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Indy's Bi Men's Newsletter!

The bi is for bi-weekly! This will be a newsletter of the events, happenings and going on's in Indianapolis for men and guys are are less than 100% straight!

Marching Into April & Joining The Protest!!!
Posted:Mar 16, 2019 6:43 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 4:47 am
I am to mention that the GBIN house still has one room left for rent. A large private room in the basement, it will run for 75 to 100 bucks a week, depending on the extras you may require. They would also consider renting it by the night, mainly for guys attending their sex parties, or with a day's notice. Tenants have to be male, able to prove they can pay, with a preference for gay nudists. I am also to say that cool bisexual or straight guys would be considered, but since the house is mostly nudist, they hosts at least sex parties a month and a personal massage therapist rents one of the rooms for work, you really have to be cool with gay men and nudity.

Currently, all of the bars in the city should be fully functional. The remodeling at either Ollie's, English Ivy's or Zonie's Closet should be complete, as well as the kitchen remodel over at Metro. 1811 Eagle is also back in fully swing. Now I feel the need to Greg's/ Our Place, just because it is the only other gay bar in the city I haven't mentioned.

I was speaking to a young man who was protesting outside a local Chick-Fil-A about their treatment of gays, and learned quite a bit. Among the other local chains he also takes issue with for their homophobic practices were Domino's Pizza, Cracker Barrel and shockingly, The Salvation Army! By the time he had given me my history lesson, not only did I find myself having a chicken sandwich at Arby's, I may not have to walk passed the bell ringers at Christmas time. If supporting our community, or not contributing to the work against it, matters to you, check the practices of your favorite stores and restaurants to see if you need to find an alternative. Barilla, Purina and Urban Outfitters are also now on our shit list. lol

Now pay close attention, because the end of the month is looking a little full. Tonight, BIB is hosting their monthly get-together from 5 to midnight. Tomorrow, the Strip Poker Guys will be hosting the first of three Strip Poker Nights. The one tomorrow, and on the 22nd will run from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., and the last one on the 27th, will run from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Gay Ole Time will be hosting Homosexual Trivial Pursuit on the 19th. And GBIN will be hosting their monthly Evening Orgy from 5 to 11 p.m. on the 23rd, and will be hosting a birthday party for one of their VIP's in Newcastle, Indiana from 2 to 11 p.m. on the 30th.

And hot male celebrity birthdays coming up include the lovely Rob Lowe on the 17th, the talented Adam Levine on the 18th, the awesome gay Hoosier Austin Armacost on the 28th, the incredible Jay Brannan on the 29th, and the amazing Michael Fassbender on the 2nd of April. I hope to have the new edition out by then.

Happy Patrick's Day and enjoy the rest of your month!!!
The Early Part of March!!!
Posted:Feb 28, 2019 8:09 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 4:47 am
There really isn't a whole lot going on around here, so this one will be kind of short and sweet.

I do want to talk to the bar community for a bit. When I first came to Indy, there were a slew of wonderful places to hang out. Some of my favorites over the included Tubes, NYC, The Unicorn Club, Jimmy's, Brothers, Jaguars, Utopia, The Ten, The Varsity and the 501. And I think one of the reasons for was...variety. Tubes was a video bar. The 501 was a wild bar. The Ten was a lesbian bar with great music, predominantly R&B, soul and hip-hop. The Unicorn was a revue place. And so depending on your mood, you always had least one place to go.

If you take out the private club, there are six gay bars left in the city...1811 Eagle, Zonie's, English Ivy's, Metro, Ollie's and Greg's Our Place. And of these, three are mainly eateries, two are predominantly drag and stripper joints, and one's a dance bar. Now there is some crossover. Greg's does have drag queens sometimes. Metro and Ollie's have karaoke.

So let me get personal for a moment. There was a reason why I went a great deal of time and the stripper bar. And I slowly lost interest when the presence of females increased, mainly because females, both real and illusion, disrupted my motivation for being there. Well, it has to my attention there might be some stripper nights around town, but every damn one of them with drag queens. Still defeating the purpose, thus the strippers visit my house afterwards.

Would it hurt you guys to give the guys at least one night a week or a month just for them? They can probably announce themselves, and surely filling in the space between numbers can't be big of an issue. Hell, they would probably make a lot more , especially from guys like . Just something to think about!

Let's get to some of the parties and it a day. The Strip Poker Guy will be hosting games on the 17th, the 22nd, and the 27th, his birthday. Speaking of birthday, the founder of GBIN, is hosting a 3-in-1 party on the 3rd. Normally, GBIN would have had their Cocksucker Party on the 3rd, and Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Party on the 5th. But his birthday is the 4th, and he will be walking into three quarters of a century on this Earth, and over thirty hosting parties. So the group is having all three events in one huge blowout on the 3rd, including a cake for the birthday , gumbo for Mardi Gras and cocksuckers for the normal Sunday party. the hours will be extended and a extra room is added for .

