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Accident or Mistake...Plus Brady, Brad & Marquez!!!
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 5:59 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 5:30 am
There is entirely too much ground to cover, and I believe the powers that be may be scrutinizing me. So we are going to play this one by ear!

What happened? Well, I actually had a post on last week. It was read by about fifty guys and even had some responses, though I doubt Bret or BJ were able to read them. Even after warning everyone that it was me like you guys had never read me, the post was rejected or denied. I'm not sure why, if someone complained about the post, if I was too raunchy or what. But even today, I wasn't able to change my status, and my blog name has been changed on the front page, so I'm not really sure what to make of this, or my standing with Outpersonals at this point. I have never had an issue here before, so I find it a bit upsetting. But if they cut me off, I do have raunchier blogs in other places, and I think I'm going to create a new website, adding a few choice episodes, with pictures of me, my massage room and some of my clients. Again, we will just have to wait and see and play it by ear. But thank you for hanging in there with me.

Sadly, you are likely to hear me refer to some of the guys in my last post. There was suppose to be ten and I stopped at eight, because I had a party to get ready for. And again, some of those episodes were different, coming from me. I actually have more than three guys to write about this time, but we will just see how it goes.

I did have another delightful encounter with Billy. He is slowly starting to grow on me, and may actually take some time away from Sawyer. Sawyer has been communicating more, but really tries to avoid fessing up to what I already know, that he has slid into his old patterns. So he still won't see me, 1) because he knows I would be able to tell in an instant and 2) I won't pay for monkeys on his back that I don't care for. Meanwhile, Stephane and I had a guys night out for his birthday. His birthdays are always very special occasions for us! I also had a lovely date with Caleb. Yes, it has actually been a couple of months since our last date, so I thought our time was done. But what was suppose to be a night out, turned out to be a freaky and romantic night favorite kind, and he was awesome! And I had an encounter with Robbie as well before he went away for the weekend.

Again, thank you all for continuing to read my blog, as we try to figure out what is going one here. Thank you very much for the flirt, Bjhogan! Very much appreciated! Daxter3, and for that matter, anyone who has ever been on the freebie list, my birthday is next week, so if you want to give your body to me for an hour or so for my birthday, I will gladly take it. Just let me know. BrodyBarnes86, I love it when a great looking and awesome guy checks me out. Feel free to comeback anytime! Same thing to you, SalvoAvonBuxton! And thank you very much for popping by as well, Northwoods66!

Brian, from my last post, was back, much better looking and not nearly as drunk this time. I'm still not a fan, but he did basically get the same thing he got last time, except there was no piss involved, he only came once, and although I still let him eat my ass, he did not earn and I did not force the end result!

Jake, from the last post was also back again. Even with the weird mohawk thing, he still managed to look even better this time. He brought wine with the brandy this time, and because I was already familiar with him, not nearly as apprehensive and reserved as last time, we made a much better time of it.

We weren't nearly as shy or reserved when it came to kissing, making out and stuff. And where last time, the massage was nearly over before things turned a little more erogenous, this time I fully enjoyed eating his ass before the prostate massage, licking his armpits, and doing my "asshole to appetite" maneuver. He even played with me a lot more. But in the end, he was the only one to leave empty, and I am sure he will return!

Marquez is one of the two guys who reminded me how much I love body hair! He was actually a slightly chunky Latino lad, with great face, a nice smile and awesome teeth. I was thrilled he brought cinnamon tequila, because I was pretty sure I wanted to kiss him. We did a couple of shots, and I poured us a glass to go with us to the massage room.

As he was getting undressed, I noticed his lovely colored skin, which was also soft and silky. I also noticed most of him was hairless. But the hair on his lips, under his armpits, decorating his dick, surrounding his belly button and on his head was so luxurious, luscious and gorgeous, I could easily overlook the extra cellulite.

When he was laying on his front, the massage was for the most part professional. He enjoyed the work I did on his feet and calves. He needed the work I did on his neck, back and shoulders. And he was shocked and impressed with the extensive work I did with his hips and alignment. I did actually rim him before I did the prostate massage, which he thoroughly enjoyed, I assume from the noises it created.

When I turned him over, I poured us more cinnamon tequila, deliberately spinning it on his happy trail. After a few sips, we started making out. Eventually, I lowered myself and started licking his armpits as I massaged and fondled his man boobs and nipples. Then I lapped up the tequila I had spilled on him, and worked my way down to his pubes. Unfortunately, the scent of the tequila overpowered his natural musk, so I lost interest fairly quickly. Working and sucking on his balls did help, and eventually I got him off!

The other guy who proved how much I love body hair was Brady. He was a tall, skinny, bony, scrawny, dishwater blonde guy with the most amazing beard. His small pink lips covered some unusually small teeth, but he still had a nice smile. He was completely lost in his blue jeans and buttoned-up dress shirt. We sat on the couch and talked over some ice cold Miller Lite, something I haven't had in ages. And while he was smoking a Marlboro, something told me to grab a clove. Even he took a couple of puffs before we went upstairs.

As he got undressed, I noticed two things...1} He was essentially skin and bones and 2) if there was ever such a thing as too much hair, he might have qualified. He had hair everywhere! it was actually kind of a turn-on, especially when I discovered that underneath, he had managed to get a slight tan, and freckles.

His feet was just too hairy to lick and suck, but I did hit those calves and thighs with the tongue. I was actually concerned with hurting him, so I did more of a rub and caress than a massage on him, except his lower back, where he wanted me to focus my attention. I switched from oil to edible cream, as I knew most of him would be licked once or twice before I put the cream down, and possibly again afterwards. I worked one leg at a time, giving me two chances to arouse him, and then spread his legs so I could lick and suck on his hairy balls as I worked his ass cheeks and ate his hole. He loved it! I actually licked the small of his back before I worked on it, and he even appreciated the work I did on his upper back and shoulder blades.

When I turned him over, he kissed me. It was very nice, but more importantly, I caught this manly aroma of cigarette breath, cologne and his natural musk. I actually lost myself for a bit, and when I came back, he was sucking, nibbling and gnawing on my nipples, creating quite a stir in my shorts. I then started playing with his chest, tweaking his nipples with my fingers as I teasingly tugged on his chest hair with my teeth. Eventually, I went lower, cleaning his navel with my tongue before licking around his now leaking joystick. Tall, thin and majestic with a jellylike crown, I licked it clean before I returned to his balls. By the time I made it slowly up his shaft, he was screaming. I only swallowed it twice before he did my body good with his man milk. And I kept slurping on that straw until the last drop was drained from his body. He will be back, and I will be glad to see him!

Sean started off as an awkwardly attractive lad who changed to a Rub & scrub at the last minute. But I understood why when he arrived. He is a mechanic and I was thrilled he wanted to clean up before the session. I actually showed him the bath tub, ran the bubble bath, and went down to get the stuff he wanted out of his car, while he got undressed and in the water. He brought Jack Daniels, and I got him his cigarettes. When I got back, he was in the bubbles with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. He was just attractive to me then.

I gave him a lit cigarette, and his glass of whiskey, and turned on some soft rock on the radio. Then I asked him to lean back and relax, and I sat on the floor and started to bathe him. And I was washing him, I took a few toe sucking, be sure to wash his hands, etc. I also noticed the sexy, wet patch of hair between his pecs, and the slab of meat bobbing in the water. When the time was right, I had him turn over, and all I could see was that ass. Somehow, it manage to be cute and attractive, despite the lack of muscle tone. But I cleaned it well, because I knew I was going there.

Apparently, we took too long in the bath tub, because when he went to the massage room, he said he needed to leave soon, leaving me about forty-five minutes. Can I do a full body massage in that time? Of course. With a happy ending? Usually. But not without the extras he or I might want to include.

To make a long story short, he got a full body massage. I did do his feet, hands only, and we did have a brief make-out session. I did eat his ass out before I gave him his short prostate massage. I did lick and suck on his nipples before I basted that slab of meat in my oral rotisserie, and warmed it slowly until its juices came out. Boy, that was a tasty piece of meat, and I do hope he comes back again.

Craig is an old acquaintance of mine from the bars. Honestly, we hung out for about a week, had sex twice. But he was into thug love, and I'm more of that romantic, freak teddy bear, so he started hanging out elsewhere. I was actually shocked to hear from him, and even wondered if he recognized me or knew who I was.

He was always a very attractive older gentleman, and although he had aged some, he was still pretty much as I remembered, though I did actually prefer him with his glasses. I was actually shocked that he remembered my drink, it has been about twelve years. So he did his Captain Morgan and I did my Goldschlager, as we did some catching up before the massage. Unfortunately, I think we both opted to stay away from the elephant in the room, and that may have created a few issues.

He was always and awesome kisser, and we could make out for hours together. I always thought he had a great chest, relatively muscular, with huge, suckable nipples and lots of gray hair. He had a great looking ass, with one of those slightly hairy, tunnel holes I love to eat and fuck. And he had a very nice cock, with a nice set of balls and tasty loads. I only fucked him once, and we were both beyond tipsy at the time. I usually sucked him off, or he got off with me eating his ass. To me, it was going to be interesting, seeing how this one would play out.

He got a full body massage, and again we made out for quite some time. We played with each other's chest and nipples. I even sucked his cock a little but he stopped me before he got off. I probably ate his ass out more than I did anything else. Despite his butt starting to sag, that tunnel hole is still dreamy. And when I was giving him his prostate massage, I was tempted to show him what he really missed out on. But I remembered why I only tried to fuck him once. Our physical relationship was always extremely one-sided, so he never inspired me to do anything more significant. A make-out session, eating that ass and a blow job to completion seem to be good enough...and it was again! Yep, I finished the prostate massage with my mouth on his cock, and tortured him for ten minutes after.

Scott has been here several times before, but it had been a bit of a spell, and it showed in his appearance. His lovely, salt and pepper hair was now short and mostly gray, and it definitely made him looked older, though still attractive, if not even more appreciative of my good work. He still had an awesome body tan, but his once adequate chest hair, was now gray stubble. He still had that delightful dick and wonderful ass though. We sipped on some Pepsi and got reacquainted. He brought a bottle of wine, but he was headed back to work, so we didn't open it. He seemed more interested in talking than kissing, so we spent almost half of his time on the couch talking, before we went to the massage room.

He really appreciated the work I did on his feet, and I appreciated licking his sexy, hairy calves. When I was working on his thighs, I was careful not to stimulate him too much, as he doesn't have much staying power, if you know what I mean. But that beautiful butt of his loves play, so I ate, and I rimmed, and I assaulted that bad boy with my tongue, Then I gave him a brief prostate massage. He also enjoyed the thorough work I did on his shoulder blades and upper back, as well as his neck and shoulders.

