. All this time his buddy had been giving me tastes of precum as he grew harder. Balls in launch position, he guided my head more insistently drawing more pleasure out of my mouth and throat with each stroke. Then his hands clenched my head, fingers digging in to the back of my head as he drove his cock deep in to me and began shooting hot juice in my mouth and straight down my throat. I took his loads eagerly which seemed to turn him on even more. As I worked his cock I held his partner’s semi rigid cock in my fanny and milked him as well. I kept going after the 8th or 9th convulsion and my guy laid there helplessly as I sucked and stroked his cock. Expended, he let me keep to my work and occasionally warned me with a slight “oh, oh, oh” as his stimulation became too much to stand. He loosened his grip on my head and just let his hands ride my motion as I worked him. I noted he was once again getting hard so I kept up the tongue work on his glans between rides down his shaft with my lips and mouth. Harder, harder and then two more heavy shots from his prostate. His hand signaled me that he had given all he could give for the team that night so I laid there with his cock on my mouth but just gave him a little sucking action. This went on for two more minutes when the driver pushed himself up, pulled his cock out of my fanny with a loud pop and then his buddy laughed. I drooped his cock and likewise joined in on the laughter as we all sat up.

We sat in the sleeper for a while and chatted. I gave them my phone number and e-mail address and we talked about their schedule, how often they came through and sex. The driver asked in a thick Hindi accent “In this you are always the woman?” I answered yes not insisting any politically correct bullshit. His buddy chimed in by saying “Yes, good because we are always the man.” He then asked if I orgasmed and I showed him the front of my lavender panties with a cum stain. I said yes, I always orgasm when being taken from the rear by a real man. I told them they both qualified as real men in my book. Beautiful men. Beautiful lovers. They both responded that it was very good that I had an orgasm because that way everyone is happy and we will have many good times in the future. They also told me next time they both wanted to fuck me and they knew where to get really good rubbers that will increase my pleasure. The driver grabbed a big thermos with tea and we enjoyed a cup as I sat their full of cum and with my pussy stretched out. After tea it was time to get dressed and time for the team to hit the mattress while I head back to my car and home to a hot bath tub.

On the way home I recounted the experience of the night and through my mind went crazy thoughts like could I afford to have all three of them quit their jobs, move in with me and fuck me 24/7? Or, maybe the team had cousins in India who wanted to come here. I have a former boyfriend who is an immigration lawyer in LA. Maybe, just maybe…………………. Driving down the old highway home I reviewed some of the hot cruising hook ups I had in my long career as a lot lizard. The CB crackled as I reviewed the events of the night and listened for tell tale requests for company. Being a Truck Stop Sally has its ups and downs, a lot of times you walk away with nothing. Nights like this and the nights that have happened since with these wonderful men have made it all worth while.
My Cumming Out
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My Cumming Out

In the mid 1970’s I finished my time in the Navy and returned to San Francisco to start my college years. The gay scene was hopping in the Castro but being kind of a shy young man I was not in to the bar scene or social life. My focus was on school and work and being able to afford to live in San Francisco.

The first problem was finding a place to live. I had had it with group living and got out of the dorms as quickly as possible. My solution was to rent a small apartment from a couple of nice older guys in lower Pacific Heights. It was a safe neighborhood, close to school and work and was cozy and cheap. Little did I know that the two 50’s something guys, Bill and Al, would become far more than landlords and upstairs neighbors. In the back of my mind I sensed they were a gay couple but in those days gay couples of that generation kept to themselves and lived as “room mates” and were not open about their orientation or living arrangements. I just figured they were a monogamous couple, quiet and nice, and left it at that.

Being 24, blond, in super shape and tanned from running distances on the beaches I was quite a target for the older crowd but being shy I faded away from most hook ups and stayed to myself. Bill and Al regularly talked with me as I came and went to work and school and occasionally made little passes, cute quips about my butt or hairless, trim body. The kept coaxing me up to their two story part of the house under the pretenses of getting me “out of the basement” but I shied away. Over time they wore men down and one night on the offer of some beer and food I went up to their apartment.

Bill was bolder than Al and once at their apartment and after my second beer I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and squatted to pee. As I was draining Bill came in the bathroom, looked down at me and said “you are one cute little chicken.” He then laughed and said “don’t worry, Al and I won’t let anything happen to you. Our house has always been a safe place for young gay guys, we have each other, and we just want to have smart young friends who will tease the hell out of our regular running partners.” He then went on to tell me that if I ever wanted a blow job or was horny they would take care of me and save me a trip to a bar or cruising cottage.

I pulled my shorts up, and as we walked out of the bathroom and back in to the living room Al notice Bill following close behind me and then winked at me as Bill pinched my ass. Flustered and intimidated I blushed and kind of froze, and then I felt Bill’s hand gently cup my ass cheek and he whispered to me “don’t worry, we won’t bite. Suck like hell, but won’t bite.” Both of them burst out laughing and I nervously joined in.

For the next few hours we had beer and food and talked and they had their hands on me in gentle ways. At about 10 Bill put his hand over my hard tool and asked me if it was time to take care of that swelling. I was speechless but did not resist as my running shorts fell below my knees and exposed my tool. Bill gently held it by the shaft and directed my glans to his mouth. At that point it was all over for me and my celibate lifestyle!

Both Bill and Al took turns on me, gently working on my cock and holding my shaft and balls firmly as they milked me. After five minutes I could not hold on any longer and I exploded in Al’s waiting mouth. He kept my cock in his mouth, clamped his lips around my shaft and worked my glans with his tongue as I pulsed hot semen in to his throat. He kept going and then passed me off to Bill who did the same. He pushed me back on the couch and kept working my cock until I started getting hard again, and ever so gently he slipped a finger up my ass and on to my prostate. Gently massaging my walnut and working my glans he brought me back to full erection. This time they both took turns on me, sucking and working my cock aggressively and massaging my prostate with first one and eventually three fully inserted fingers. Once again at full erection they found my sensitive spot under my pee hole and worked it and my prostate until I exploded again. I slumped back in to the sofa and let out a groan. At that point of total surrender both Bill and Al sat close next to me, hands all over me, and whispered in my ear the details of the new reality I was entering.

That night they proposed and I agreed that we would have a “family night” two or three nights a week. Those nights were determined by my school schedule and work but would be hard commitments. I would come up to their place, fully charged, and they would cook healthy food, we would have beer and wine and then they would drain me.

So for the next 4 years every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night I went to their place and we did our ritual. Over time they gently introduced me to receiving anal sex from both of them after my first draining. They expanded my sexual horizons slowly and gently over time and eventually these family nights became more of a three way gang bang. They would bring in a third out of their many friends so I would leave their place fully drained of my own baby batter but pounded and flooded full of semen from two or three of them. We became close friends and I got very close to their group of friends. My end of the bargain was to live free in their house, be available and willing and also be helpful around the place. That fit my budget and sexual needs perfectly. I guess I became the original at that point.

For nearly four years my sexual needs and energies were consumed with this arrangement. I was getting my brains fucked out three times a week. Both men were careful about who they brought in to our little group and many were straight married guys they knew from work. So unrestrained bareback sex was the rule of the day for me and I got used to being full of semen all of the time. On the days and nights in between they might come to me for a quick blow job or fuck so I was really never in a position to go hunting for sex. I had all I could handle.

Bill and Al also brought me out as far as the club scene and fetish scene in the Castro. We would go as a threesome and meet their friends at the clubs. They jealously guarded me but did so for my own good. There were a lot of chicken hawks out there who were bad news for a young, impressionable bottom like me. They kept me on a tight leash and safe and for that I am forever grateful.

After I graduated and left the City I did return occasionally. They had brought in another young and I got used to that idea. We remained close friends until both passed away in the late 1990’s. I guess they set me on my path of always being attracted to older, masculine take charge types. I had the best sex of my life with those two and the best friendship as well.
Mi Papi
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I met Carlos totally by accident over 6 years ago. It was a typical Friday night here in the desert and I had stopped at the Westside 15 Bar, a local gay hang out, to have a beer and see who was hanging out. I got there at about 8 pm, just as the summer sun was starting to go down, and went in. I had cruised a local park earlier and met up with a guy who was staying at a local motel. He and a buddy were sipping beers as I entered the bar and he gave me a sly look of recognition.