GBIN is also hosting parties on the 13th and the 23rd. And they are hosting a birthday party for one of their members on the 30th in Newcastle, Indiana. CumUnion will be the Works bathhouse on the 9th. And BIB will be hosting their monthly gathering on the 16th. Oh, and Gay Ole Time is trying a game show night this month, so some of you might want to check out Homosexual Trivial Pursuit on the 19th. In fact, going and will ask one of the questions in the next issue!

And celebrity birthdays included the marvelous Mark Paul Gosselaar on the 1st, the beautiful James Van Der Beek on the 8th, the gorgeous Kerr Smith on the 9th and the talented Robin Thicke on the 10th.
Valentine's Day In Indy!!!
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2019 7:14 am
I will be the first to admit, this is a bit of a rush job. But I wanted to make sure to get something out for those who may still not have plans for the big day. Now I can say, I have done my part to help!

The Strip Poker Guy will be hosting three games tomorrow night, at 10 p.m., 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. I am suppose to remind the guys that if you do not know how to play, this is a great, fun, cheap and safe way to learn, as he has created sexual variations based of the traditional games. BUT...this will be a raunchy yet romantic set of games! Everyone will get a door prize, and the winners will still get their wishes, with a twist of course. Cum clean and ready to play, in every sense of those words, his words, not mine. Non-drinkers are not welcome to this event, as he has a special punch everyone must sample, and has a small bar set up for the event. Bottles of wine, or champagne will be appreciated, as there are more romantic. Don't worry if you have too much to addition to the bed set up in the playroom, there are three guest rooms and a couple of couch available if needed for overnight guests. And he may let some lucky guy hang out with him in his master suite! And if it helps, and nothing changes in the next 27 hours or so, this is where I will be!

If that doesn't work for you, Gay Ole Time is really in the mood for love...and matchmaking. Tonight is Romantic Wednesday there, and they are carrying the theme into tomorrow. From 8 to midnight, closing out the big day, they are hosting a Singles Seduction, complete with slow dance music and free first glasses of wine. The hope is to make a few connections for the Cozy Couplings part of the evening, which will run from midnight to close. Remember, this is a private gay club, so there might be special pricing or restrictions for getting in.

As I have heard it several times, I'm going to say this again....The 1811 Eagle is open. Yes, there were raided, but they changed their approach to advertising and has made a slow and cautious return. I don't know if they actually have anything planned for the big day, but for the last time, hopefully, yes it is back! The 1811 Eagle has not landed , but is up and flying again!

I know the English Ivy and Olly's are having romantic dinner specials, but you should look into reservations. With only five gay bars in the city, they could fill up quickly. One bar there shouldn't be a problem at is Metro. They are in the midst of a kitchen remodel, so just the legal necessities are being served. However, you are more than welcome to bring food in from The Great Divide, Lockerbie Pub, or any of the fabulous restaurants and eateries nearby. Hope they are still remodeling on my birthday, because Long's doughnuts and Pasquale's pizza is so on the agenda that night!!!

And after dinner, you could dancing at Greg's Our Place! Or catch a show at Zonie's! Or a movie, albeit porn, at either Club Indianapolis or The Works. Both bath houses are expecting great nights, and so should you!!!

And there are several escorts and masseurs running specials on and around the big day. D&R Massage, Kumman Sutra Massage, Rondavu Plantasies and a couple of others that I know of. And Remy's Personal Touches is running a special on Foreplay Fetish Massages from the 14th through the 17th, or what he calls the "True Valentine's Day Weekend!"

There are several parties and gangbangs going on both on the big day and beyond. Sadly, most of them are calling for the BBC, big black cock! There are a few events that aren't quite as limiting though. GBIN is having their Evening Nudist Sex Party on the 23rd. And BIB is hosting their monthly event on the 16th.

And among the hot celebrity male birthdays was the awesome Sir Ari Gold on the 11th, the exceptionally talented Woody Fox on the 22nd and the gorgeous Steve Grand on the 28th!

Until next time, may you each have a man, to make the night grand, to hold your hand and work that gland. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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Let's Clean A Few Things Up!
Posted:Jan 27, 2019 1:33 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 4:47 am
There has been several complaints about a certain employee at the Works. As one of his neighbors, I want to speak on his behave. He isn't intentionally trying to be rude, disrespectful or mean. But he can come across that way if you don't know him. He actually seems cantankerous, abrasive and opinionated, which can seem mean when you first meet him, and in that setting of mission oriented guys and the fact that you don't get to spend much time with him during a business transaction, you will probably never know any better. But he is actually just an older guy, set in his ways, no nonsense and slightly arrogant. So keep that in mind the next time you deal with him. He is a good worker, with perhaps an inflated opinion of himself, who is a bit to old to try to teach customer service or people skills.