I turned him over and stood at his waist. Since he didn't seem into making out, I figured I could do what I needed to from that point. I used one hand work on his pecs, play with his nipples and tug his armpit hair, while the other hand rubbed and caressed his balls. He became noisy without words. I used my vibrating fingers on his shaft, and noticed the clear nectar forming on his tip. Then I did both, at the same time, and he grew louder. Finally, I wrapped my mouth around his tool, and I sucked. I wasn't long at all before I got what was possibly, the thicker, largest, creamiest load I've ever received from him. Of course, I drained his dick and tortured his testicles before I let him go!

And finally there was Brad, a physical education teacher and soccer/football coach at a local high school. And as you might imagine, he was in shape. Tall, about 6',4", lean, with dark black hair and a beard, he was thrilling me when I opened the door. When we sat on the couch to converse over mimosas, I notice something not quite right about his face... had to be his eyes or his teeth, because he had the cutest nose and his lips looked good! We talked a little more before we went to the room.

He was really lean, but not overly muscular, with lots of hair on his chest and legs. He could have used a little more ass, but he more than made up for that in the front. He really like the work I did on his feet, but I guess no one had ever licked his legs before. He used deep tissue for his calves and light on his thighs as he requested. Of course, I was trying to feel him up and out, to see what I might be able to get away with. One leg, then the other, I was able to touch and brush his balls and work his pelvic crease, in hopes of stimulating his package. And as I was working on his hips and butt cheeks, I may have touch his asshole once or twice. It was only when I did the alignment and adjustment that I learned I had achieved the desired response.

I licked the hairy small of his back, and slowly made my way back down the crack of his ass. Eventually, I found the spot, and as I was lubing it up with my saliva, he was pulling on my pants, moaning and wriggling with all his might. When I replaced my tongue with a finger, he went crazy, but I made it short and sweet. His first load wasn't going to drop like that. I finished his neck, back and shoulders before turning him over.

His monster was drooling venom, and some had collected in his navel. I sampled it, and then licked my way up to his chest, then his nipples and then his armpits. I have a feeling he had never been worked over like that before in his life, and he was enjoying the hell out of it. So much so, that he kissed me, which led to us making out, and then him sucking on my nipples for a bit. I started massaging his balls with one hand and stroking his shaft with the other. And he started getting rough, I think he was lost in ecstasy. I then sucked on his balls as I used my vibrating fingers on his shaft. When I decided to finish him off, his venom had changed color, and I knew it was only a matter of time. I put my mouth around it, and started rubbing, twisting and wrapping my tongue around it. He got louder and louder, and then, he popped. And death never tasted so good. After about ten minutes, he said he wouldn't cum again, and we laid together for a spell, made out some more, and finished the champagne before he left!
David(again), Tom, Ernesto, Brian, Thomas and Tucker!!!
Posted:Feb 28, 2019 5:31 am
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2019 1:07 am
Howdy boys! Feels like I might be a little late with this one, but life has been interesting, and I was trying to fit it in before the next series of unexpected surprises shows up!

Sawyer has started screwing up again, and it has kind of changed me a little bit. For example, the day after, I attended a party. I found myself in the playroom messing around with four guys at the same time! I was making out with one guy, while another worked on my nipples and another one was on my cock and someone eating my ass. I hope he wasn't trying to get in! I gave one guy a successful handjob, which shocked the hell out of me because I was so distracted. I sucked off the guy I was making out with...twice. I got one other guy off before I went for a cigarette and cocktail. Two guys went down on me while I was smoking. I sucked off a well endowed guy in the living, when Larry, a great looking, middle aged guys claimed he had only been sucked off twice. I took that as a challenge and made sexual history by being number three, and the first African American. He wanted to return the favor, but when he took his teeth out of his mouth, I lost interest. I spent thirty minutes with Steven, a sexy, hairy young guy with a beard, and an hour with Aaron, a hot bear, before I called it a night. I also had two occasion to hang with Robbie. I'm guessing that his new business agrees with him, as not only did he pay for two sessions, but he was hairier than the last time I saw him, had bigger legs and more definition in his chest. With him, I finally got off!

Thank you all for all your responses to my last post. I'm noticing that I seem to be moving up on the list of blogs, shocking since I'm not here as often as I use to be. But thank you all! Since I have to hunt for most of my favorite blogs to read, I'm guessing you have to do the same. I will continue to try and make it worth the effort. I want to say hello to my newest local sensation, Methodman1981! I also want to say welcome back to both Dansdick and Crskyler!!! It is always great to see you guys!!! Let me thank Hentai5656 for adding me to his hot list. And thank you to Bjhogan and Wildsucker67 for flirting with me!

David had not been here in a while, three or four months. You might remember him either because 1) he was so young looking, I had to check his identification, and 2) he came with six bottles of liquor...we cracked two open and he left one as part of his tip. He looked different when he showed up this time. His gorgeous black hair was longer, his mustache had come in and he had grown a scruffy but sexy beard. Still gorgeous, with his great smile and beautiful blue eyes, i was more than pleased to see him again. I poured us a drink and had barely sat down when he started making out with me.

A little bit of history here...this was his third time here, and during his second visit, I learned how he came to know about me. His co-worker is Caleb, one of the guys I talked about enough last year to stop talking about our sessions here. Actually, Caleb and I went on two dates, but the second wasn't as great as the first, and I haven't seen him since. However, it became apparent to me that he had been talking about me to David.

David got naked and I followed his pretty, hairless ass to the massage room. We made out some more and noticed his chest hair was longer than the last time. I put him on the table and got started. He has wonderful feet, but I waited until i got to his calves before I started licking on him.He has a magic spot on the back side of his knees that thrills him to no end. I did his thighs, hips, and alignment before I fell between his legs. I sucked his balls and licked his taint as I kneaded on his butt cheeks, and then my tongue found its way to his hole. I was an eager beaver and he had to stop me before he erupted. I used my hands, mouth and tongue on his back, neck and shoulders, which led to us making out again before I turned him.

His thin but impressive member was slick and sticky, so I went down, just to clean it and then worked my way up. My tongue in his belly button seem to do great things for him as well. I made my way up, playing with is happy trail and chest hair, and working on the nipples and armpits. Again, we made out before we positioned ourselves for a sixty-nine finish. He was hoping to get a taste of me, but I got him off first. He rested in my arms and we talked and made out. Eventually, we talked, and that's when he shared with me what he knew from Caleb. And probably in one of the sweetest wrap-ups I've ever had, he says to me, "If it doesn't work out with Caleb, I would love to have a chance to date you."
And I find myself these days, wishing I had a regular significant other.

Tucker was this sexy, hairy trucker from out of town who reminded me of two wonderful guys from my past. He was shorter than my favorite trucker, and his light brown hair and beautiful uncut cock took me back to another wild guy I once knew. Another Budweiser drinker, I made myself a cocktail and we sat and talked for a while before we started our session.

As he got undressed, I was checking his out, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with this guy, except his feet! I spent twenty minutes on his feet, removing dead, dry skin, treating his toe fungus and working on his calluses. He truly appreciated it, and from there, it was a piece of cake. His sexy, hairy calves, his massive, tasty thighs, and yes, I did taste them, and anything that got in the way. I ate his ass twice, before and after I did his cheeks, hips, adjustment and alignment. The hairy small of his back also got some of my attention. I did his neck, back and shoulders before I turned him over and fell in lust again.

His thick dick was laying on his navel, making a puddle of creamy pudding. His pointed nipples struggling to get noticed through his thick, dark fur. I asked for permission to lick his fur before I started the massage, which he granted. Of course, I went to his belly button to clean it before it ran over the sides. And I made my way up. The combination of his sweat and hair create this natural musk that drove me crazy, and I licked every hair, making sure to leave them clinging to his body. I figured between licking his precum and armpits, there was no way I was going to be able to kiss him, but I was wrong! In fact, I was so wrong, that between french kissing and playing with his nipples, I had to rush down to catch the load he lost control of. I caught it and headed back up to see if he wanted to taste it. I think he kissed me thinking my mouth was empty, but I shared his sweet nectar with him. We made out some more before he took off, and I may have found the best reason to visit Montana!

I was cleaning up a client after a Rub & Scrub at the bathhouse, when I noticed a sexy, young ginger guy watching us. This caused me to be a bit more thorough and provocative than I normally would be. I caught some of the water and spit it in his ass hole. I licked his taint and balls again, and even made out with him as I was drying him off. He got dressed as I grabbed a towel and a clove cigarette, and as I walked him out, I grabbed a Mountain Dew and Pepsi and went to the smoking area. Shortly after I sat down, the ginger guy appeared. He liked the smell of my clove, and we shared it while we were talking. I told him what was up with the other guy, and when he expressed an interest, I offered him a discount. After all, I didn't have to pay an entry fee or rent another room, and he accepted.

Thomas and I went to the shower, and I proceeded in soaping him up. I started with his waist and worked my way up, learning that his nipples were a hot spot for him. We made out some, and he said I was an awesome kisser. I went down to clean his lower half, and another guy entered the public shower. They made out and I made my way between his legs and washed from feet to neck in the back. I then learned that he licked his neck and ears licked. I whispered in his ear that I would be in the steam room, and went to find my seat. The two of them came in, and Thomas sat between my legs and the other guy got on the floor between his. I lot of sucking was going on, and when I heard the sounds of pleasure, I assumed it was him getting off, but apparently, the other guy was stroking himself. We went to get some air, before we got in the hot tub, and I started working on his upper body there. Several guys joined us in the hot tub, so Thomas and I made out as guys sucked on us, and one guy even tried to rim both of our asses. We eventually cooled ourselves in the shower and then went to the sauna. We had a few moments alone, and he said that he had never had that much fun there. I told him that was the other extra benefit of a session there with me, when guys see a party going on, they tend to try to join it! Sure enough, he had his ass in the air sucking my cock, when guys started coming in. I asked him if he wanted me to protect his ass, and he said no. The fortunate bastard was sucking on me, while a fat guy managed to work his way into sucking on him and another guy was fucking him. A couple more times, I heard the call of the wild, but the fat guy stroked himself off and the guy fucking him got off. I figured Thomas should be close to cumming himself and suggested we go to my suite to get the massage out the way.

We actually went to his room, that's where his money was, and honestly, there was no massage. We started making out and fell onto his bed. I made my way down, and in about ten minutes, he dropped a huge, sweet creamy load, painting my mouth in gooey lusciousness. He tipped me so well, I hung out with him until his time was up, and even picked up one more client before I left.

Ernesto was this short and scrawny, yet sexy Latino who showed up riding a bike, with Corona and tequila in hand. We actually sat outside on the porch, smoking, talking drinking Corona while taking swigs of tequila right from the bottle. And as I'm looking at his lovely face, his sexy lips and his pretty teeth, I was pretty sure I was going to be kissing him. His enticing smile was surrounded by a shaggy beard and thin mustache. We finished our second Coronas before we went to the massage room.

