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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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2/20/2019 2:35 am
Ian, Steven, Karl, Michael & A Foreplay Fetish Massage!!!

Hello everybody! As you can tell by the title, things have finally started to slow down here, And technically, that would be on all fronts, not just the massage business.

Allow me to apologize also because I started reading blog posts. And I actually had to hunt for some of my favorites. By the time I got those read, I was more than ready to start writing this one. So much so that I forgot to see who wrote, flirted, hot-listed, commented or emailed me. So once again, I find myself needing to thank you all in general as oppose to calling out you individuals who spent a little extra time with me! But thanks to all of you who checked me or my blog out, wrote or commented on the blog, status or pictures, added me to your hot list or flirted with me. It really is appreciated. And the good news probably made this post a little shorter! lol

And this picture is actually only on here in remembrance of Black History Month, which is February. So if you haven't already, make some sexual history with an African-American male this month. I'm sure I have with a few guys this month, a couple you will read about, and with things slowing down here, I may be in a position to help a few more!

Karl reminded me a bit of Caleb...considerably taller, hair a little lighter and a fuller body, but when he arrived at the door, that's who I thought of and it got us off to a good start. We sat on the couch with a couple of rum and cokes, and he asked me what the difference was between a personal massage therapist and a certified or licensed massage therapist. And I basically explained that although I am certified in nearly half of the United States, I found the piece of paper restricting to my conditioning of the mind, body and soul. This seem to bring him some comfort, but I still poured us another glass before we entered the massage room.

As he was stripping, it donned on me that I was going to have to talk to him during the massage. He needed to get some stuff off his chest or vent, or maybe need some advice or a shoulder to cry on. But I knew I could make him feel so much better when he left. And when I looked at him again, I realized I was looking at one of the most average guys I've ever seen. Not good, not bad, not big, not small, nothing really special...Karl was just a guy!

I started rubbing his feet and he started talking, with an occasion purr or whimper as I worked on his feet and calves. Then I worked on the thigh, hip, buttock, adjustment and alignment on one leg, before I went and did the other. There were three reasons for this...1) I wasn't eating his ass out. 2) I wanted to focus on what he was saying, and offer encouragement or at least my two cents. And 3) I wasn't trying to excite or arouse him. I did give him a thorough prostate massage, and he loved the work I did on his lower back. I finished his neck back and shoulders before I turned him over.

I started working on his neck and shoulders, and as I worked on his pecs and torso, I also played with his nipples, armpit hair and navel. By this point, he was laughing, so I knew he felt better. He was in a semi-hard state, so I went down and started working on his feet again. I did his knees, calves and thighs, without trying to manipulate the situation. I massaged his pubic region, without touching the family jewels, monitoring the response I was getting. When it felt right, I played with the pubic hand with one hand, and caressed his balls with the other. This inspired some significant growth, and he was no longer average. Unfortunately, it took about five minutes for him to shoot his wad in my mouth, and another two minutes for him to squirm and holler as I drained every drop from his system. He tipped me handsomely and I think I have myself another quarterly regular!

Ian was a well-built, older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a goatee. His gray and black sweater complimented his hair, and the red dress shirt added a vibrant splash of color. His bluish-gray eyes looked tired, or kind of sad, so I immediately opened the vodka he brought and added some strawberry-cranberry-pomegranate juice cocktail, and we sat on the couch to talk. He seemed shocked when I asked about his wife and kids, but immediately started talking about his wife's bout with cancer. And just when I thought this was going to be more about allowing him to be weak so he can be strong for his family when he left. he added that he hadn't had sex in months.

I poured us another cocktail and we went to the massage room. And I grabbed him from behind and started rubbing his chest. He put his hands on my arms and slowly started to crumble. I placed him on the massage table, and sat on the floor. I took off his shoes and started rubbing his feet. And he talked about his kids, six and eight, and how scared they were of how she looked. And even though her prognosis is good, he's worry about the kids' reaction to her, and the new her and how it relates to him and the family as a whole. Legit concerns, but I reminded him of the strength of women, and where men have physical strength, women have metal fortitude, and on top of that, a mother's may take some time and some work and effort on everyone's part, but it could go back to the way it was, maybe even better because of the new lease on life she may have and the deeper appreciation for what you all have. By this time, I was rubbing his thighs, but he still had his pants on.