I went to the other side of the bar and ordered a beer from Jim, the bartender. I nodded to my previous contact and he nodded back, and we started talking about the desert, now hard it was to hook up, living in the desert and jobs, the normal stuff. The conversation went on for another hour and a half as the typical week night crowd drifted in and out of the Westside. You have a mix of neighborhood guys, truckers, blue collar guys who work in the area, the resident gay population, and a lot of bi guys looking for a quick score before heading home to mama.

We finished our beers as a guy who had the look of a recently released state guest entered, and we slid out the side door past him. He took note of my ass as we walked by. As we went to the back of the dark parking lot, my two friends got cozy and nudged me toward a Ford pickup that was parked on the edge of the lot. I went along with it and we drifted in to the corner of the parking lot where there was a quiet and dark spot, and they pinned me against the body of the Ford. My friend reached down and grabbed my package as his buddy slid his fly down and flipped his cock out. I edged down to my knees and number two moved up and put his cock in my face. I started sucking and he was already rock hard, and as I worked his shaft and flicked the bottom of his shaft and head with my tongue, I could feel the pent up energy coming to a boil. He put his hands behind my head as number one stood over me and watched, and as he pulled my head down on his cock he exploded and drained himself in my mouth.

I finished him off and pulled the rest of the cum from him as he went limp and he told number one that he needed to sit down. He opened the drivers side door of the Ford and slid in, and as he did so I felt two strong hands on my hips taking control of me from the rear. Once again number one's hands grabbed my package and began squeezing my prick and cherries. I felt his hand slip up to my belt, loosen it, then pull down my fly, and my shorts hit the ground. There I stood in all my glory, my ass hanging out wearing a pair of fuchsia satin hip hugger panties. I felt his cock go stiff and his fingers dig in to my hips as he dropped the rear of my panties, and then felt him push me against the side of the truck as his cock met my wet pussy hole. I shoved my hips back a bit to give him the right angle and his head entered me, and with short strokes of a masterful top, he was fully inside of me in 30 seconds. I leaned against the truck with outstretched arms, hips thrust back like a cat in heat, and took the thrusts of his cock as he worked me from the rear. Number two sat in the cab of the truck and played with his limp cock as number one drilled me. I knew that number one had some stamina because I gave him a real workout with my mouth earlier at the park, and he shot a huge load on my face and in my mouth after 20 minutes of hard work. I could feel now that he was fully recovered as he drilled my pussy ass and the thrusts of his cock stroked my prostate. He grew harder with every stroke and I was already dripping fairy cum in to my panties. He felt my excitement and pumped me harder and held my hips firmly with his big hands. After ten more minutes of thrusting right under my prostate I could not control myself and I orgasmed and shot what little fluid my small cherries could muster in to the front of my satin panties. As I convulsed in orgasm, my pussy closed down on my friend's cock and held his head as he exploded with one more load in to me. I held his cock and massaged it with my sphincter and muscles and pulled the remaining cum from him. I held him until he went limp, and his cock flopped out of my pussy ass and he swayed back in fatigue. He pulled his pants up, patted my fanny and headed for the other side of the truck. As he hopped in his buddy started the diesel and I backed away, still holding my hiking shorts and my freshly fucked ass hanging out for all to see. I pulled my panties up and then got my shorts back up and buttoned and zipped, and as I was buckling my belt I turned around to face the Union 76 station parking lot, and as my eyes adjusted, I noticed that in the side window of the convenience store a face was looking in my direction. I then realized that from the station there was a clear view and enough light to see every detail of what had just transpired. The face continued to look at me, not stare or blink, but just gently observe and note what was happening.

I realized that I really needed to get a diet coke and some handy wipes and my only option at that time of night was the Union 76. I got in my car, and as I did, the face in the window tracked my every move, but it was not hostile or threatening. He just noted what was going on, and as I got in my car, I saw him smile at me. I drove from the Westside parking lot to the Union 76 parking lot, and all the way the kindly face tracked me. I pulled in, stopped the car, and got out and walked in the front door of the convenience store. I must have been swishing because my friend had nearly dislocated my hips as he pleasured himself in me, and I knew I was sloshing, but still I walked to the cooler and got a diet coke, then to the rack where the handy wipes were, and then to the cash register.

As I approached I noticed the gentleman at the register had a shy, indirect demeanor with me but nothing hostile. I mean, seriously, everyone knows that the Westside was a gay bar, and a lot goes on in the parking lot. He appeared to be about 50, Hispanic, about 5'10”, maybe 190, big shoulders and chest, mustache and all the look of a real macho. But his attitude was something that took me by surprise. He said “how are you?” as I approached the register and had no attitude of disdain for a freshly fucked faggot. Quite the contrary, he asked if I found everything I needed and we chatted about the weather. He rang up my things and I paid, and then as an afterthought, I asked him if I could use the rest room. He said certainly and handed me the key. I went out and around the side to the men’s room and dropped my pants and panties to clean up for the trip home. I guess I took about 10 minutes or so, and washed my hands and headed for the door. As I passed the window at the register. I noticed that the night clerk was facing away from the window, toward the counter, with both hands in front of him. As I entered the front door, he turned slightly toward me and I could see in his hand a 9 inch, thick cock with precum glistening on the glands. He looked at me with some apprehension and when he noticed my smile, he relaxed and continued to stroke. I approached the counter and placed the key on the counter top and then slid around behind, dropping to my knees between him and the register. I took the head of his uncut cock in my mouth and noted how paper thin the skin of his foreskin was and how tightly stretched it was over the shaft, and how his head was much thicker than the shaft. I thought immediately of what a wonderful fuck this man could give me. I took his cock down my throat and then worked the head with my tongue, and as he stiffened I placed one hand on his left hip and one hand gently held his balls. As I worked his shaft and flicked his pee hole with my tongue, he stiffened more and let out a groan. I felt his balls go up in to launch position and tasted a drip of cum, so I backed off and shifted my attention to his balls with my tongue. He relaxed and after a few minutes I shifted my attention back to his gleans and shaft. I played with him, bringing him to the edge of climax, then backed off and gave him 20 more minutes of pleasure. I felt him stiffen once again as I flicked his glands and shaft with my tongue, and then brought him to a shuddering orgasm. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and held my head in place as he pumped his load straight down my throat. After seven strong surges of cum he expended himself and I continued to flick his shaft and glands with my tongue. He was so sensitive that each flick brought a convulsion and shudder. After a few more minutes he released my head and stepped back, his semi-erect cock still jumping with excitement. As he stared down at me, sweat and cum all over my face, he smiled and said “I think we have found a very good thing.” I struggled to my feet and looked him straight in the face, and glanced down at his name tag. I responded, “Yes Carlos, I think we have found a very good thing.”
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Manada de Lobo
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 4:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 4:52 am

Manada de Lobo

This past June I was cruising up Interstate 15 out of San Bernardino. There is a great cruising spot on the old section of Route 66 down by Lytle Creek. Having not been there in quite some time I thought it might be worth a swing through to see who was there and what was going on. I had hopes of reconnecting with some of the married and mildly bi guys who cruise that area for quick head on the way home. It was early evening so my timing was perfect to hit the head while heading home to momma crowd.

I pulled off the Kenwood exit and went down the hill to the old Rt 66 route. It was a beautiful evening, not too hot, nice breeze in the canyon and I hoped to get out of the car and do a bit of walking around. Wearing only nylon shorts and a tank with tennies I was dressed for the heat. As I passed the loop area where guys cruise I noted a few cars and light trucks and two semi’s parked on the south end. Truckers know they can score here and the area is pretty safe from those interested in interrupting late night fun.

I pulled in to the north loop and parked. As I looked over my left shoulder and noticed a guy heading down the trail to the bench overlooking Lytle Creek. By the number of cars I could tell there was some action available. Now to connect.