As he got undressed, I noticed his beautiful brown skin with only some hair under his arms and around his dick. His dick was average but thick, and considering how skinny he was, he had a fairly large ass. He had two small rises where nipples should have been, and by this point, I had decided that this was going to be a hands mostly session, with only four places I wanted my mouth to be.

He had the softest, smoothest skin, almost enough to make me change my mind about licking him. I did his entirely lower half, hips, butt cheeks, calves, hips, adjustment and alignment, before I visited his ass with my tongue. He was in heaven, even moving his ass up and down to meet me. After a spell, I replaced my tongue with a finger and aimed for a prostate massage. I got the feeling this was a new experience for him, the way he was screaming and squirming on my hand. I put an end to it when his alto screams went soprano. I did a wonderful job on his lower back and shoulders as he requested, and learned he liked his neck and ears played with. I wasn't planning to lick these places, but figured it would lead into that kiss I wanted, and it did. It was awesome, and I actually hated ending it to turn him over.

I was thrilled that he was hard and oozing, because honestly, his face and dick were the only things grabbing my attention from this view. I did his feet again, and then rushed through his lower half. Then I started making out with him again, and slowly rubbed and caressed his upper body. Eventually, I would put his sausage in my mouth, and in no time, the juices were flowing. It was extremely tasty, but unfortunately, pretty small. I think I should have worked his balls and taint some, but he did leave the tequila as part of the tip, and since he showed up on a bike, perhaps I will see him again, assuming he lives close by.

Another skinny young man I had recently was Tom. Skinny, scrawny, bony, the idea of working on him really concerned me. He was easily have my weight, but only two, three inches shorter than me. But I will give him two things...he had an awesomely hairy body, and the most gorgeous face I've seen in a long time. His long, light brown hair looked like a mane when he was laying down. His slightly darker beard and mustache caressing his small, soft, sexy lips. His transparent, baby blues had a gleam and a sadness to them, that just made you want to take care of him, whatever he needed for an hour or so, and so I did.

We sipped on some Crown Royal as we talked. And I was trying to discreetly find out about the sadness in his eyes. After a bit, it became apparent that he wasn't going to talk about it, so I just kind of grabbed him, embraced him and hugged him. I felt the wall start to dissolve between us, so I poured us some more Crown and made small talk until he revealed that the mother of his son had moved away and took the kid with her. Again, I grabbed him and this time, he collapsed in my arms. He slowly put himself together, and I poured us one more glass before we went to the room.

This beautiful man got naked and asked me to lay with him for a bit, and I did, but I wanted to talk to him, learn about the situation, so I could offer some words of encouragement, maybe propose a solution or make some suggestions. And he talked, and he talked and he talked, and before we knew it, his time was nearly up. I offered him a discount if he wanted more time, and when he went for it, I made a couple of points that he felt he could work with, like seeing his son on the weekends, and offering to babysit when she needs him too. the kid is three, so it is still early enough for him to make the most of the time he spends with him now, and who knows what the future holds... a reconciliation, perhaps she or he will move so the kid will both parents full time in his life, etc., By the time we had finished talking, he was actually smiling, his eyes became even more lovely and I didn't really have to work.

I did do his neck, back and shoulders, which most guys want done, but he was cool with just being touched. I did do his feet, which he said was the most wonderful foot massage he had ever had. We did make out, and I played with his chest hair and nipples. I was planning to give him a prostate massage, but he was cool with just a little rimming. And I sucked his long, thin dick until I emptied it, and then playfully tortured him until he couldn't take it anymore. This was one of those sessions that probably made me feel almost as good as it did him!

Brian is a long time buddy of mine. In fact, when I don't feel like hosting a strip poker party or night at my place, he hooks me up with a suite in his hotel. So it was a bit of a surprise when he showed up for a massage. My past experiences with him demonstrated a particular behavior. When he is at the bars, he gets drunk and waits until close until he can get someone to go home with him. At the strip poker games, he prefers to have his dick sucked. And the few occasions we have played, we usually make out, I suck him off and rarely I can eat that ass before I fuck him. But he is a bit on the cheap side. so him paying to hang out with me is really strange.

He showed up with some Jack, and it was obvious that he must have had more than one bottle. Definitely a buzz, but not quite drink, I poured him a drink of mostly Coke, and sat on the couch. I was curious as to why he would pay to spend time with me. I asked about any muscle pain, back aches, anything that might actually require a massage. When he finally started talking, it was this blubbering about us not talking like we use to when our favorite bar was open. And he was right. Since my favorite bar closed, I do most of my drinking at parties or at home, and most of my parties, I'm usually too busy to carry on a lengthy, personal conversation with someone.

We went to the massage room, and I expected kind of like the usual...some making out, sucking him off, maybe some lick before I stick. And I figured we could talk while I was actually massaging him. He took his clothes off and got on the massage. I had never seen his feet before, but I did massage the ugly things. I actually enjoyed doing his calves, but his thighs seemed disproportionate in muscle tone, a little too soft. I was going to do some booty work, but let's just say he didn't come prepared. It did look good from the outside though. I did his neck back and shoulders and we started making out again.

When I turned him over, we made out some more, and his nice thick uncut cock was approaching its capacity. I was about to go down when he grabbed me, and for the first time in all the years we have known each other, he started sucking on me. It was horrible, and I'm still trying to blame it on the alcohol. I never got hard, and he scraped, nibbled and chew on me some. For whatever reason, he wouldn't stop, and I made it a point of doing sixty-nine, because when he gets close to cumming, he gets selfish. And that's what happened... almost. When I was cleaning his foreskin, he started to piss in my mouth. I managed to catch most of it and spit it in his glass. When he finally came, it was almost worth it. Large, tasty and thick, almost like a glob of unflavored jelly. I drained and milked the hell out of him, basically making sure he was too spend to do anything for a spell, and then surveyed the damage to my own cock. I got an Uber driver to get him home, and when I recognized him, I warned him about playing with Brian, suggesting he come back after his shift if he want for a massage, which he did!
Ian, Steven, Karl, Michael & A Foreplay Fetish Massage!!!
Posted:Feb 20, 2019 2:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2019 5:33 am
Hello everybody! As you can tell by the title, things have finally started to slow down here, And technically, that would be on all fronts, not just the massage business.

Allow me to apologize also because I started reading blog posts. And I actually had to hunt for some of my favorites. By the time I got those read, I was more than ready to start writing this one. So much so that I forgot to see who wrote, flirted, hot-listed, commented or emailed me. So once again, I find myself needing to thank you all in general as oppose to calling out you individuals who spent a little extra time with me! But thanks to all of you who checked me or my blog out, wrote or commented on the blog, status or pictures, added me to your hot list or flirted with me. It really is appreciated. And the good news probably made this post a little shorter! lol

And this picture is actually only on here in remembrance of Black History Month, which is February. So if you haven't already, make some sexual history with an African-American male this month. I'm sure I have with a few guys this month, a couple you will read about, and with things slowing down here, I may be in a position to help a few more!

Karl reminded me a bit of Caleb...considerably taller, hair a little lighter and a fuller body, but when he arrived at the door, that's who I thought of and it got us off to a good start. We sat on the couch with a couple of rum and cokes, and he asked me what the difference was between a personal massage therapist and a certified or licensed massage therapist. And I basically explained that although I am certified in nearly half of the United States, I found the piece of paper restricting to my conditioning of the mind, body and soul. This seem to bring him some comfort, but I still poured us another glass before we entered the massage room.

As he was stripping, it donned on me that I was going to have to talk to him during the massage. He needed to get some stuff off his chest or vent, or maybe need some advice or a shoulder to cry on. But I knew I could make him feel so much better when he left. And when I looked at him again, I realized I was looking at one of the most average guys I've ever seen. Not good, not bad, not big, not small, nothing really special...Karl was just a guy!

I started rubbing his feet and he started talking, with an occasion purr or whimper as I worked on his feet and calves. Then I worked on the thigh, hip, buttock, adjustment and alignment on one leg, before I went and did the other. There were three reasons for this...1) I wasn't eating his ass out. 2) I wanted to focus on what he was saying, and offer encouragement or at least my two cents. And 3) I wasn't trying to excite or arouse him. I did give him a thorough prostate massage, and he loved the work I did on his lower back. I finished his neck back and shoulders before I turned him over.

I started working on his neck and shoulders, and as I worked on his pecs and torso, I also played with his nipples, armpit hair and navel. By this point, he was laughing, so I knew he felt better. He was in a semi-hard state, so I went down and started working on his feet again. I did his knees, calves and thighs, without trying to manipulate the situation. I massaged his pubic region, without touching the family jewels, monitoring the response I was getting. When it felt right, I played with the pubic hand with one hand, and caressed his balls with the other. This inspired some significant growth, and he was no longer average. Unfortunately, it took about five minutes for him to shoot his wad in my mouth, and another two minutes for him to squirm and holler as I drained every drop from his system. He tipped me handsomely and I think I have myself another quarterly regular!

Ian was a well-built, older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a goatee. His gray and black sweater complimented his hair, and the red dress shirt added a vibrant splash of color. His bluish-gray eyes looked tired, or kind of sad, so I immediately opened the vodka he brought and added some strawberry-cranberry-pomegranate juice cocktail, and we sat on the couch to talk. He seemed shocked when I asked about his wife and kids, but immediately started talking about his wife's bout with cancer. And just when I thought this was going to be more about allowing him to be weak so he can be strong for his family when he left. he added that he hadn't had sex in months.

I poured us another cocktail and we went to the massage room. And I grabbed him from behind and started rubbing his chest. He put his hands on my arms and slowly started to crumble. I placed him on the massage table, and sat on the floor. I took off his shoes and started rubbing his feet. And he talked about his kids, six and eight, and how scared they were of how she looked. And even though her prognosis is good, he's worry about the kids' reaction to her, and the new her and how it relates to him and the family as a whole. Legit concerns, but I reminded him of the strength of women, and where men have physical strength, women have metal fortitude, and on top of that, a mother's may take some time and some work and effort on everyone's part, but it could go back to the way it was, maybe even better because of the new lease on life she may have and the deeper appreciation for what you all have. By this time, I was rubbing his thighs, but he still had his pants on.

He stood up and gave me the most amazing hug. There was just enough force to make it powerful, and yet there was softness, a gentleness about it that made you feel cared for. And there was an energy cascading from it that felt like it was pressing and spreading my shoulder blades and wonderfully pulling on my vertebra. The long embrace turned into a series of pecks before a passionate kiss. It was nice, nice enough that I could feel him growing on me. He had an awesomely hairy chest, and a nice dick, but I was grossly disappointed with his ass. But none of that mattered because I didn't have to do much after that. We continued to kiss and hug as he grew in his pants. Then he dropped his pants and pulled his dick out the hole in his boxers. I licked his balls as he stroked himself and pumped his load down my throat. He paid and tipped me, and I gave him a discount certificate for a future massage. Hopefully, I can see him naked that time! lol

Steven was a tall, thin redhead, with freckles and just enough hair to keep me interested. I loved the way his hair started off red up top, but by the time you reached his pubes, he was almost orange. I remember his nipples, and his ass being full but flat. I was also more into his pubic hair than his dick, and he had a nice enough smile and a ball cap. I'm sure he had on blue jeans, but beyond that , I don't remember what he was wearing. He was a PBR drinker, because he brought a twelve pack with him. And we didn't talk much before the massage.