He stood up and gave me the most amazing hug. There was just enough force to make it powerful, and yet there was softness, a gentleness about it that made you feel cared for. And there was an energy cascading from it that felt like it was pressing and spreading my shoulder blades and wonderfully pulling on my vertebra. The long embrace turned into a series of pecks before a passionate kiss. It was nice, nice enough that I could feel him growing on me. He had an awesomely hairy chest, and a nice dick, but I was grossly disappointed with his ass. But none of that mattered because I didn't have to do much after that. We continued to kiss and hug as he grew in his pants. Then he dropped his pants and pulled his dick out the hole in his boxers. I licked his balls as he stroked himself and pumped his load down my throat. He paid and tipped me, and I gave him a discount certificate for a future massage. Hopefully, I can see him naked that time! lol

Steven was a tall, thin redhead, with freckles and just enough hair to keep me interested. I loved the way his hair started off red up top, but by the time you reached his pubes, he was almost orange. I remember his nipples, and his ass being full but flat. I was also more into his pubic hair than his dick, and he had a nice enough smile and a ball cap. I'm sure he had on blue jeans, but beyond that , I don't remember what he was wearing. He was a PBR drinker, because he brought a twelve pack with him. And we didn't talk much before the massage.

As he undressed, I studied him. He could have had the perfect ass for me, if it weren't so damn flat. His dick and balls were average, but the brightness of his pubic hair fascinated me. I started with his feet, which were decent, but not suck worthy. I did his calves, knees and thighs on both legs before I did the hip adjustment and the lower body alignment. As I am kneading his butt cheeks, I'm realizing just how close to perfect they could have been, and I decided he sits on his ass too much! lol The freckles, the fuzz, I decided to eat it before the prostate massage. Sadly, my eating it was the prostate massage, as he came while my tongue was still in him. I quickly finished rimming him and licked the small of his back before I asked if I should continue. I gave him a few minutes before I finished his neck, back and shoulders and turned him over.

I immediately licked the glazed fur around his genitals, which felt like a tasty tongue scraper and got him on the rise again. I moved up, licking his navel, sucking his nipples, licking his armpits as I massaged his upper half. then I went back to his feet, taking one entire leg at a time, giving me two good chances to inspire him to cum again. But the time I had completed the second leg, he had grown in girth to the point that comfort may be an issue. I'd much rather have long than fat, but these are the cards I was dealt this time. I hate to say it, but I started to lose interest, even asking if he thought he had another load in him. He wasn't sure...he'd never cum back-to-back like that before, and that was all I needed to hear. I tongue bathed his balls as I stroked on his shaft. Then I massaged his balls as I licked his pubic hair, all the while, he is moaning louder and louder. I took the entire thing in my mouth and rested with it, moving my tongue on it to keep it hard. Then, to make me feel better, I covered my teeth with my lips and started sucking his dick. After a spell I started using my tongue, trying to induce climax as my lips were not cool with this arrangement. I was about ready to quit when he screamed this weird noise, I don't think it was a word, and dropped his load of tasty goodness on my tongue.

Michael started off as a weird attractive man, and turned into a pleasant surprise. He was a shorter, well built guy, with no facial hair and just enough hair on his head to know it was black. Despite having strange teeth, he had a nice smile. His blue and white striped shirt and blue jeans showcased his eyes. And he had grabbed a bottle of Captain Morgan and one of those funky new Cokes.

I made us a cocktail and sat on the couch, and he said, "I know this is nothing like what you are use to." Sadly, I missed it, instead checking him out to see what he was talking about. Then he said, "You don't remember me, do you?" Turns out, we met several years ago. I'm something of a mixologist and back then, I had cool neighbors who used me as their bartender from time to time. But my neighbors were straight. At one party though, I got two green card marriage proposals, got to see my neighbor's cock, played around with one of his "brothers" and met Michael. Apparently, we had a mutual interest in each other, which manifested itself in some dirty-dancing and some body shots. I remember digging his ass, even with his jeans on, and wanting to kiss him, but he couldn't handle two of my cocktails and had to be driven home.