I hopped out of the car, grabbed the waist strapped fag bag I carry with me and slowly headed down the trail. I got to the bench in time to notice a younger guy looking over the edge. He avoided eye contact and edged his way further down the trail. I lingered and watched and came to the conclusion that he was a newbie and was not sure how to connect but was also so paranoid as to resist any attempt to connect. This is typical of guys who read about these cruising spots but don’t bother to read between the lines and find out not just the where but the how of cruising and hooking up. I did not want to scare him off so I drifted across the bench trail to the knoll and let him check me out. He will think about it and later, when it is darker, may be ripe for a score. I will just give him room and time and see if he loosens up later on.

As I moved down the left side of the bench trail I noted the little trail that goes up on to the knoll and in to the thick brush. Up on top of that small knoll is a network of trails with little grottoes in the brush that are ideal for discrete play. I have given a lot of head up there over the years and met some great guys. Tonight the numbers were in my favor so I worked my way up the trail to see who might be around and who might signal “yes.”

The first place you will hit is a bigger grotto in the brush we all the Arena. It is a clearing about 15 feet in diameter but the brush is so tall it overlays the area giving a canopy of cover. On the west side are three big boulders just high enough to sit on and get serviced. Behind those is another short trail leading to a smaller grotto we call the Master Bed Room. As I rounded the corner in to the Arena I noted 3 guys standing around the biggest boulder with a guy sitting on the boulder and another guy on his knees giving him head. The guy on the boulder was a Latin guy about 50 with a shaved head, small goatee and mustache wearing the tell-tale white wife beater shirt and khaki shorts. His partner, the one on his knees was a guy about 20, Latin with the same rig on but longer hair and no facial hair. He was so in to his work he did not notice the addition of a gringo. The three guys in the audience had their cocks out and were stroking, all younger guys, all Latin and dressed the same. This was obviously a head using one of his bitches and the rest of the pack was watching the alpha dominate his bitch and the rest of the pack.

This is not an uncommon dynamic especially in the Southwestern neighborhood gangs. These are not cartel guys, not dangerous, but are close knit social groups who might dabble in light duty capers but are generally not a threat. If you are a gringo and they do not make you as a threat you are OK. Many of these guys have done time and are not about to go back for something stupid. If they make you as a fag you are fine as long as you are willing and able to put out. If not, you are going to get pants-ed and humiliated but not hurt.

The alpha looked up and made me for a fag. He smiled and pushed his bitch down hard on his cock. As he did so he looked me square in the eye and indicated I was welcome to watch. I wanted to do more than watch so I slid in between two of the wolves and watched the boss get head as I rubbed my crotch. The guy to my right, about 35 and a stocky, muscular dude with some serious tats turned half to his left so his cock was pointed almost at me. I stared at his beer can as he stroked it and noticed the alpha still staring at me. I looked back at him and he motioned with his eyes for me to go down on his soldier. I fell to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. Two strong hands took control of my head and we were off to the races. In my peripheral vision I could see the other two soldiers watching me do my work and they would occasionally smile at the stud I was servicing. This went on for about five minutes and at that point the number two was ready to cum. He made no effort to hold it back and as I felt him get rock hard, his balls moving up in to launch position and his glans almost painfully hard he pulled my head down on him full depth and then filled my throat with hot semen. I stayed down on him and took his load and after his seventh or eighth shot of cum he relaxed a bit and let me go back to working the full length of his cock. I continued to work on him and I could tell this was something new to him. As I monitored his reaction I worked his head and shaft and gently massaged his balls. If he got too sensitive I eased off and gave him some space but went right back to work when he relaxed a bit. Throughout this escapade he remained hard and was enjoying the extra attention enormously. I could tell no one had done this for him before and took advantage to show him what real oral service means.

My friend shot twice more and then indicated he needed a break. I released his cock from my suction and he backed off a bit allowing me to stand. When I was erect I turned to face the Alpha and noted that he had just shot his load and his bitch was trying to choke down the cum. Mr Alpha was not going to let this pup get away without swallowing all of this load but he was getting a little resistance. As I watched I felt a hand on my left butt cheek. The grasp felt amazing through my light nylon shorts and I leaned in to it. I felt a body come up behind me and another hand slide around my right side and in to my crotch. My new friend came up against me full length and I could feel his legs against mine, his crotch and bare cock against my fanny and his chest on my back. He moved his head around and on to my right shoulder and whispered in to my ear “you give up pussy?” I pressed my fanny in to his crotch and the only thing preventing penetration was my nylon shorts. That answered his question in the international language of gay cruising.

The Alpha stood up and went in to leather bag he had sitting next to him. He motioned for the other soldier to come get something from him. In his hand he had a tube of Joy Jell and some of those fancy french tickler rubbers you see in dispensers at truck stops. Meanwhile my friend was dropping my shorts and ushering me toward the big boulder right next to Alpha Dog. To the left of Big the boulder was about 3 and a half feet high and flattened out. I felt myself being pushed to the point where my feet were at the edge of the boulder. My shorts were down at my feet and the other soldier handed me the tube of lube. I put a squeeze on two fingers and opened myself up. As I was lubing up I turned to get a look at my stud’s cock. He was about 9 inches in length, uncut and had a huge pair of hangers nested in beautiful curly black hair. He unrolled the rubber and I worked some lube on to the tip. It felt like a snow tire with the studs on the end and below that were ribs. This is going to be interesting I thought!

My friend guided my shoulders such that I bent over at the waist presenting my ass to him while my hands braced me against the top of the boulder. I felt him cum up against my pink eye and then push in. He stroked himself in to me an inch at a time until he was completely in me. Alpha sat to my left and watched his crew work as I took the cock of his first soldier. I looked around and smiled at him indicating that I knew my role and how to deliver. I also noted his other troopers watching intently as his number three took his pleasure in my pussy. Number three stroked in and out of my and the treads on his rubber worked on him as much as they worked on me. These guys had all been jacking it pretty hard watching the boss get his pleasure so I pretty much assumed they were all close to cumming. No need to Kegel or do any pussy games with them. I just opened up and let them have their ride at their pace. This guy kept a steady pace for about 3 minutes but I could feel him swell and harden and I knew he was close. He backed off a few times in order to stretch out the fuck but after the third break he couldn’t hold it and plunged deep in to me as he came. I could feel the head of the rubber swell with his juice and felt him convulse and grab my hips as he drove in to me. As he convulsed for the last time I felt him sliding out. I wanted to hold him in me and milk his cock with my pussy/ass muscles but he was done. He backed off and peeled off the rubber. It was full and his smile told me I had done a nice job for him.

But there was no time for congratulations. Soldier number 4 was pressing at my opening demanding the same or better treatment. He was not as long but much thicker than number 3 and his girth stroked my walnut with each entry. I was getting harder as he stroked in and out of me and knew if he did not cum soon I would. He was getting close when I shot and the convulsions of my orgasm put just enough Kegel on his cock to make him shoot. Likewise he shot seven or eight hard wads and held in me and let me milk him. We stayed in position as I milked him until he started going soft. He was soon done with me and withdrew. Likewise his rubber was flooded with baby batter. These are some virile men!! Now that everyone had shot a load I looked at the Alpha Dog. His number 2, 3 and 4 were sitting on the adjacent boulder smoking a joint and his bitch was still at his feet. I noticed he was once again rock hard and he looked in to my eyes with a look that said “you are not done yet, bitch.” He stood and came around behind me. No rubber this time. Alpha is going to breed. His powerful hands grabbed my hips and he pressed full length in to me. He was a full eight inches but as thick as his number 4. I took the cock and fell in to pace with his thrusts. Once again my walnut was getting a working over and I became erect once again. We were in a hard pace with him plunging in to his base and his exit almost leaving me and then immediately reversing and plunging back in to me. This went o for about 4 minutes and I noted I was once again on the edge of orgasm. His cock was getting harder and his balls had retreated in to launch position. When we started his balls would slap against my taint as he rode me. Now they were neatly tucked up in firing position and he was ready to go. His fingers dug in to my hips as we rocked and thrust in to me. The pressure increased until I heard a deep groan and an exhale and then felt him flooding my insides. He held deep in to me as I put on my best Kegel and milked the hot semen from his cock. As I did my orgasm releases and the convulsions sucked his cock and juice deep in to me.