As he undressed, I studied him. He could have had the perfect ass for me, if it weren't so damn flat. His dick and balls were average, but the brightness of his pubic hair fascinated me. I started with his feet, which were decent, but not suck worthy. I did his calves, knees and thighs on both legs before I did the hip adjustment and the lower body alignment. As I am kneading his butt cheeks, I'm realizing just how close to perfect they could have been, and I decided he sits on his ass too much! lol The freckles, the fuzz, I decided to eat it before the prostate massage. Sadly, my eating it was the prostate massage, as he came while my tongue was still in him. I quickly finished rimming him and licked the small of his back before I asked if I should continue. I gave him a few minutes before I finished his neck, back and shoulders and turned him over.

I immediately licked the glazed fur around his genitals, which felt like a tasty tongue scraper and got him on the rise again. I moved up, licking his navel, sucking his nipples, licking his armpits as I massaged his upper half. then I went back to his feet, taking one entire leg at a time, giving me two good chances to inspire him to cum again. But the time I had completed the second leg, he had grown in girth to the point that comfort may be an issue. I'd much rather have long than fat, but these are the cards I was dealt this time. I hate to say it, but I started to lose interest, even asking if he thought he had another load in him. He wasn't sure...he'd never cum back-to-back like that before, and that was all I needed to hear. I tongue bathed his balls as I stroked on his shaft. Then I massaged his balls as I licked his pubic hair, all the while, he is moaning louder and louder. I took the entire thing in my mouth and rested with it, moving my tongue on it to keep it hard. Then, to make me feel better, I covered my teeth with my lips and started sucking his dick. After a spell I started using my tongue, trying to induce climax as my lips were not cool with this arrangement. I was about ready to quit when he screamed this weird noise, I don't think it was a word, and dropped his load of tasty goodness on my tongue.

Michael started off as a weird attractive man, and turned into a pleasant surprise. He was a shorter, well built guy, with no facial hair and just enough hair on his head to know it was black. Despite having strange teeth, he had a nice smile. His blue and white striped shirt and blue jeans showcased his eyes. And he had grabbed a bottle of Captain Morgan and one of those funky new Cokes.

I made us a cocktail and sat on the couch, and he said, "I know this is nothing like what you are use to." Sadly, I missed it, instead checking him out to see what he was talking about. Then he said, "You don't remember me, do you?" Turns out, we met several years ago. I'm something of a mixologist and back then, I had cool neighbors who used me as their bartender from time to time. But my neighbors were straight. At one party though, I got two green card marriage proposals, got to see my neighbor's cock, played around with one of his "brothers" and met Michael. Apparently, we had a mutual interest in each other, which manifested itself in some dirty-dancing and some body shots. I remember digging his ass, even with his jeans on, and wanting to kiss him, but he couldn't handle two of my cocktails and had to be driven home.

I went to the massage room with the intention of having more of my questions answered and my curiosity quenched. I saw his nicely built chest, with two scrumptious nipples, and this weird hair pattern...maybe 25 hairs, spaced out, 2 to three inches long. I just knew I wanted them moist and clinging to his body. His navel and armpits were nice too. His ass was just as awesome as I thought it would be. And his cock was like a missile bringing me back to Earth. He was going to be worth the wait, and I was going to make him feel the same.

He thoroughly enjoyed my foot massage. I did each leg in its entirety before I moved on to the other, giving me two chances to stimulate and arouse him along the way. After the hip adjustment and the lower body alignment, I ate one of the best asses I've had in ages, clean, tasty, warm, and spurred on by his seductive noises, I replaced my tongue with a finger for a prostate massage, slowly increasing the number of digits as I sucked him into his first orgasm. After draining him into spent, I laid with him for a while to see how he would recover. Eventually, i would get to kiss him, and we made out for quite some time. I actually did get a second load out of him, before he left, and I'm pretty sure he will be coming again soon!

Some of you might want to stop here. As I know, some of us are more vanilla than chocolate.

If you read my status, you know I was running a special on Foreplay Fetish Massages Valentine's Day Weekend. The main reason for that was that Sawyer was acting up again, so I thought this would be as close to romance as I was going to get. In the end, I did six, but I look back at Robin favorably as my most memorable one!

Robin was tall and muscular, with dark brown hair on his head, armpits and pubes only. He had two of the most suckable nipples I've ever seen on a man. His goatee surrounded a mouth of small, slightly bucked teeth, but he was still an awesome kisser, and they felt good lightly gnawing on my balls as I went tea-bagging with him.He could have used some more sun, but his butt was full, hairless and muscular and he had a large, long cock.

Here is your last chance to escape!

I sucked his dick until he got hard, and then put four cake donuts on it. I then massaged, sucked and licked his balls until he had glazed them with his precum before I fed them to him. I would eventually suck a massive load out of him at the end of the session.

I chewed and gnawed on his nipples for a spell, before I applied my nipple clamps on. As I waited for the burn, I massaged his torso, Then I turned the clamps from north and south to east and west, intensifying the burn before I placed a scoop of ice cream on each one and cooled and licked them off.

I licked his taint and rimmed his ass, using butterscotch and peanut butter. When I thought I could, I slowly pushed a smoked sausage up his ass and waited for it to get warm before I fed it to him.

there was some extensive play with his navel and armpits as well, and he still got a full body massage with a happy ending and a full stomach.
Eric, Scott, Dale, Rony, Tony & Steven!!!
Posted:Feb 13, 2019 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2019 5:30 am
Happy Valentine's Eve everyone, and mine is already like one from hell. I have an article to write. I have to deal with some legal matter with my in the morning. I have a regular client trying to get me to come to him before he goes to work, and Sawyer is suppose to come and see me. But that's tomorrow! Let's deal with last week!

But first, I want to thank all the wonderful people who responded to my last post. i was truly a delight to read some of your responses! I particularly want to thank Addickted18 for responding to one of my older posts. I like going back to see some of my older work, and sometimes I need to add an addendum to what I said back then. So thank you! You will find responses to all of your responses where you left them at. I also want to thank Lettonchef for adding me to his hot list! Thank you so much! I am deeply flattered. And it reminded me of something that was said at the party last night.

Yes, there was a party in my honor, or dishonor of sorts. I was a huge fixture in the local gay bar community, having worked for four and regularly visiting 20. They do tend to close when I stop coming. lol I don't go out at all right now, don't have a home bar, and not a huge enough fan of the five that are left. But when you were blowing 5, 6, 7 hundred dollars a night at the bars, 6, 8, 9 hundred at the stripper bar, people tend to notice, and miss you when you are gone. Honestly, I met some incredible guys back then, made some amazing friends and had a hell of a time. So to have 40, 50 of your bar buddies, bar children and friends try to bring you back into the fold felt good.

Anyway, see bar children? Over the years in the bar scene, I looked after or took care of several people. So you knew me as either "Rich Bitch" or "Momma," as several of the guys called me. So technically, I have bar sons, 8 bar sons-in-law and two bar dads. And "Momma" would never play with the family. But since I have temporarily retired from the bar scene, I have enjoyed the company of all but three of these guys, and I was titled "Sexy Momma" last night. In addition to that party, I had another private party with Sawyer, had another session with double digit Kevin, and another session with my local regular out-. And now for the ones I intended to talk about!

Rony, sounds like Ronnie, wanted a ninety minute session during his two hour lunch, so I invited him to bring food and I would heat it up for him after the session. He came with Little Caesar's and three bottles of White Zinfandel. I wanted to get started right away, to ensure he had time to eat and still get back to work on time. I poured us each and glass, and when I got to the massage room, he was already naked and on the table. Damn, I didn't even get to inspect him!

His feet were hideously gross, and if you are reading this, I strongly suggest a good long foot soaking, followed by a couple of hours of intense work, with tools. He did have awesome calves and thighs though, a little on the pale side, but extremely hairy and strong. Now, he thought he had the bomb ass, and wanted me to eat, give him a prostate massage and fuck him. Of course, wasn't going to happen, but when you want that, I like to think there are certain expectations that aren't unreasonable. Dingleberries, I think that what they them...rolled up collections of fecal matter or toilet paper stuck on your ass or hairs there. And it was big, hairy, muscular and yet, flat! So no eating and no fucking, but I did attempt to put a condom on a finger and give him a prostate massage, But let's just say there was some blockage and I suggested he handle it. I had a lot more wine while I waited. And he actually expected me to return to what I was doing when he returned. Needless to say, I wasn't earning a tip, but I was willing to earn my . I worked on his massive, hairy back, his strong shoulders and neck. I even gave him a scalp massage for his bald head before I had him turn over.

Despite all of this, he managed to have an erection when he turned over. Long but thin, I immediately thought of how to possibly get a tip and avoid his feet at the same time. I started with the scalp massage, and made my way down, knowing when the final destination was going to be. He attempted to kiss me but he was dreadful. He tried to suck me but I never got hard. His chest was not as solidly built as most of the rest of him, but it was extremely hairy. And I tried to linger there, with his small, non-responsive nipples. And still not sure how you get a hard gut, but he had one. The only fuzzy navel I had no interest in! He had huge balls, I could hardly get one in my mouth. So it took some time for me to work his balls, and I did most of that work with my hands. When the head looked glazed, I thought it would take five minutes to wrap it up. I don't think it was five bobs before the voice of the gods...He had an amazingly deep voice said, "Oh! cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" To his credit it was a large and tasty load. But I didn't get a tip and I don't think he will be coming back!

You guys remember that awesome redhead from last year, Larry? Well, if you changed his hair to dark brown, made him taller, thinner and less muscular, that would be Tony. At least in the face. But he was dressed in suave, old school, hip-hop garb, like a Jon B wannabe including the cap, which over a decent sized bald spot in the back of his head. He also had this air of arrogance about him that made you think he either came from or was a pretentious boob. I will admit, my first thought was, I wanted to break him down and make him scream like a bitch.

That didn't really change until we started talking on the porch. I sipped on the cognac he brought, and he nursed a malt scotch. He was also smoking this funky cigar, and I grabbed a clove cigarette hoping to mask the smell while we were out there. The facade broke away a few minutes after I started asking questions. That's when I learned that he was nineteen, and I was going to be his first experience with a man. He was nearly in tears, and I couldn't be mean to him. Giving him the benefit of my knowledge, I asked him what he really wanted worked on, before I suggested making it an exploratory massage session, and when i came to the areas that needed work, I would get them. I finished with my line about making him more comfortable in the intimate company of men, so he doesn't have that close to sobbing on his face when the time comes. After that, he was kind of cool.