And another may have heard the rumor about 1811 Eagle getting raided. That part is true, and it is believed that their promoting themselves as the next 501 Eagle may have had something to do with that. However, they were never as raunchy as the 501, unfortunately, and they can not be with their embrace everyone approach. You can not have a mix of gay and straight, male and female clientele, with drag queens and strippers, and expect to have frequent sexual activity without any repercussions. Gay Ole Time is a much better option for that. 1811 Eagle is back at it, with a different advertising strategy, so if you are into drag, strippers and meeting all kind of people, with sex on the back burner, perhaps an after party at my house, give them another try! And to a couple of strippers there, the owner of Gay Ole Time would mind using you, if you are permitted to moonlight!

Let me throw in my two cents on another matter here! Most of you know I'm new, seeing this is my second post. So I was checking out some of the other blogs, maybe getting some useful information, possibly some ideas for further use. And I noticed a clusterfuck of blogs aimed at each other, tearing each other down! Really? Is that necessary? It doesn't seem like what a blog should be.

Blogs should be an extension of who you are, an opportunity for people to get to know you better, beyond your profile and pictures. If you 're a chef, you might share recipes or cooking tips. A writer might share stories. A couch potato might share his commentary on television shows or movies. To me, if you are looking to find friends, lovers, etc., you might share stories from your life, to give us a feeling of who you are, what you like or what you are looking for.

What I'm seeing here reflects poorly on some individuals, and badly on this blog community. Do you have nothing better to do with your time, energy, imagination or efforts? And it is obvious to me that some even have more than one account...just to do the same damn thing! So I will not be checking out other people's blogs here. It seems like such a waste. But if you know of any that don't have to attach one another, kind of current...with regular postings, and particularly revolving around nude men, sex...I am gay, after all, point me in that direction in the comments. Thank you very much!

Now let's deal with some parties and call it a wrap!

A couple of gang bangs I should make you aware of. There is one on the 30th in Greenwood looking for tops. And then on the day after Valentine's Day, the 15th of February, at a downtown hotel, there will be another one, but that guy is looking for BBC, big black cocks, who don't mind being filmed for a Pornhub video. Double digit inches for fifteen minutes of fame? Holler if you are interested!

CumUnion will be at the Works on the 9th of February and there is a cock-sucking party on the 3rd, hosted by GBIN. and their daytime orgy will be on the 12th. there is also a Strip Poker Night, tonight running from 9 pm to about five or six am. he wants the last game to be full of liquor happy gay men coming from the bar. He is also considering hosting a Midnight Madness Strip Poker game every Wednesday night, and will be hosting a strip poker event on Valentine's Day with romantic overtones. Which reminds me, I will try to post another one by then for those who may still be looking for something or someone to do on the day of love!

And finally, some hot famous men celebrating birthdays in the near future include the lovely Justin Hartley on the 29th, the awesome Justin Timberlake on the 31st, the incredible Darren Criss on the 5th of February, the amazing Josh Stewart on the 6th, and the sexy Chris Mears on the 7th.[Image3}

Until next time, may your ass be tight, your dick hang right and your heart be light for a naughty night!
The First of 2019
Posted:Jan 3, 2019 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2019 12:31 pm

In addition to the five bars and the two bath houses we currently have in the city, we now have two private clubs that are entertaining the guys who are old school and are willing to get off their phones and computers and actually meet people!

1811 Eagle has been getting quite a following since it was started. Combining drag queens, strippers and events catering to all members of our community, it could very easily become one of the top five places for gay men to hang out. But the crowd is not limited to men, so even though this one is closer to my house, my preference is to go to the other.

Gay Ole Time is an exclusive club, combining the best of two of our most beloved bars...The 501 and the Unicorn Club! To me, the best thing about it is, it is open three nights of week during the week, and only open for private events on the weekends. So it isn't really competing with the remaining bars. I've been there three times and now have my new home bar. Disco night was awesome. Their stripper night was fantastic, and they are even looking for some of the strippers who performed at Metro and the Unicorn Club to serve as guest strippers. And I was shocked to see them have a Romantic Wednesday. I slow danced with just about everybody there, after buying drinks and shots of course, But it was fun, and I did do a lot of kissing! Their weekday themes change every week, but I was told they will be paying homage to the 501 and resurrecting Undie Monday!

Bare Indy Boys monthly party will be on the 19th. GBIN will be hosting their cock sucking party on the 6th, their daytime orgy on the 14th and their evening orgy on the 26th. And Party Manimals is hosting their strip poker night on the 27th. Oh, and CumUnion will be at the Works on the 12th!

Also, there will be two rooms available in the GBIN house. The GBIN house is actually a house owned by two older white gay nudists, and maintained by the black masseur who rents a room there. The rooms range in price from 75 to 100 bucks a week and includes use of the common areas, wifi/internet, dinner each night and space in one refrigerator. You may even work out a deal for the black guy to clean your room and do your laundry. They are also considering renting the rooms overnight for out of town guests due to their proximity to downtown and the airport, like a raggedy bed and breakfast. lol

And lastly, hot male celebrities celebrating birthdays in the near future include Bradley Cooper on the 5th, Orlando Bloom and Julian Morris on the 13th, and Michael Turchin on the 14th!

These will get better. I was pressed for time and this was right off the top of my head. Hell, I did not even post a picture to get your attention.

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