He started to chuckle and relaxed his grip on my hips as his cock began to soften. We separated and I stood up, turned and looked at him and the rest of the group. Alpha was wiping himself with a paper towel so I reached down to my fag bag and pulled out a couple of handiwipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer out and handed Alpha the handiwipes. His bitch was looking at me and looking at him with a questioning look. Mr Alpha spoke up first. He asked me if I lived in the are a. I told him I traveled thru at least once a month. He the told me they lived in Rialto and he had a place to hang out and play. Would I be interested I cumming by, he asked? I told him I would absolutely cum to his place or any other place to get down in a gang bang with his crew. He then went around the group and introduced his soldiers. They nodded and I gave my name. The last, his bitch, Marco, he explained was fleeting up to full membership, manhood, soon. I offered to get Marco off with a blow job or pussy and Mr Alpha looked at Marco, thought a minute and said sure, suck him off. He has been a good boy and when you cum back we will have a mounting party where he can fuck you and then he will be a man.

I got on my knees in front of Marco and took his cock. He lasted about 45 seconds and then shot a huge load. I put the suction on to show him how to take a load, swallow cum and keep stimulating a cock all in the same move. When he went limp I pulled off.

I gave Mr Alpha my card with numbers and e-mail. He wrote his cell, e-mail and Squirt ID on a piece of paper and handed it to me. We got up to leave, I going the longer way to the shelf and the crew going straight to the Rt 66. Mr Alpha turned to me and said, I like you mijo, you’re OK. See you in three weeks. We will have a nice time.

Last week we did the mounting party. I will write that up next week.
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A Hole in the Wall
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 4:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 6:24 pm

A Hole in the Wall

I my town down in the original part of town there are some classic old buildings that were originally built around 1910. This is your typical “downtown” with a main street, shops and stores, a couple of old bars and taverns, great food places and thankfully it has made a revival over the past few years. One of the buildings is a classic old hotel with an entrance facing the state highway. On one side of the entry is the hotel lobby and in a separate bay is a classic old saloon. This is not going to attract the local gentry but it is a good place for guys to stop and get a quick beer on their way home from work or to hang out on the weekend and watch sports on the big screen and have a beer. The bay is narrow and long and leads back to boys and girls rest rooms in the back on one side of the hall and a small storage room and adjoining office opposite the rest rooms. The bar itself is a long, beautifully crafted hardwood bar dating back to 1916. Behind it is a massive bar back with mirrors. This place is straight out of a Bogart movie and has a lot of history.

As I indicated earlier this is not the society part of town but is a place where working guys hang out. During the week is is pretty quiet until about 4 pm when guys start getting off work. I often check out the stores and eat in this part of town and one day in August I decided on a lark to step in and check this place out. It was about 3 pm on a Thursday and the place was dead but I slinked in, taking in the sights and atmosphere and noted the bar tender watching me as I walked toward the bar. I was not dressed in the typical jeans, work boots and shirts that the guys usually wear. I was in short hiking short and a sleeveless t-shirt, running shoes and no socks. Not the typical customer. Nonetheless the bar keep said hi, take a seat and then asked “What can I get you?” I responded with a query as to the beers on tap and he had some of the local micro brews. I ordered one and he slid a glass across the bar to me.

I asked him how long the bar had been in this location and some history. He filled me in on the history and pointed out some of the unique wall art, etc as we chatted. We exchanged names, his being Walt, and bantered about as he cleaned glass ware and got things ready to go for the rush. I did note his extensive art work on his arms, some leading up to his neck and he took note of my interest. We started talking about tattoo art and he casually informed me that he got some of his art while in federal prison many years before. When he noticed that I was not phased by his mention of incarceration he started joking about this being the place where a lot of released guys hang out after work. By this time Walt had made me for a faggot and we engaged in a bit of eye and body language signaling. I broke the ice by asking “so tell me, is it true what they say about when the lights go out?” He laughed and responded “men are men and men have needs and no judge or jury is going to change that.” I fired back that being in that environment would be “like a in a candy store” for me. He laughed and said yes, but often you do not get your choice of dates. We continued this banter for a bit and still the bar was empty. I looked at him and asked “so who is taking care of you now?” He responded “Rosie and her five sisters” meaning that he was jacking off for sex. To that I asked “taking applications?” He laughed and said yes, but he would not be off until 10 pm. I slid off my stool and walked to the end of the bar where the swing gate was and came through. As I approached him I could see his right hand slide down to his crotch and give himself a rub. He was as hard as a rock under his khaki trousers. I dropped my hand to feel his manhood and when I touched him he leaned in to me. From that point I dropped to my knees and scooted under the bar. He faced forward as I pulled his cock from his fly and sucked it deep in to my throat. This was a strong, well built hunk of man. Walt was in his ‘50’s, stocky but without a big gut and I could feel the power in his legs as I put my hands behind them to steady myself on to him He placed his hands behind my head as I did my work and I could feel his strength and his desire. This guy had not had this kind of friendly attention in quite a while and he was thankful for my efforts but I could tell he could not hang on to his load for long. Three more deep strokes and I felt him tense up, pull my head down on him and force his cock in to my throat. Once there he began shooting loads in to me and he convulsed each time he came. I took it all in good form and as he drained himself I slid my mouth back and began to slowly stroke and suck in the hopes of completely draining him. We kept this up for another two minutes until he told me he was too sensitive to keep going. I allowed him to pull his cock out of my mouth and he stepped back, pulled a towel off the bar and wiped himself down and put his tool away. I got up off of my knees, walked back to the gate and resumed my seat and washed his cum down with the remainder of my beer. He said “I have not had head like that in a long time.” I responded by asking “so am I hired?” He laughed and said hell yes but we would have to be discrete if we did this at the bar.

He poured me another beer and we chatted, still alone but with rush hour approaching. I told him what part of town I lived in and that I could host or come down town whenever he had the bar to himself. He told me that he often opens in the mornings and closes at 2 am so we could use the office before or after hours. I said perfect and stood up to head to the boys room. I went in and walked to the urinal and Walt followed me in. He washed his hands and watched me piss and when I was done he said “let me show you something.” He took me to the last of three stalls, opened the door and showed me a perfectly cut glory hole just behind the TP dispenser. I looked up at him and smiled knowing that this was a local secret and a most welcome one. As we walked out to the bar he told me that a few guys had made the hole in the hopes of attracting a fag to work it for them. I asked if anyone had volunteered and he told me “not yet, but if you want it, it is yours exclusively.” He told me that he had a good feeling about me and that there were three guys who were in on the scam and he could arrange times for me to take care of them. I responded that it was a cock sucker’s dream and that I would respect all of the rules and do my best to do my duty to man.

Out front was the sound of a Dodge diesel pickup pulling in to a parking spot. Walt looked up and smiled and said “speak of the devil” and nodded toward the door. I looked over my left shoulder as a mountain of a man entered and slowly walked up to the bar. He must have been 6’7” and over 260 pounds, massive chest, thick black beard and hair on his arms and legs like steel wool. He was dressed in khaki work shorts and a short sleeve tee shirt, Cabelas baseball cap and work boots. He sat down two stools down from me and Walt acknowledged him by saying “Reno, my boy, you look like shit” and laughed. Reno responded by telling Walt that he had been on a job site since 5 am and was beat and sore all over from working out in the heat all day. Walt poured him a beer and a shot of Jack Daniels and they settled in to some familiar chat. Walt poured me another beer and then with his eyes motioned me toward the boys room. I slid off my stool and reported to the third stall as was expected. A minute after I had entered and taken a seat on the commode the door of the boys room swung open and I heard the sound of Reno’s boots walking down the tile floor and settling in to the second stall. I dropped to my knees in front of the hole and waited as Reno unzipped and fed his huge boner through to me. He was at least 10 inches long and thick with thick black hair curled around the base. As I put my lips on the head of his cock and began sliding down his pole I felt him tense with pleasure and lean in to me. I could taste his sweat as well as tell what brand of soap he used as I went to work on him. He was rock hard and was in to every bit of pleasure I was giving his shaft and head. Just like Walt, he came loaded and the chance of a surprise blow job added to his excitement as I worked on him. I heard him groan “shit, I’s gonna cum” and I kept up my work on pace knowing that trying to extend it would just end up frustrating him. Five or six more rides down his shaft and he let loose with a huge load. I dutifully sucked and licked and swallowed as he unloaded in me and savored the pleasure I gave his cock. When he was expended he pulled his cock back through the hole, exited the stall and cleaned up at the sink. Before he left the boys room he turned toward my stall and said, “you are fucking amazing, Walt was right. Let’s make this on the regular.”