His feet were long, thin, clean, pretty and very dry. And as I was working on his feet, I explained how they could be use, in the sense of sex tools or erogenous zones for him or others. Since he didn't seem ticklish, I took my mouth to them. He didn't mind the toe-sucking, but hated me licking the bottom of his feet. I explained that he can let all of that go, unless someone else brings it up. But now you have had your first experience, if isn't nearly as scary anymore.

And that's how we did the whole body, front and back. Of course, I focus on his neck, calves and right hip, the areas he really wanted worked on, but beyond that, it was dissecting his body, deciding what he liked and didn't like, where his erogenous zones...kid has the most sensitive nipples in the world. He's going to be a dynamite kisser, an awesome rimmer, a top of some sort with the nipples getting him hard within seconds of a touch, a breeze or a temperature change, a frequent cummer and a bit of a pleaser at least for a while. He will need to work on his sucking, small mouth, long tongue, lot of teeth. He hates anything going up his ass, even the tongue pissed him off, and he likes doing it. Guess that is the trade-off for those nipples. He was very appreciative of me and my work, and he will be back again in the near future.

Eric was another bald guy I saw last week, and he holds a bit of a distinction in that he was the guy who read my meter the week before. I had to put the dog away for him to read the meter and we got to talking, and when I told him I did massages, he booked an appointment. I got enough of a read to feel like he would be cool with whatever happened, but I had no clue what I was going to be working with. Sure, he was cute despite having no hair or facial hair, but he was completely lost in that plastic outdoor gear they wear in bad weather, so I just knew he was scrawny, skinny and thin.

He showed up on time, in sweat shirt and pants with a bottle of gin. I made a couple of greyhounds as we talked about pressure points, injuries, allergies, etc. I made us seconds and we went upstairs to the massage room. He was skin, bones and hair....lots and lots of hair. Which might have been fun if I weren't so concerned about breaking something. I asked if he had been sick, and he joked about being a werewolf. Never did get a clear answer out of him. I just kept with a soft, light touch, except for the areas I was to concentrate on. They received a two or three finger rubdown, slowly making their was into the problem. I know he had some somewhere, but I honestly don't remember touching one.

I remember losing my hand in his chest hair, it was that long, thick and lush. I remember being scared to eat his ass out, and to give him a prostate massage, which I did with one finger. I remember him cumming the first time, while I was doing the prostate massage, and being pissed because it was going to dry and stick to his body hair. I remember him being orally talented...wherever he put his mouth, you were going to have a good time. And I remember sucking him off a second time, because he wanted to put that big ass thing in my ass! and I remember us doing a couple of screwdrivers and making out on the couch before he left. Hope he is around as long as the phone guy was!

Dale is an interesting story. He use to see a guy who use to live here. When this small skinny nerd showed up one night, for someone who no longer lived here, he seemed shocked and a bit devastated. Rumor has it, he was large and in charge, even if it didn't work. I thought that was the end of it, but once every four or five months, he would come back. I was slow to figure out he was interested, but he found his way in when he learned I did massage, and now he is one of many who me "Magic Hands."

He is actually quite strange, and even after all these years, I still haven't figured him out. Mainly because his nerdiness borders on femininity to me. He loves being outdoors, but what is his favorite things to do...gardening. And not just gardening...flower garden. Not trees, vegetables or fruits. Not working on the car, or landscaping, hunting , fishing, or playing sports. Actually, we did talk about going to play tennis, but that was three years ago, and it still hasn't happened. But he is my kind of man outside of them clothes.

A beautiful, thick hair cock that apparently only I can suck off. An awesomely hairy chest I could live in for days. A lovely and impressive ass for someone his size. He could be an impressive top, just in size alone, if he wasn't such a bottom, He's an adequate cocksucker, an amazing kisser and a really sweet guy. But there is this one little thing. He only likes large items in his ass. A giant eggplant, a thin watermelon, a humongous cucumber, a fire extinguisher, etc. Makes for an interesting show, but I don't want to have to follow it,

So each massage, including this one, ends the same. After doing the full body massage and making out for a spell and sucking each other, he pulls out his favorite toy...he doesn't know I have two bigger...and he goes to town on himself in the back. Occasionally, I will take over for a spell, giving his arm a break. Eventually, he will take over, and we will make out until he actually manages to get hard again, and then I go down and suck him off. But it is always worth it. He's a great guy so I don't mind his company. It is always a huge and tasty load. And he always tips, even though the second hour is basically twenty minutes worth of work for me.

Now, basically guessing, but if you made Jake Gyllenhaal about years , shrunk him about four inches, made him less muscular and a little heavier, you would have Steven. And it is very strange how he ended up here!

We decided to host a last minute strip poker party as a birthday surprise for someone. Rather than clean up one of our houses, I had a poker buddy hook me up with a hotel suite, and while I was at the liquor store, I got on line and did one of those Click List Kroger shit things, and had then deliver it to the hotel room. Everything went according to plan, except I ran out of . Actually, I had enough to pay the bill, but not enough to tip him well. But when I first saw him, i actually did a double-take, briefly thinking I was Jake. It was only when I his ass, too big to be Jake's, that I let it go, but in lieu of a tip, I offered him a massage and took me up on it.

Now I assumed that by the time he left the strip poker event, he kind of knew what to expect from a massage with me. But the very first thing he said to me, made me want to make him a regular visitor. "I didn't know which one to bring, so you choose!" And in this box was a pack of Coors Light, a bottle of, gin, whiskey, rum and tequila! I grabbed the gin, and says, "makes you sin!" I knew we would be all right. I made us screwdrivers and sat on the couch to talk before we actually did the massage. After we got all the finer points of the massage out the way, he asked about the strip poker event. By the time I finished, those brown pants that wrapped so nicely across his ass, were trapping his erection in a state of discomfort. If Jake is hung like Steve, Jake! Give'em me! ( I hope you all get that.)

I took him to the massage room so he could release the stress and tension in his front. And as he is getting undress, thinking...the ass is nice! The cock is awesome! The chest is delightful! etc., He's no Jake Gyllenhaal, but ain't a damn thing wrong with him.

I did his feet, which he appreciated and I did nothing kinky there. Same thing with the calves and the thighs. He especially like the work I did on his calves, and of course, I was becoming less professional as I moved up his leg. And I purposely used my time with his upper thighs to induce two more erections out of him. After the hip alignment and adjustment, I visited that sweet ass for a long time. First with my mouth and tongue which he didn't seem to mind, but he didn't start off being that comfortable with the prostate massage. I worked him into an appreciation and a frenzy, without creating a climax, before I finished up the upper back half.

When he turned over, I was conflicted. His handsome, tanned face, now flushed and beading with sweat, with his eyes seductive as he licked and bit his lips. His slightly muscular, tanned chest, now glistening in perspiration, slowly causing his hairs to cling to his writhing chest, as two succulent pink points beckoned my name. Or this BBWC, big, beautiful, white cock, now glazed, buttery and creamy all the same time, begging me to sample, to taste the goods. I started with a make out session, made my way to his chest and finally emptied the vessel that had been calling my name the whole time, draining it of all its , Steven needed to rest, and I was more than happy to lay there with him. Eventually we made out, got dressed, had a beer and he tipped me that bottle of tequila. The question isn't when he is coming back, but will the next massage come before the next strip poker event.

And I haven't seen Scott in months. You may remember him as the lovely, middle-aged, well-endowed man with the salt and pepper hair.It always makes me smile when I see him, mainly because he is a model of what I'd like to be at his age. We are both sweet guys, with intelligence and great sense of humor, but if I could be comparable to him on the physical when I get his age. Tanned, surprisingly muscular, with a gorgeous dick and a dreamy ass, a nice chest and a great face, not too many wrinkles and his own hair and teeth. There is only three things I would change about him and two will know before we break.

He always appreciates the work I do on his lower half, front and back. I probably put a little extra time in on his feet and calves this time. After the hip adjustment and the lower body alignment. I worked on his dreamy ass. I can't say this about many clients, but his is an ass I want to fuck. But issue one is...he is only clean enough to rim. I usually enjoy eating his ass, but as soon as an object, a finger a toy, gets inside, you can tell. And inevitably, bring the object out, either brings the smell or worse yet, a trail, which ruins even the rimming process from being repeated. I opted to stay on the outside only today, and although I think he was disappointed, I also think he understood. I finished his upper back quadrant, and even spent a little extra time on his neck before I turned him over.

I went back and the lower half again, except for the impressive family jewels of course. I then worked on his chest and armpits and neck again. I really enjoyed his armpits, and I think he must have trimmed his chest hair, as I noticed how soft his skin was there, and how small and pointless his nipples were. He enjoyed me rubbing him all over, but that was to time before issue two. I licked his taint. I sucked and licked his balls and I started sucking on his dick. Five minutes later, he had stopped me from making him twice, and didn't really want to when he did. It was a decent load, not as tasty as it usually is, but there is barely any time to enjoy bringing him pleasure before he's ready to shoot!
Kevin, Kelly, Tony, Travis, Petey and the Party!!!
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Damn! Another interesting week in the life! An awesome 2019 so far! Some of you may have noticed me on here last night, planning to do this then. But then Sawyer surprised me with a visit, looking better than ever, growing out his hair all over for me, looking more muscular between on the truck, working and helping his family with the land they own. His ass looked a little smaller, but it seems to have made its way to the front. We had an fantabulous, magical time, and so I waited until he left before I actually tried to post this. Not my usual hour, if you aren't paying attention.

I also had a date with Caleb, and even though we enjoyed ourselves, something seemed off between us. I also spent some time with Billy, which was still more wonderful than it use to be. Robbie still hasn't been in, but I did here he had just started a new business venture, so perhaps he has a valid reason. I finally heard from Mikey, who is now engaged, but still wants me on the side. As does John, and Stephane, who made me godfather of his new son! And I have recycled my wonderful stripper friend, Devin, who has a common life wife and daughter. Guess I'm becoming a family man after all.

Now let's talk here. The gorgeous BrodyBarnes86 popped by to see me. You are an awesome man! Thank you so much! My Australian husband, Cumlover401, also came by to see me. And I want to thank Bjhogan and Woodster4 for the flirts. Woodster4 I had actually seen a few times before, so I ended up looking a couple of other guys who may have had my attention, but haven't said anything to me yet, like Damike, Northwoods66 and Motorctyman. Then, because I was behind on reading other blogs, I checked out a couple. Now, OnDaFence is one of the regular blogs I read, and even though I would say it isn't , do I say, gay enough for me. I enjoy reading it, I learn a lot and every once in a while, he jumps in my lane with the sex quiz weekend, and an occasional nude picture, which most of the time, I assume is him. So now I may be crushing on him a little bit! No threat, JD! And then a new guy. in my area, hit the scene. Again, no threat, but it would appear that he is part of a couple, but he is hairy, sexy and Italian, so of course he got my attention. Then I learned he is on the far end of one of the routes I walk each week, and he is looking for fun! So I need to change my picture, and let Indybicplthirsty know, that when he sees me, there are two restaurants there I like, he should holler!