I went to the massage room with the intention of having more of my questions answered and my curiosity quenched. I saw his nicely built chest, with two scrumptious nipples, and this weird hair pattern...maybe 25 hairs, spaced out, 2 to three inches long. I just knew I wanted them moist and clinging to his body. His navel and armpits were nice too. His ass was just as awesome as I thought it would be. And his cock was like a missile bringing me back to Earth. He was going to be worth the wait, and I was going to make him feel the same.

He thoroughly enjoyed my foot massage. I did each leg in its entirety before I moved on to the other, giving me two chances to stimulate and arouse him along the way. After the hip adjustment and the lower body alignment, I ate one of the best asses I've had in ages, clean, tasty, warm, and spurred on by his seductive noises, I replaced my tongue with a finger for a prostate massage, slowly increasing the number of digits as I sucked him into his first orgasm. After draining him into spent, I laid with him for a while to see how he would recover. Eventually, i would get to kiss him, and we made out for quite some time. I actually did get a second load out of him, before he left, and I'm pretty sure he will be coming again soon!

Some of you might want to stop here. As I know, some of us are more vanilla than chocolate.

If you read my status, you know I was running a special on Foreplay Fetish Massages Valentine's Day Weekend. The main reason for that was that Sawyer was acting up again, so I thought this would be as close to romance as I was going to get. In the end, I did six, but I look back at Robin favorably as my most memorable one!

Robin was tall and muscular, with dark brown hair on his head, armpits and pubes only. He had two of the most suckable nipples I've ever seen on a man. His goatee surrounded a mouth of small, slightly bucked teeth, but he was still an awesome kisser, and they felt good lightly gnawing on my balls as I went tea-bagging with him.He could have used some more sun, but his butt was full, hairless and muscular and he had a large, long cock.

Here is your last chance to escape!

I sucked his dick until he got hard, and then put four cake donuts on it. I then massaged, sucked and licked his balls until he had glazed them with his precum before I fed them to him. I would eventually suck a massive load out of him at the end of the session.

I chewed and gnawed on his nipples for a spell, before I applied my nipple clamps on. As I waited for the burn, I massaged his torso, Then I turned the clamps from north and south to east and west, intensifying the burn before I placed a scoop of ice cream on each one and cooled and licked them off.

I licked his taint and rimmed his ass, using butterscotch and peanut butter. When I thought I could, I slowly pushed a smoked sausage up his ass and waited for it to get warm before I fed it to him.

there was some extensive play with his navel and armpits as well, and he still got a full body massage with a happy ending and a full stomach.

bjhogan 61M  
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2/20/2019 4:53 am

O.M.G. !!! ONCE you go BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK !! unless IT"S BARE BACK !! da DARKER da BERRY !! DA SWEETER da JUICE !!!!! but in being P.C. !!! i'll NEVER REFUSE WHITE DICK EITHER !!

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/23/2019 10:05 pm:
LMAO You are a trip, bjhogan! And I think you may be neglecting your own blog! Yes, I'm still paying attention! Thank you for the response,a nd the laughs, my friend!

Hungr4Yungr 70M
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2/20/2019 8:07 am

Another great post, Remi. Especially enjoyed the Valentine fetish description. Got my pole a-risin'.

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/23/2019 10:07 pm:
I thank you very much, hungr4yungr! I thought the kinky freaky side of me would turn some off. One of the big reasons Sawyer and I are still together is that we both have an unconventional side, the other can appreciate! lol

OnDaFence 31M/39M
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2/24/2019 4:39 pm

I was wholly on #1 until I seen #6..... WOOF!

DandR4hands4men replies on 2/28/2019 1:24 am:
I'm going to laugh, because this was the first time I use the same picture in back to back post...#1. My favorite was number two this week, and no, he is not a piece of shit! lol