I got up off of my knees and headed to the sink to clean up. After washing my face and then taking a piss I went back to the bar and my beer. Reno and Walt were talking and both smiled at me as I sat down. Walt asked “so you like the company?” to which I responded that I absolutely loved the part of the team I had met so far. Walt then went on to explain to me that on Monday through Thursday he had the bar to himself as the owners had another business that kept them tied up. On Friday through Sunday night he put the wood core back in the glory hole and camouflaged it. So during the week and before the crowds showed up at about five we were in business. After that if I was there and one of the guys wanted action it was either the office or the parking area behind the bar for car head. I told Walt and Reno that I fully understand and that I am a very reliable faggot who follows the rules. Just let me know when and where and I am there. Walt explained that he would get the other two members of the team down on the weekend but we would have to take it out back. I responded that it was fine with me and they could depend on me to keep it discrete. I slid my card to Walt with my so he could let me know when was good or when one of the guys was around and in need. I had two yet to meet.

I finished my beer and put a twenty on the bar and bid my farewell. Walt said the other two might be around on Friday afternoon at about 3 so I told him I would be back and not to hesitate to call or text me if anything changed. We bid our farewells and I went to my car and off to the local ABS to see what was happening.

The next day I cut my work day short. It was Friday and I was curious to find out what the rest of the team had in store for me. Walt had texted me and told me Reno was off to Vegas for a job and would not be back until Tuesday but the other two should be in some time Friday afternoon. I showed up at the bar at 2:30 and walked in and noticed a couple of guys in the place. All were the kind of guys who worked at the local steel mill or on one of the many local construction sites. I took a stool at the bar and Walt cut me a local mico brew. As he slid my brew to me he said in a low voice “Mario will be here in a bit. He is going to park out back and come in the back door. He will sit here and I will connect you two but you have to take it out back. The bosses are doing the books in the office.” I nodded and smiled and said I had more mileage on me from car head than most of the classic cars parked out front. Walt chuckled and said that I would like Mario and his ride.

About thirty minutes later an older Hispanic man came through the back door and slowly walked up to the bar. He was about 5’10”, probably 220, broad shoulders, strong arms coming from the sleeves of his batik shirt and nice wool gaberdine slacks in a slate gray. His face was absolutely Aztec with a slim, razor cut mustache and razor cut medium side burns. He had absolutely perfect vampire hair swept up and back in to a duck tail. My guess was that he was about 60 but in very good shape. He took the stool next to me, ordered a Pacifico and a shot and looked sideways at me with a knowing smile. Walt struck up a familiar banter with him and then introduce me. We smiled and Mario and Walt started talking cars. It turned out that Mario owned a classic car restoration business two blocks down the alley and was well known all over the Southwest as a broker and restorer of classic cars. In the conversation Walt mentioned that I was a geek and might be able to help Mario with some of his problems on his web site and with his general ledger. Walt mentioned that Mario’s shop foreman, Wes, was also a “good friend” and might need my skills. Mario took his shot and downed his beer and looked at me and said, “Vamanos, Sally” and got up off his stool. I followed him out expecting to give him a quickie in the parking lot but he pointed to his perfectly restored 1960 Cadillac El Dorado convertible in perfect lip stick red. We got in to the car, top down, and I slid across the bench seat toward him expecting to give him head right there. Mario said ‘hold on, let’s go to the shop. Its more private.” On the way Mario told me the story of how he had hooked up with Walt and how they had tried to find a “Sally” but to no avail. He told me they had met while in federal prison and had both come to our town to start over, first working body fender work and then upward and onward. He finished his story as we entered the back lot to his business. There were four large roll up bay doors on the back shop and one was open. Mario pulled the Caddy in and then closed the electronic door. We got out of the car and headed across the shop floor to an office bay at the front of the building. As we entered I noticed only one other guy on the lot, a tall slender man in his mid forties and wearing a blue mechanic’s coveralls. He was moving cars in to position on the front lot to display for sale. Mario directed me in to a back office and once in there he went in to the desk and from a drawer pulled a pump bottle of anal lube and a towel. He asked “Are you clean” to which I responded yes, and tested and he further questioned me “are you douched and ready to fuck?” and I responded yes. Mario motioned me over to the side of the desk and commanded “strip.” I pulled off my tank top, dropped me shorts and kicked off my shoes and socks and retained the lavender satin panties I wore to the occasion. While I was stripping Mario had taken off his batik shirt and carefully removed his trousers and put both on hangers. He stood before me in black silk boxers with a boner sticking out of the hole. I walked toward him and he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in to him. He asked “have you taken a real man up your pussy?” and I responded yes and I would please him. I slipped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. We fell in to a rhythm that lasted for about two minutes when he pulled me up on my feet and bent me over the desk. I felt my panties hit the floor and then two lubricated fingers entered and started opening my ass. Mario forced me up hard against the desk and then forced me to bend down over the desk. I spread my arms and grabbed the edge of the desk knowing full well that a world class breeding was coming. He pulled his fingers out of me, squared up behind me and put both hands over my shoulders. I could feel the head of his cock locked on the entry of my pussy and he adjusted his position and forced me down to where he wanted me. Once in position he pushed his manhood half way in to me, fully five inches, and took a slight withdrawal and then took me full length. I had an 11 inch uncut Aztec beer can up my fanny in no time and he started taking me for a real ride. His hands dug in to my shoulders as he forced himself in to me, in and out in a steady and demanding pattern that increased his hardness over time but still held off the inevitable flood of baby batter that would end up in my upper sphincter. He was penetrating all the way through my rectum with each thrust and I knew he would unload deep inside of me. As he worked I became erect from the steady pounding my prostate was taking and after two minutes I had an orgasm that soiled the edge of his desk. Knowing that he had just made me cum did something to him and he started pounding harder and deeper until he let go with a huge torrent of semen. I felt him pulsate and convulse as he unloaded in me until after 9 convulsions he collapsed on me. I clamped down and held him deep in me until he began to retract and shrink back to normal. He pulled out of me with a “pop” and I instinctively reached down to pull up my panties when I heard a strange voice say “Not so fast, Nancy.”

I turned to look over my shoulder and there was Wes, the guy in the blue overalls with his zipper all the way down, cock in hand, stroking and watching the action. I noted that he had a very thick cock, probably 7 inches in diameter and 9 or so inches long. He was so hot and horny the purple glans looked like a shining gem staring straight at my ass. Mario sat down on a sofa across from the desk to watch the action and said to Wes “take it, we own it now.” Wes was taller and I could feel he was much stronger than me so when he stepped up behind me there was no doubt who was in charge and where this was all headed. Once again I had two strong hands on my shoulders forcing me down on to the desk and a cock banging at my entry. Wes was controlled in taking me and controlled in his pace. He told me to open up my pussy and take it and not try any cheap tricks to make him cum too fast. He wanted a ride and an orgasm on is terms. Wes worked me with a controlled and steady pace and I took him easily but his grip on my shoulders and then neck told me who was in charge. We went on for at least twenty minutes as he controlled my moves and took his pleasure in me. As he worked and banged my prostate I dribbled more semen and became half erect. Soon I had a second orgasm but Wes just kept to his pace. He controlled the action for another ten minutes at least as I slowly felt him get harder, longer, thicker and felt his balls move up tight against his scrotum and in to launch position. His grip on my neck and right shoulder went from controlled to painful as he approached his orgasm. With my legs and crotch pressed hard against the edge of the desk I has no where to go and no option but to take the full length of his thrust as he demanded pleasure and satisfaction from me. I gave in totally to his lust and when he came I fully received his lust and his semen deep in to me. As he expended himself in to me he collapsed on to me, holding tight and mumbling “we will take good care of you, baby, trust us, we will take good care of you.”