Back when I was sexually active, LMAO, my mom use to say, "Stop adding to the roster!" I probably should listen to here! lol

So when Travis set up his appointment with me, I was expecting this drop dead gorgeous brunette, young looking, suited, well built, someone I might have to control myself with. So imagine my surprise when I'm sitting on the porch, having a cigarette waiting for him, when this nearly bald, heavily tattooed, skinny redneck showed up. His actual face wasn't bad, and his teeth looked close to normal. His black thermal shirt, black sweats and maroon sweater gave nothing away. And my already shock and disappointment were further agitated when I noticed that he had Budweiser in one hand and his other hand was...inside his sweats! I don't know if he was fluffing or scratching, but I was no longer looking forward to this one.

As far as rednecks go, he wasn't bad. But the tattoo thing really bothered me. I could deal with one or two, but each leg, all the way up to his puny, little butt. And each arm, completely covered. And his neck, up to his ears basically. And the upper part of his chest. He did have two nice sized nipples, with huge ass piercings, and pubic and armpit hair. I found myself asking, if I could be this uncomfortable and professional at the same time? And the answer was...almost!

There were no issues at all with his back half. He really enjoyed the work I did on his feet and shoulder blades! He praised me for the work I did on his lower back. And when I did his hips and lower half alignment, he said that was something he usually only got from his chiropractor. Actually, he was a little more cultured and a lot nicer than I wanted him to be.

When I turned him over, there was two things of interest...his pretty pink nipples and this thin slab of meat laying on his healthy ball sack. I did his lower half again without incident. When I got to his waist, I went up to his neck and came down. I did actually play with his nipples, first with my hands and then with my mouth. And as I was tongue flipping his nipple rings and lightly chewing the nipples, the natural musk of his armpits inspired me. I took my free hand to see if his pubic region had a similar aroma. He wasn't even hard. I finished the massage, and figured I'd ask since it was a sensual session. He gave me permission, and although he never grew much in width, he must have been 9, 9.5 when he dropped this huge glob of goo in my mouth. I kind of feel bad because it wasn't my best work, but I don't think he will be coming back to hear an apology.

I hadn't seen Tony since 2016. I remember, because the picture he sent me when he booked the appointment did not do him justice at all. I could have worked with the guy in the picture, but the man himself was pretty damn hot! Tanned, with a great smile and blue eyes, a hairy chest, a beautiful ass and a better than average cock. He stopped coming in when he met someone. I actually had the occasion to see them once, and as far as bears go, he was doable. Apparently, they dated for a little over a year before that ended, and now he is in something of an open relationship.

He booked a ninety minute session with the expressed purpose of us getting reacquainted before the session. He remember to bring a bottle of Balatore, and a bottle of Strawberry Zinfandel and Peach White Merlot from the Arbor Mist collection! So we are sitting on the couch, playing catch up, doing some making out and such between sips and it was just like old times...almost.

I actually considered dating Tony, and I guess part of me was bothered by the fact that I didn't get the chance. More importantly, my "friends first and foremost" approach to relationships is a double edged sword. On one hand, it allows for some sort of connection with most of the guys, which allows for better sex for me. On the other hand, it move a bit slower than most guys, and some will lose patience. Side bonus, they tell me stuff as a friend, that might turn me off as a lover. And sadly, that's what Tony did as we were sitting on the couch.

So there was no toe sucking during the session this time. And I limited my anal play to rimming and a prostate massage, though I did still really enjoy eating his ass! And he was still an amazing kisser, and I still enjoyed playing with his hair chest, and licking his armpits, and his navel. And he was still quite noisy and totally shocked that I could still suck him off, since you usually gets off through other means.

We had a good time, but I think the luster may be lost between us, for each of us. He may or may not come back in, and i will be just fine, either way!

You may well remember Kelly. Many many years ago, he use to work for me. And I will not lie, I thought he was fine as hell. I was out, and he was the one male employee who just didn't care. Most of the guys were uncomfortable, one actually hated me and quit rather than have to work one of my shifts. The hot cook use it to his advantage, and I did not mind. But Kelly was cool, and didn't mind me looking at that voluptuous ass of his. He was bisexual, and his lady friend worked for me as well.

About a year ago, Kelly was back, and he had fallen victim to his drug addiction, and it was affecting his health. Not nearly as hot as he once was, but he still had some nice attributes, we spent the bulk of that session talking, and me trying to make him feel better about his life, and make him thankful, grateful and hopeful for the future. I missed his kisses, but the gum thing just didn't work for me, when he had such beautiful teeth. He was a gifted kisser! And he was the first guy to suck my cock without teeth. I know, it is suppose to the shit, but I kind of like the guy to look like what I was attracted to, and no toothless wonder has ever won me over yet. It was nice but he couldn't get me off.

I took it as a good sign that he wanted a Plantasy session, and not one of my regular or package deals. Even better yet when he sent a picture, and even though he hadn't returned to his original splendor, he was definitely better looking than the last time I saw him. Mainly, he had aged, and filled out nicely. His hair was longer, and fuller, though is did have some gray. I guess he got dentures because his face looked fuller, though there was an increase in age lines and wrinkles in his face. But he looked better, and I looked forward to seeing him again, in personal.

It was a bizarre and fascinating session. He brought me flowers, and wine, and candy, all as a thank you for lifting him up and making him more optimistic about his life at a time when he needed it most. And also for not treating him any different when disaster decimated his life, and still making him feel great as a man. We were sitting on the couch, drinking, and talking about all of this and them some. Then he started explaining what he wanted to happen during the session and why. Parts of it seemed weird, but if a few fetishes and a couple of strange acts was all I had to do to keep him motivated and on this upward path, what the hell!

Despite the fact that he wanted me to eat his ass out, claiming I am the GOAT! lol And to suck him off, which I had no problem doing...some of the sweetest, creamiest shit I've ever tasted., he wanted to wear a pair of panties during the massage. He also wanted me to let him suck my cock, but since he had never gotten me off, he wanted me to piss down his throat at some point during the blowjob. He also wanted to eat my ass out for a change, and I was fine with that,because he has one of those long ass tongues you just wonder how it would feel up in there.He wanted some intense mutual nipple sucking and a few other things, and we did it all and then some!

He left here feeling like a million bucks, and he made me feel great with the mutual play and the tip! Damn, I love my job! lol

I hadn't seen Kevin in about eight months. Kevin is the double digit. thick black guy who use to come in for massages after he finished driving for Uber at 3, 4, 5 in the morning. Well, the second from the last time he was here, things were intense and he ended up sleeping in my arms in my bed. I thought maybe he overslept because he left so abruptly. The last time he was here, I think we were both heated and it came to a head, and not in a good way. What I thought was him running late, was the first time he had ever spent the night with a man, and he was uncomfortable and didn't know what it meant. I got pissed mainly because he wanted me to rim his ass, but he didn't come clean, then got mad because I wanted to clean his ass before I went there. When he left that night, totally dissatisfied, I thought we were finally done. After all, he has been seeking my services for nearly twenty years.

When he booked the appointment, I was antsy. Could I still handle his cock? Would he want me to eat his ass, and would he come clean this time. What would he look like? He always had this gorgeous, caramel coloring, nice muscle tone, a beautiful ass, though not usually ready for action and that awesome anaconda he kept up front. I never really cared for his face, his breath is usually bad, he has ugly hands and feet and is very moody and difficult at times.

Well, he showed up and a few things hit me. First, he smelled wonderful because he normally doesn't have one. Second, he had managed to lose weight and gain belly at the same time. He was noticeably thinner, but his stomach was protruding, which didn't use to be the case. As he undressed, I noticed that his ass was flatter than I remembered, and the monster looked a little bit larger, something he would even ask me about during the massage, so I guess he is either trying to make it even bigger, are thought the smaller surroundings might have had an impact.

His skin was softer than I remembered, and returned to its drool-inducing coloring when it was properly moisturized. His legs were hairless, so there were not real thrills until I got to his ass. I did my work there and was going to move on, when he indicated that his wanted me to rim it. Since he doesn't like things actually in his ass, there was only one thing to do. I manipulated the outside of his asshole with some scented lotion, and informed him that indeed, he needed to clean his ass better...something I would not have said to him before. I did amazing work on his lower back, shoulder blades and neck, as he requested Then I did his upper back and shoulders, before I turned him over.

All I could see was this erect monster, laying across his belly button. I did his feet and legs again. Then I did his neck, shoulders and chest, and at this point, he started playing with my nipples and my cock, something he rarely does. The creature had grown to full capacity, but wasn't wet yet. I took his massive balls in my hand and started massaging them. Then I started sucking and licking on them, as I heard the noises of ecstasy begin. I stayed there a while, thinking how I should attack the beast. Kevin has never made this much noise before. And then, I did my little snakelike move. I took the head and slowly devoured the shaft, slowly, tightly, adjusting my muscles to encompass more with each move. It took a while and some work, But I finally got the entire thing in my mouth, and heard a loud, "OH!" from its owner. I rested there, slapping my tongue against the shaft. I slowly pulled off until I could get my tongue around about three quarters of it and then started bobbing. And as his precum coated the cavern he was in, the noises reached a thunderous pitch. I took it all down again, and massage the underside of his shaft with my tongue. And then, I bobbed until he blew. It was a larger and better tasting load than I am use to coming from him, and he ask that I put him back in regular rotation. Guess I got him back!

Petey is still a sexy, young conundrum to me. Awesome eyes, a great smile, a bit on the scrawny side, he showed up in a tee-shirt, blue jeans, flip-flops and a ball cap. He also had a twelve pack of Coors light and a fifth of Jack with him. We sat on the porch and had a smoke a beer and a shot, and I knew by the time we went in, I was going to love him!

This barely legal otter was crazy and so much fun! The thing that really struck me was the amount of hair on his lower half, toes, thighs, calves everywhere, stopping just below the ass in the back and wrapping around his big , beautiful cock in the front. Then except for his amazing armpits and his struggling mustache, that was it. He had an awesome tongue and was an amazing kisser, and he let me do some body shots from his navel before we actually began.

I did his feet and actually sucked his toes, the big one was particularly edible. Then I licked each leg in its entirety before I even started working on it. This of course gave me two opportunities to work up an erection before I started working on it. Did the same thing with the other leg, worked on the ass and hips and did a lower body alignment and adjustment. Then I did booty duty. How can such a petite little ass, be so awesome. tight and tasty? I ate and ate and ate, as he moaned and moaned and moaned! Then I gave him a prostate massage that nearly got him off. He might have gotten off if he had known I was fighting the urge to actually go there with him. But I didn't. I moved on to his neck, back and shoulders and turned him over.