This has been going on for 14 months now. All four are using my mouth and my fanny for their pleasure and for me it is a perfect situation. I know I have not been writing much about cruising and sucking cock at truck stops and adult arcades but believe me, I have been busy. And happy.
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Desi Daddy Dedication
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 4:15 am
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Desi Daddy Dedication

I guess I will have to start at the beginning so I don’t lose anyone along the way. My path in the gay scene has been a long one. If you have kept up with my writings you have a feel for my beginnings and some of the bumps and curves along the way. I try to detail some of my quirks for you so you get a sense of where I have been and what led me to my current life. So in the beginning, in high school, my oral and anal cherries were taken by two older boys. You know that from previous writings. In that first year and a half I satisfied two teenage boys with lingerie fetishes and our play was pretty innocent play. But after my two friends moved on I started looking for something more predictable and more fulfilling. Little did I know I would find it right around the block.

One particular summer my neighborhood was decimated of boys when a huge senior class graduated and moved on. Those of us left behind filled in the part time jobs and other roles that teens filled in those days. One opportunity that presented itself to me worked out in more ways than one. A few blocks from where I lived was a very lively and very cosmopolitan retail section of town. One of the businesses there was an Asian Import store owned by and Indian family. I knew their from school as well as the couple who owned the store. When their older went off to college I asked the owner if I might work part time stocking shelves and helping out after school. He was delighted and knew me and knew I was a good reliable and I immediately set to work learning the store, the products and the inventory system. My routine was to show up at about 3:30 every day, stock shelves and unload deliveries and between that do general janitorial and inventory work in the store. Things were usually quiet during the afternoons so I was able to get a lot done and enjoy the quiet of the store, the beautiful imported goods, and most of all the marvelous smells of spices, incense and other exotic things. They stocked beautiful clothing, all manner of luxurious housewares, a wide variety of foods, teas, all kinds of fascinating stuff. I loved handling the silk and other exotic fabrics as I placed them on display. During the quiet times on weekday afternoon we got a break from customer traffic to get a lot done. Often the owner’s wife would leave shortly after I arrived and would go home to do book keeping and other tasks until about 7 when she would return for the evening traffic. That left me and Mr S there to mind the store and me to keep the inventory moving.

Mr S was very kind and attentive. We talked a lot and he nurtured my knack for languages by teaching me some Hindi and gave me a few books to help me. I worked hard and often he worked beside me during the first week. Mr S was in his late ‘50’s, about 6’1”, maybe 220 lbs and I could tell that in his youth he was both an athlete and then a soldier. He carried himself in a manner that radiated confidence and strength and at the same time grace. He was extremely dark, unlike his wife and , and had a very thick mustache that he curled with wax. One day when stocking bolts of silk and other fabrics he noted how I loved to slightly fondle the bolts as I shelved them. As I did we caught each other’s eyes and he held my gaze for more than a minute. I could not break away as he gazed deeply at me and smiled. He then said “silk is second only to satin in its erotic powers.” I smiled sheepishly and he detected my inability to speak when he said “that’s OK, it is natural and is the way of things. There is a purpose in that power of the fabric just as there is in the power of perfume and incense.” I again responded with a silly smile and this time cast my eyes down to catch sight of a huge tent in the front of his fine wool trousers. I was transfixed on his crotch and he knew it. He broke the tension by saying “Come, let’s take a break.”

I followed him to the back of the store to the office and we went in and grabbed a cup of tea. As I sat across from him I could not help staring at his boner. The office was situated such that we could look out a glass window to see the entire store front yet have privacy behind a tall counter. As we looked at each other without saying a word Mr S opened his fly and let fly his manhood. As it emerged I could see first the dark, almost ebony glans of his cock as it emerged from his foreskin and then his mahogany shaft. He was fully 9 inches in length and thick and as he opened his trousers I could see it was nestled in a next of dark curly pubic hair. I put my tea cup on the table, walked four steps on air to where he was and dropped to my knees in front of him. As I lowered my self to kneel before him he shifted to give me full access to his manhood. I took his cock in my mouth and worked my tongue around his glans, and then settled down on him and took him fully in my mouth. I bobbed on him and worked his glans with my tongue while he responded to my affections with low quiet moans and jolts to full erection. I knew he would not last long as he had been fully erect for quite some time dreaming about violating this young blonde faggot he now had under his spell. Up and down I went tasting his pre-cum and the wonderful scents of his body. I backed off a bit to try to make his pleasure last and was able to do so twice but the third time he approached orgasm we could not restrain ourselves. When he came he gently held my head down on him with his cock in my throat as he coated my tonsils with hot loads of semen. He held me down until he had shot 6 hard loads and then relaxed his downward pressure on me. As he did I worked up and down his shaft and worked his glans each pass. He continued to moan with pleasure as I did my work for him. After another 45 seconds he shot again, this time in to the front of my mouth. I held his semen in my lips and continues stroking and sucking until he started to go soft. As he went soft I sucked him and flicked his hole with my tongue. Slowly he eased me off and to a position straight up on my knees before him. He looked deeply in to my eyes and said “You are a very good boy. A good boy indeed. Tell me where you learned to pleasure like that.”

I stayed on my knees and started to tell him about taking care of my two friends. He motioned me up, we grabbed our tea and with a swig I washed the remaining semen down and finished the story. Standing before him he once again gave me a serious deep look and said, “I understand how you learned. There is no shame in that. But from here on, only me.” I said “yes, sir’ without hesitation and knew I now had a new element to my job description.

For the next year and a half I worked at the store after school and then full time for about 6 months while scraping up money for school. Three or four times a week we would take a break in the office and I would take Mr S’s load. I remained true to my promise to him and maintained a monogamous dedication to his gorgeous cock. He appreciated my work and my affection. Mrs S never suspected a thing when she went about her business in the afternoons and at certain times of the year Mr S and I would work late to get the store ready for the weekend rush. On those nights he would lock the front at closing time and we would go back to the wash room where he would bend me over a sink and fuck me in the ass. It was during those sessions that I learned to enjoy receiving anal sex and started having orgasms from his thrusting. He always treated me with great care and respect and valued me both as an employee and as a sex toy. When I moved on to school he did find a suitable replacement, a nephew, but when I was home I would work for him and we would go right back to where we were before. I loved having my face buried deep in his crotch and taking his cum and especially looked forward to late night work where he would flood my waiting rear with cum.

When I was back for a holiday break he introduced his 24 year old nephew to me. We chatted a bit and as soon as Mrs S was off to her tasks we retreated to the office. While the nephew watched the front of the store I gave Mr S head. When he came he went out front and the nephew came sheepishly in to the office. I motioned him over to the chair, he sat down and I opened his fly. His cock started to emerge when I grabbed it with my lips and sucked it in to my throat. He was a bit taken aback by my aggressive move but settled in to a blowjob that lasted about 2 minutes. He was so excited I knew he had to cum and let him do so without trying to hold it off. As I swallowed his load and cleaned his cock with a Kleenex I told him I would suck him off again before we left for the night. We both drifted out to the front of the store and went back to our work. At closing time Mrs S was still in the store so the nephew and I left to walk home. We made a B line to the parking lot where I once again dropped to my knees and blew him. It was at that time that I learned to appreciate his cock. It was 8 inches, cut and very thick with an incredibly sensitive head. He was a very virile 24 and was able to give me another large load after about 7 minutes of work. For the remaining two weeks of break I took care of Mr S on demand and took care of the nephew a couple of times a day. On our next late night both took me in the men's ‘room. I walked home that night with my pussy stretched and flooded with cum and feeling like heaven. I still dream about those carefree days and the wonderful sex we had.

To this day I still have a great affection for Indian food, culture and men. I often go out of my way to visit markets and food stores catering to South Asian markets. Where I live now we have two great family owned restaurants and an import store as well as a truck stop frequented by South Asian drivers due to the excellent Indian menu in the diner. I frequent it for the food as well as the men. I learned to be confident but not aggressive in making first contact with the drivers. They are a bit more up front once you show them a smile and some interest and I have learned how to overcome the initial hesitation of hitting on a white fairy. Once they know I am available it is off to the sleeper for a load of turmeric laden semen. They appreciate having someone who is willing to give them much needed relief on long road trips without the usual BS and cat and mouse games. I have found that striking up conversation, getting comfortable and then asking if they would let me pleasure them works well. They respond to my signals and give me the open signs and we are off. Once I make a solid contact with a guy I give them my number and e-mail and have even invited them to share my number with reliable friends. Once they know me they know I stay available for them based upon their schedules and take care of business for them with no complications. And every time I smell curry I get that feeling…………...
Frontage Road Hot Loads
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Frontage Road Hot Loads

Where I live here in the desert Southwest the freeways bypassed a lot of older small towns and stops along the way. Many survive but are quiet for the most part. Vast stretches of older state highways are now just frontage roads for the freeways and serve the isolated communities along the way. Very often guys pull off the freeway and drive stretches of these older roads for a change of scenery and the thrill of driving on old Rt 66 or one of the other classic routes. There are loads of places to stop, park and get out for a smoke or a stretch and there is a lot of history here in the buildings that remain. I discovered one such place a few years ago as my trained eye looked for single guys parking, lurking and waiting for the right fag to come along.

My favorite spot is just off of the I-40, about 12 miles from my place and near an older truck stop that has seen better days. Behind the truck stop is an old titty bar that is sometimes open, more often not closed and featured a few D list girls dancing in the dim lights. Truckers and travelers stop day and night for fuel, coffee and food and some drift in to the bar when it is open. Just east of the truck stop is a side road screened from the freeway and highway. I had noted an RV or two parked down around the bend on occasion and occasionally a guy would park his rig there to get out of the congested truck parking at the truck stop. It all looks innocent enough to the untrained eye and this place rarely draws any attention from authorities. Perfect conditions to cruise.

Late one fall afternoon I was coming home from the River when I decided to exit, get a soft drink at the truck stop and take the old highway the rest of the way home. As usual the truck stop was pretty quiet, so I used the rest room, grabbed a soda and headed for the car. The bar was closed so I thought I would just head home. As I pulled my car back on the frontage road I looked down the side road. Barely visible was the cab of a white truck parked down the side road and nearly out of view. I decided to take a cruise and see who might be there and see if there was any potential. As I turned in the side road I noted the truck, an older GMC with a utility bed with the passenger side door open. I cruised past to get a look and noted a guy standing by the side of the road pissing. My mind raced as I pulled over, parked about 25 yards ahead of the truck and then checked my rear view mirror. The man was holding his gear and faced partially toward me so I could see. I thought “Bingo” and popped my door. As was my habit I grabbed my little nylon BJ bag, a small plastic trash bag and my soda. As I went around the back of my car I could feel the guy staring at me so I shyly looked to my right, made eye contact and detected no threat. He just gave me a stare that drew me toward him. As I approached I bent down to pick up a couple of beer cans and put them in my plastic trash bag. As I stood up the second time I noted the cigarette butts and a couple of used condoms on the ground and then looked up to make full on eye contact with my target.

He appeared to be mid to late ‘50’s, Latin, with a perfectly trimmed goatee and mustache. This was a working guy I thought as I noted his chest and big arms. He stood about 5’10” and probably weighed in at 210. He must have had a 48 inch chest and about a 38 inch waist. His arms looked like he could crush me at will. As I followed his right arm down to the hand that held his cock I could tell this man was loaded with testosterone. His black curly hair on his arms and popping out of his shirt collar told me this was a real man, all man, and he was showing me what he needed. His left hand came up to give me a “come hither” gesture and I did so. As I approached he smiled. His rough facial features cracked in to a kind face and he said in a slight accent “you are a good Boy Scout. You clean up after others. That is a good thing.” I approached within three feet of him and looked him in the face. He could tell I was under his spell so when I answered “I will be your good Boy Scout” he lightly laughed and showed me more of his hard cock. He was standing on a piece of doubled over cardboard. The cardboard extended to a point about two feet in front of him. As I went to my knees in front of him I knew this guy knew the drill. Providing knee cushions is a nice thought in this land of rough gravel roads.

As I stared in to his crotch and fixated on his manhood he let his hands slide to the side. I noted the gold band on his left hand. Mamma is not giving him what he needed so I am signing up for the long haul if he will have me. His cock stared back at me and I noted his dark brown skin with a foreskin straining to cover a deep purple glans. His glans glistened with precum. I leaned in to him, put my left hand around the base of his cock and sucked his tool in to my mouth and throat. Nine inches, almost completely erect and thick to the point where I had to open my mouth and lean in to him to get the right angle to get his cock head in to my throat. As I eased him back out I worked the underside of his cock with my tongue and let the glans come to my lips before once again bringing him back in to my mouth and throat. I felt his hands rest on the back of my head and neck as he relaxed and let me go to my work. In and out we rocked for what seemed an eternity and as I worked he grew harder, thicker and longer. His glans was now completely exposed and was getting the full benefit from my tongue work each time I rocked back on him. I could taste precum as his cock hit my lips and noted he was fully erect. I could feel his balls move up in to launch position hard against his body so I slowed down a bit, tuned down the suction and tongue work to see if I could get him to last. As I did I heard him say “I need to cum please” so I put on the suction, lip and tongue action and sucked him down in to my throat. Four more passes over my tongue and I felt his hands pressing harder on the back of my head and neck. As he passed over my tongue headed for my tonsils I felt him stand erect, shudder and then his semen exploded first straight down my open throat and then in to my mouth as I more rapidly took him in and out of my mouth. Now his hands had the back of my head in a vice grip as he pumped himself in and out of my mouth cumming as he neared my tonsils. He held himself deep inside of me as I worked him with my tongue and applied more suction. It seemed like he shot at least a dozen sperm laden convulsions in to me as I lapped up his man juice and continued sucking, flicking and teasing his cock with my mouth. His convulsions slowed and I continued to hold him in my mouth, stroking him with my tongue, sucking on the end of his cock and flicking his pee hole with my tongue and then swirling my tongue around his purple head. He stayed in position and allowed me to work his cock even though he was now drained of semen. His hands held my head gently as we swayed in to his post orgasmic bliss. For at least three more minutes I held him in my mouth, sucking, teasing and stroking his now half hard cock. He groaned and leaned back against the truck as I continued sucking him. He softened but still gave occasional convulsions of pleasure as I worked him. This went on for another two minutes when he said “I think I have to piss.” I did not let him pull out and put both hands behind his ass and held him in me, increasing the suction until I could taste the sharp taste of his urine. I could tell he was trying to hang on and not pee while in my mouth but I insisted with my suction and my hands pressing his ass forward. He finally relented and releases a small load of golden nectar for me. I took it down, slowly released his cock from my suction grip and flicked it with my tongue as I slowly released him from my trap.

As his cock flopped out of my mouth I looked up at him. He looked down at me with a note of concern on his face and said “I am sorry if I made you do something you did not want to do.” I asked him what he meant and he told me he did not intend to hold my head so tightly and force me to swallow his semen much less a load of urine. To that I responded that I love taking a man’s load and love drinking from the tap after he has orgasm-ed. He smiled and helped me to my feet. I pulled a Handy-Wipe from my nylon fag bag and then dropped to one knee to wipe his cock and balls clean of my spit and neaten him up. That done I stood and he invited me to sit in the cab of the truck with him. He had a 6 pack of Tecate and offered me one. As we sipped our beers we soaked up the sunset in the desert, the sounds, the smells of the sage and the noise of the distant freeway. We talked a bit and then I told him how much I appreciated the opportunity to give him a blow job and how I hoped I could be his regular queen. To that he responded that his wife was no longer sexual and he needed release. Usually he stopped in the desert on the way back from jobs and jacked off but it was never very satisfying. He always felt half relieved. I asked him how I made him feel. He told me he had not had an orgasm like that since his ‘20’s. Again I asked if I could be his regular queen. I explained that I lived in the area, had a very private home in a quiet neighborhood and could host him at my place. He could shower there and relax as I took care of him. It ends up we only live 8 miles apart. So for the past 3 years I have been taking care of him at my place. Occasionally we will go back to the frontage road for old times sake or to make it more convenient if he is working well West of town. Over time we have become good friends. Some may find it odd that a swishy faggot like me could actually be a close friend to a man like Max but I don’t flash, don’t show any queer sign when in public with straight guys. Behind closed doors it is a difference story. So now on top of taking care of his needs we spend some time together. We fish together and share that passion. And I find my passion on my knees in front of him making him feel like the king of the world.