I did his feet, sucking his toes again, and then went to his torso. I rubbed, caressed and licked his torso, even cleaning out his belly button. Then I went to his virtually hairless chest and worked his nipples into a frenzy. I made out with him for a spell before I went back for the legs, this time, letting his balls get a sample of my digital and oral work. And as he got louder, his dick grew thicker and longer. This is when it donned on me how to wrap this up. I positioned him so that I could go from asshole to dick head, and I slowly did it. Eat ass for a bit, lick the taint, suck the balls, embraced the dick in your mouth and worked for 17, slowly work your way back down and repeat. My boy could not contain or control himself. He grew loud, he vibrated on the the massage table and on my way back to repeat the third time. I went from dick to balls and had to go back to the dick to catch that sweet and salty creamy man butter he churned out for me. It was not only plentiful. but delicious, and I worked his last nerve getting every little drop I could!

And finally the party, The Super Bowl, Suck-A-Ball Party and I for one, was embarrassed. I got there , not really into it with the week I had had, but I said I was coming I even offered to cook, that's how unnecessary my presence was, in my eyes. I went to make a cocktail and a cigarette when two older guys go down on me. Talentwise, one was okay and the other was hideous, so I was never getting off. I finished my cigarette and went to another room, where another freaky old geezer started working on me. That wasn't going to work either. I sat down in a chair in the living room when three fat guys, Brian, Tom and Roger all tried to work on me. Brain gave it two minutes and gave up. Tom got me hard, but go tired and didn't come back. Roger managed to scrape my shit even with no teeth. I was done!.

I started sucking on Rob, a sexy bear with a thick dick. I was enjoying myself, when my tequila guy came in with his regular play thing and Mike, a tall nerdy hairless guy with glasses. I heard Mike say he was checking out my skills, and soon after that Rob popped in my mouth. After I drained Rob, Mike sat down, and I started working on him, and unbeknownst to me, a line formed. After I finished Mike off, a guy sat down who couldn't actually cum, but could still feel the sensations. Exhausted him, and the okay guy who sucked on me was next. I think he had the best tasting load of the night. Then there was Charles, a frail guy with a huge cock, who stopped me three times before he finally succame. Even the tequila guys plaything got in line, In fact, he was the last one I did, leaving poor Desi, a heavyset black guy to his own devices.
How Many Men Can You Squeeze Into Three Weeks?
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Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 8:27 pm
In the words of some alternative rock band, "It's been a while." And in the words of Culture Club, "I know you miss me." At least some of you did anyway. But this new year has been off to one hell of a start. So much so, that most of you will likely not one to read this post. because there is so much to cover, that I'm going to leave out a lot of the details and just summarize some of the more interesting events over the last three weeks of my life.

And already I am screwing up, because I haven't checked to see who wrote, hot-listed, flirted, commented or liked anything I did the last time I was here. So I do
apologize for not calling you all out by name, but I thank you for all the attention I got in my absence, whether it was flirts, emails, comments, likes or responses. I also want to thank PositiveLiving for crediting me with his new poll posts on his blog. But giving credit where credit is do, I too, owe a great deal of my blog's popularity to Bret, who taught me how to post pictures and other nuances that made my posts more visually stimulating. So thank you for the mention, but we both learned from the bomb that is Bret!

I have seen Billy now five times, and he has been amazing since we had our one crazy encounter. I went out on my first date with Caleb. I've spend a lot of time on the phone with Sawyer, but the weather hasn't given him the opportunity to get up here to see me yet. Also had an encounter with Stephane. But I haven't seen Robbie at all!

Did you know there was a "Kiss A Ginger Day?" It started in Australia, I believe, in response to November 20, which is known as "Kick A Ginger Day." Well, I lucked out because I was able to celebrate the holiday accordingly. I first had a redhead client come in for a sensual hour session. I think he wanted an erotic hour, but he actually needed an escort. I think his desire to be fucked actually turned me off, especially when he wasn't prepared for it. In the end, he got a full body massage and an oral happy ending. But then, he waited, like I was going to change my mind. Later on, a ginger friend from out of town popped and ended up doing dinner with me and spending the night. He too wanted to get entered, but at least he came ready for it. Bad kisser though, I loved his chest, ass and dick.

I also had a regular client flip the script on me. He use to show up, two, three times a month, always late, and he never tipped. I don't remember what happened, but for some reason, he wanted me to come to him, instead of him coming to me. I hate out calls, but I will do them if you pay for the extra hassle. You know, gas, moving the massage table, time wasted on the road, etc., and he agreed. I got to his house, on time, but he was in the shower. At least he would be clean. And of course, I could moisturize his skin while doing the massage. He even got a prostate massage and a happy ending. Not only did he finally tip me, but he has had me over five times since Christmas. So now, I keep my schedule, he tips and he sees me more often! [Image2}

And this year, I have actually gotten off with a few of my clients already!

There was this gorgeous, light skinned black gentleman, Marc, who came in for a sensual hour massage. He had the most awesome hair, the texture of a Caucasian, the curl of an African-American, and coloring of an awesome blend. It was a bit on the thin side, and very tall. I thoroughly enjoyed working on him, especially his back, ass, chest and dick. I really liked eating his ass. Eventually he turned over and I played with his chest, and eventually sucked him off. But I was feeling really good when he left. So when Larry showed up for his session, I just knew I was going to be dropping a load somewhere that day. You might remember Larry, that gorgeous redhead who started coming in last November. And he remembered the wine this time. Not only did Larry get his full body massage, but he got his toes sucked, his ass rimmed, his pits licked and his cock sucked. We started making out and he played with my nipples until I got hard. Then he sat down on me and rode for a while. He then started sucking on me, and I turned it into a sixty-nine situation. I sucked one hell of a load out of him, and he managed to get one out of me a bit later, the first client in forever who could actually get the job done. And it was so good, that he asked if I had another sample. I did but he didn't have it in him to get me off a second time. I will say, I do look forward to seeing that sexy mother fucker again! lol

Over the past weekend , I had a day of familiar acquaintances from the past. First was Jeff, a sexy, hairy guy I knew from my bar days. I was nice to see him again, especially getting to see all he had to offer, and there was plenty! I loved working on his feet and legs. I was actually expecting a better butt than he had, but it was nice and hairy and he really appreciated me rimming him. I think he might have wanted me to fuck him, but I never got hard so that didn't happen. I gave him a great back massage, the main reason he came in. And when I turned him over, he kissed me, which turned into one hell of a make-out session. We started playing with each other's nipples, and eventually I went down to clean the family jewels. He stopped me three times before he dropped a large weird tasting load between my lips. He even made a romantic exit. Later that day, Ryan returned. I think Ryan has been here four times recently, but you might remember him as the guy I did the four hands on, who wanted me to fuck him but Dee was a factor. Well, there was no one to stop me now if he wanted it and he came prepared. He had put on a bit a weight but he wasn't disgusting. And all my favorite spots were as I remembered. He was still an amazing kisser, with the garlic still lingering on his breath. He still had a nice hairy chest, His dick was thicker than I recalled, but nothing I couldn't handle. His ass was not as nice as I remembered either, but I could have done that too, with the proper stimulation and motivation. So I entered expecting just about anything could happen with him. When he warned me about his condition, the runs, I pretty much left his ass alone, and at the end of the massage, we made out and sucked each other until he came inside my mouth. It was a tasty load, but I will admit, I was a little disappointed I didn't get inside that ass!

I also had a dark meat day. Vernon was an attractive yet nerdy, black guy whose glasses were a little too large for his face. I made him take them off and he was sexy enough to kiss, with his full beautiful lips. He was a pretty good kisser and was upset that I started on his backside, like I usually do. He actually had pretty feet, hairless legs and an awesome, caramel colored ass. I was there for most of the massage with my tongue. And he was quite vocal in his appreciation for my tongue up his ass. When I finished, I turned him over, skipping his back completely. Actually, from that point on, it was a matter of him copulating in my mouth, followed by another make-out session before he left. Sam was a gorgeous black man. I mean, I can't think of one thing wrong with this man. He had an awesome ass, an amazing cock, a somewhat hairy muscular chest, with two lovely nipples longing for attention. A great smile, an amazing personality that almost made him glow, a gleam in his eyes. And he was severely much so that I was concerned about being professional with him. I mean I could see the goodies the whole time I was working on his lower half, front and back. He loved the foot massage, and by the time I got to his thighs, he was obvious he was feeling good and feeling me. Which was fine with me, so I changed my plan. I stopped mid-thigh, did the other leg to the same point, and then put my head between his legs. As I worked on his upper thighs, I sucked his balls, licked his taint and ate his ass. Unfortunately, he came, but I got most of it in my mouth. He permitted me to finish the massage, so I did a great job on his back and turned him over. I started working on his chest, sucking on his nipples and licking his armpits. And then, I basically seduced him into a kiss. He smelled so damn good, even I got excited and through kissing, he got excited again. We decided to see if he could cum again, and he did. Then I had a well-endowed black guy come in for a spot massage, and you can guess where that spot was. And finally, Drey came in, a lovely young black guy, who came in with a mission, and made it known early what it was. While I was working on one foot, he was groping me with the other. When I was working on one thigh, the corresponding hand was molesting me. And after I had thoroughly enjoyed tasting his ass, he rubbed it across my cock as I was working on his back. I turned him over, he kissed me and I lost my senses. He is one of the best kissers I've ever had the pleasure of sucking face with. I felt myself stirring down below, and it got even worse when he started sucking and nibbling on my nipples. He had an average dick with big balls, so I started working on his genitals with my hands. He started sucking on my cock, and I was pretty sure he was going to get me done. I started returning the favor, hoping either to distract myself from the pleasure I was experiencing or to get him off first. Well, I got it done, and he got me done as well. And I don't know if it was something about my load, or the show or the noise I did when I climaxed, but he was determined to get a second one, and he did!

And then there was Mike, a lovely, thin, well-groomed white guy who showed up at about midnight Saturday night for a two hour session. I loved the way his beard wrapped around his face and hugged his lips, his great smile and his pretty blue eyes. Despite being thin, he managed to have an impressive ass, even with his clothes on. I could also see hairs waving at me from a couple of openings in his shirt.

He got his naked ass on the table, and I started working on his feet. He told me no one had ever spent that much time on his feet before. I did his thin, hairy calves and his slightly bigger thighs. Other than the lack of a tan, he had the perfect ass, and spent a good twenty minutes showing him my appreciation, and I think from his vocal affectations, that losing his virginity with a tongue for the first time was a satisfying experience for him. I did his back, neck and shoulders and turned his over.