This spot is so perfect that after finding Max there I have worked it regularly. About a month later I stopped at the same truck stop for a pee break and a soda. While in the men’s room I noted a guy at the urinals and we made eye contact. I knew right there he made me as a fag so I gave him a quick smile and a tongue flick around my lips. He smiled back and nodded toward the door. As we left the back exit of the store he headed for a ramp truck and looked over his shoulder at me. We got in our vehicles and I led him out of the lot to the side road. As we turned in I noted we had it to ourselves and I pulled over to the same spot where I service Max. The ramp truck pulled up behind me and stopped. I got our of my car and walked back to his rig with my fag bag in hand. He motioned me around to the passenger door and I could hear the electronic lock open. I hopped up on the tank, opened the door and slid on to the passenger seat. The driver was talking on his radio to his dispatch and told the dispatch that he would park a the truck stop and wait for his next road service call. She told him to stay parked and not burn fuel cruising around. He acknowledged and then put the microphone back on its holder. He looked at me and smiled, reached for a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, flipped one in to his mouth and offered me one. I declined and told him “I am more interested in sucking your cock.” He exhaled smoke out the window and turned toward me with a toothy smile. “Any time you are ready baby. I need to cum bad.” He opened the button and fly on his Carhart carpenters shorts, dropped them to the his feet and dropped his tighty-whities revealing a beer can of a cock. I slid off my seat and on to my knees between his seat and the passenger seat, knee walked over to him and went down on his manhood. I could taste the Irish Spring soap on his cock and balls and the smoke from his unfiltered Camel drifted around the cab as I went to my work. He had a thick cock that must have been 10 inches long and thick, so thick that his shaft went straight in to his glans. I also noted the huge purple veins and felt them as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. As I worked he put one hand on the back of my neck his hand and arm gently rode my motion.

I was positioned between his knees, on my knees with his work boots against the outside of my knees. His right hand rested on the back of my neck and his left hand managed his smoke. As I worked he fell in to my rhythm and leaned back and started talking. He told me how he craved good head but how the faggots in this area and in California were afraid to cruise and respond to come-ons. He told me that he had watched me get out of my Subaru and walk across the fueling islands and in to the store. At that point he made me in spite of my efforts to look low key and not obvious. That is when he went for the bathroom knowing I would cruise it. And I did. And here we are, his cock pounding the back of my throat and me drawing out drips of his precum. And I was precumming myself. Under my khaki shorts I was wearing a pair of purple satin panties. The feel of the fabric always puts me in the mood. And in this position it was giving me a rub out to beat all rub outs. I was wearing a tank top and he could see that I shaved my armpits and had little to no body hair on my legs, arms and chest. He told me what a turn on that was and how he was turned off by hairy guys. As I worked his cock he talked and told me his each and every sexual fantasy, told me about his ex old lady and what a bitch she was, told me how often he jacked off in his truck and how much porn he had at his new modular down by the River. I stayed to my work and listened knowing that this guy is not getting good sex, can’t afford hookers thanks to his support payments and works this side of the River 50 hours a week. I think we can make this a regular thing if I treat him right.

After about 30 minutes I noted his increasing tension, hardness and his balls crawling up to get ready to launch. He said in a firm voice “I hope you like to swallow because I like to hold guys down on it when I cum.” His legs were bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet as he rocked back and forth on his air seat. We were in a perfect rhythm working his entire cock as I felt both of his hand go behind my head and as they did they guided my head in perfect motion with my mouth action. I felt him harden and then convulse and then shove my head down on the full extent of his cock. He convulsed hard seven times shooting a large load of semen each time. My throat and mouth were flooded and I struggled to stay ahead of his flow by sucking it down as it came. The salty taste flooded my mouth and he held me tight as I continued to work his cock. After about a minute his hands relaxed and he leaned back allowing me to once again get an up and down, in and out motion working his entire cock. I kept this up for another ten minutes occasionally getting another convulsion and small load of baby batter. He then went soft and I released him from my mouth and looked up at him from my knees. He leaned forward and said in a drawl “Ya know when I was younger I hated gay people. But now I think you guys are the coolest people in the world. You know what you want, go after it and don’t worry about what people think. I’m Ray, by the way.” I nodded and verbally mumbled an agreement and my name. He then said “that is the best fucking head I have ever had.’

I got back up on the passenger seat and we talked for a while as we listened to the radio for a dispatch call. He told me about his first homosexual experience. When he was 19 he did two and a half years in he Arizona State Penn in Florence. His dad and the rest of his family were members of a redneck gang and he got nailed as an accessory. While in prison his crew had a couple of bitches they all shared. He told me that those queens gave up sex voluntarily in order to avoid a beat down. Since getting out he met a few gay guys and they changed his attitude. He now understood that we have needs just like straights and hell, if we can take care of each other’s needs what the hell. I told him a bit about myself, told him I thought he was a god of a man and that I would be pleased to give him head whenever he was in the mood. He smiled and asked me more about my life as a faggot. He said “After all dude, you shave your legs and arm pits, so are you real kinky?” I told him that I had been a drag queen years ago in San Francisco and still cross dressed for guys if it turned them on. He said it would be a major turn on for him. He then asked if I take it up the ass and I said yes, I love getting fucked. At that point he said “Show me your pussy.” I thought for a minute and then he said with a bit of a laugh “come on, stand up and drop your shorts. I want to see that pussy.” I complied and then realized I was wearing a pair of now cum soaked purple satin panties. As I slipped my hiking shorts down he say “oh baby, your are all mine.” He noted the little spot of cum on the front of my panties and said “So giving me head is good for you too?” I told him I was going to be wet-dreaming about him every night until I can go down on him again. To that he exclaimed “A fuckin’ match made in heaven!” He then turned me around as I slipped my panties down and I could feel him rubbing my smooth ass and then a blunt finger entered my back door. He noted how tight I was but how easily I took the full extent of his big index finger. At that point he told me to come to his place and we would fuck and I could give him head. He also asked me if I was in to threesomes because he had a room mate, Sam, who was kinky but who had never been with a fag. I told him I would be in to anything that got his cock in my mouth or ass.

I met him later that week at another gas station and gave him head. At that point I gave him my home number as well as the cell number he already had and gave him my e-mail address as well. He told me his roomie and he wanted to party with me at his place. Two days later I was at his place and did a double down blowjob party with them as they watched porn. After giving both head twice Ray took me to the bed and took my fanny. He came hard for a third time. Sam tried to mount me but was worn out from a long day at work and a couple of beers. I promised him a rain check callable whenever. Ray and his room mate Sam are both big, burly manly men. Both are over 6 feet tall, over 220 and in amazing physical shape even though both are 45. Both have 10 inches of man meat and loaded balls to back them up. They both like to drink, smoke and smoke pot when we play and I don’t mind. They are both princes as men and deserve their relax time. They play hard but are very respectful and protective of me and have never caused me so much as a bruise. They both really appreciate totally compliant, willing sexual service and I love giving it to them.

So in closing, this quiet desert corner has been a very productive spot for me. Many truckers don’t like to play in the lots for fear of being outed or bugged by security. The side road is semi friendly with an easy turn around. It is not unusual for trucks to park there so no one really notices when a rig idles there. More than a few drivers have given me a load there. I have avoided posting it on any of the cruising sites as the truck stop and titty bar are listed. Creative guys will figure it out and I have mentioned it to two of my cruising friends. Drivers talk as do guys in the chat rooms so I am sure it will draw new talent. For now, the talent is A+.

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