He was shocked that I went back to his feet for a second time. True, his dick by this time was primed, glazed and ready to go, and his chest looked wonderful with his erect nipples straining to be seen through the fur. But we had time, and I was hoping for some lip-locks before I drained the cock. It wasn't long before I was tasting his tongue, and his hands moved across my naked ass. I then started playing with his nipples while still kissing him, and he started getting extremely vocal. I slowly moved my hand down to his navel, and checked to see how close he actually was. I paused for a minute, then went down to suck on his balls. He got louder and stopped playing with me. I moved myself so I could better take care of the matter at hand, and ran my tongue at over his cock. He was thoroughly enjoying my work, almost too much so for two in the morning.I put my mouth around his organ, slightly embraced it with my tongue, bobbed three times and the syrup began to flow from the tap. It was a slow and tasty ooze that gave my tingles. We made out some more, and he even tried to return the favor before he took off.

And just like now, I need to handle my business myself! lol

Ryan, Tim, Roger & Joe!!!
Posted:Jan 7, 2019 10:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2019 12:59 am
Damn, the new year has been kind to me thus far, and apparently that has included my little area here on Outpersonals. I want to thank the beautiful BrodyBarnes86 for his delightful emails, proving once again that a man can be as mannered and sweet as he is gorgeous! Let me also thank Restrainme69 for becoming my first new friend of 2019. He also added me to his hot list, as well as Skinhunter2, Bjhogan, Bisexualshadow, WantaPhatcock and RoseboyDana. Thank all of you guys so much! Bjhogan also flirted with me, as well as CCfor69, Just2getsucked and Milanche02. Thank you guys so much! Very much appreciated! Thanks to my husband from down under, Cumlover401, for popping by. Always a thrill to see you! As it is the deliciousness of Dansdick. And I'm still not sure what to make of Daxter3. Thanks for popping by, but you still have some work to do buddy!

Outside of work, there sadly hasn't been much going on. Sawyer and I communicate almost every night, but he hasn't come to see me yet this year. Nor has Robbie, Mikey or Stephane. Billy did pay me a nice visit once last week. And I attend a lousy cock-sucking party yesterday.

Roger was a ray of sunshine who came in last week for a sensual session. Despite having a slight tan, he had this awesome glow about him, accentuated by gleaming blue eyes and dazzling smile. His blue baseball cap covered his light brown hair. He had a clean shaved face. In fact, he seem to shave everything but his chest and pubes...thank God! We started on the six pack of Corona he brought as we discussed why he had upgraded from standard to sensual.

When we got into the massage room, he took off his shirt and I fell in lust.He had the hairiest, furriest chest I've seen in quite some time, and somehow, two sinful points managed to be visible through it all. That carpet went down to the drapes. He also managed to have a tan line, making his big, full, hairless ass slightly more edible and his dick and balls more interesting with the hair.

He laid down on the table and I started with his feet. He was nicely built, but with only a slight tan and no hair, there was really nothing exciting me about his lower half. He did seem to enjoy the work I did on his calves and feet however. I did his thighs, hips and alignment before I worked on his gluteus maximus. I had decided to let my tongue go swimming in his ass as I worked on his butt cheeks, and I did, and we both enjoyed that. Eventually I would replace my tongue with my fingers and give him an arousing prostate massage. I did some deep tissue work on his neck, back and shoulders before I had him turn over.

I started with his neck in the front, mainly because I couldn't wait to get my hands on his chest hair. I worked one pec at a time, licking his hairless pits as I molded and kneaded his powerful muscles. Of course, I couldn't call it finished until I'd combed that hair with my fingers and bathed those succulent nipples with my tongue. Even he seemed disappointed that I went back to his feet at this point. It was only when I got to his thighs that I realized he was hard and dripping. I put his balls in my mouth, as I rapidly vibrated my fingers over his shaft. He really seem to like that, as his moans got louder, and actually stopped when I started sucking on him. But moans became screams soon after, and it wasn't long before I was slopping man milk around my mouth with my tongue, and he was screaming at me and God for mercy!

Believe it or not, I actually go to a gym. Not just the ones in the bath house, to plump up my muscles and glisten my skin before the hunt, but an actually gym, with men and women. Tim was actually working the free weights while I was running on the treadmill. Unlike the bath houses, I don't have business cards posted and laying around for the guys to read. I try to avoid females clients as much as possible. Anyway, when he asked if I knew someone who gave a decent massage, I threw out a few names, including my own, and after a brief conversation about parking, rate and amenities, I waited for him to take a shower and he followed me.

Because of our environment, I basically painted myself into a standard session with him, despite him being tall, at least 6'2, dark brown hair, and handsome despite a tan or any visible hair below his eyebrows. he did have a great smile and beautiful blue eyes, By this time, I knew there was no hair under the arms, and that his powerful chest was hairless with two pretty pink points on his otherwise porcelain skin. That porcelain skin was all over with very few blemishes or marks. I was surprised that he accepted my offer of a glass of wine, but it was my intention to make the most of the situation that had presented itself before me.

As he laid naked, ass up on the massage table, I felt a stirring in my loins. After all, I haven't fucked an ass or gotten off with someone else yet this year, and certain kinds of asses, cock and balls combos and chest and nipple duets can get the engine started. He started moaning with the foot massage and it seemed like he never stopped. I did his entire lower half...calves, hips, thighs and had my face in his ass when it donned on will this affect our going to the same gym sometimes. I decided, you only live once, but skipped the prostate massage, and focus most of the rest of my time on his back, neck, shoulders and especially the shoulder blades.

When he turned over, he was half hard and dripping, and it was a standard massage session, so despite my interest in his nipples and his dick, I went back down to his feet, and slowly worked my way up. When I got to his thighs, I decided on my course of action. I worked the upper inner thigh, manipulating things a bit until he was aroused and stimulated again. then I played with the corresponding nipple as I worked on his pectoral. I waited to see his dick go down, but it never did. I did the same thing on the other side, and by this time, he was rock hard, with a thick glaze. I then started working on his torso, occasionally brushing, rubbing or touching his hard-on with my arm.When there was seven, eight minutes left in the session, I let my left hand work his torso and my right hand worked each inner thigh, one at a time, until there was five minutes left. I then offered to handle the situation, which he graciously accepted. So I wrapped my mouth around his erect dick and massaged his testicles until he unloaded his pistol in my mouth. I basically vacuumed that sucker dry, and while he was recovering, I pour us another glass of wine.

As he sipped on the wine and slowly got dressed, I asked him about our situation at the gym. He said we would just be cordial and polite in public, and he would even refer me if anyone ask about a masseur. He paid me, tipped me extremely well, and said next time, he wanted me to finish my anal assault.

The last time I saw Ryan, it was a very interesting situation. It was back when Dee and I were doing four hand massages, and Dee was more sex oriented than I was. So most of the time, he handled the intimate work, until he got tired, bored or frustrated, and then I would take over. Ryan had paid for an erotic session, so we were all nude, and he and Dee discussed certain health issues that might have had an impact on the outcome of the massage. Dee wasn't big on rimming or kissing, but would fuck forever and would suck until he lost interest. To make a long story short, Ryan enjoyed kissing me, me sucking him more, me eating his ass, and asked if I would fuck him. The question created an awkward situation for the three of us, but it ended with me sucking him off, and Dee sweating his talents. Truth is though, Ryan wasn't a stranger to me, and if it hadn't been on the clock, and Dee hadn't been there, I damn sure would have done it!

All of this came to mind when he made me remember him and set up the appointment for a solo erotic session.

When he arrived, he had changed considerably. Sure, I've got a few more gray hairs and may have picked up a few pounds, but I look basically the same. He was noticeably heavier, and his face had aged some, especially around the eyes. He came in with four bottles of wine. I always felt like he was some sort of Italian chef or something, because he was a very good kisser, but there was always a strong presence of garlic to his breath. Beats the hell out of mint though. So if you see me drinking Goldschlager, 100 proof Hot Damn or Aftershock, some sort of cinnamon shot, drink or schnapps, I'm getting ready to kiss.

We were well into the second bottle of wine, making out on the couch, catching up and stuff, before we actually made it to the massage room. I guess I had forgot how different the naked picture would be. Not gross, just bigger, and less toned. Fortunately, he had managed to keep the skin coloring, and his body was still pretty hairy.

Well, We made out some more, and he actually sucked my cock as I was working on his neck, chest and shoulders from the front. Of course, I did an extended chest play period with him and enjoyed his chest, nipples and armpits during the process. And because I remembered his sensitive belly button, I lingered around there for a bit as well. I gave him plenty of deep tissue attention to his shoulders, especially the blades, neck and back, and then slowly licking the hairy small of his back. And I was very professional with his feet, hips, thighs and calves. And it surprised us both that he came three times. His dick seemed shorter but thicker than I remember, and his balls were more impressive, His ass was a little more loose, but more tanned and slightly more hairy, but still a vision for the eyes and a treat for the tongue.

And Joe was another blast from the past reappearing. Decades ago, Joe was a patron at one of the gay bars I worked at. And like a lot of the guys back then, they were disappointed that I had the kind of work ethic that made playing on the clock a glamour don't. But I felt something for several of the regulars, and over time and drinks, we would built some sort of connection and go from there. Joe was attractive, a bit on the thin side, and tall with dark hair and a great face.
Between my working and him not being a night owl, we never really got together. We did have that one night that we made out, he sucked me, I ate his ass out and I sucked him off in the restroom at the bar. We both wanted to build something off of that, but it never really materialized.

When he showed up, he was a bit shorter than I remembered, and his face was a little fuller, but he still looked wonderful and the glasses made him look more distinguished. He was always one of the more classier guys and dressers in the bar, and that hadn't changed either. The black jeans did a nice job with his ass and package, and the red and black sweater perfectly complimented his mostly pepper and salt beard and hair, and lips. And he brought bottles of white zinfandel and merlot, though he was really never much of a drinker.We made out on the couch some and sipped some wine, but he was tipsy and loose tongued by the time we got to the massage table.

I sucked his toes as I massaged his feet, which he really liked. I did his calves, thighs, hips and alignment. He wanted a lot of butt work, so first, the fingers, then the palms and then finally the elbow got worked into his butt cheeks. I then did some deep tissue work on his back and shoulders, and softened up the touch on his neck. And I nibbled on his ears as I gave him a scalp massage. Then I went back to his ass, to eat and rim and do a prostate massage. that's when he said he wanted me to "slide that big black cock up in there." I can't say I wasn't tempted, but my prostate massage worked too well and he came on my sheets and actually became so relaxed he wanted to go to sleep.

I quickly turned him over so i could finish him up before he went to sleep. Between already cumming, the wine and the massage thus far, there was a limited window of time to get him out of there. Toes did not get sucked during the brief foot massage. The whole lower half got done without issue or incident. Since he had already came, it seemed pointless to go there again. As I was working on his chest, he pulled my face down and started kissing me madly. It was pleasant, but more rough than I like, but as I was working on his somewhat hairy chest and nipples, he started to rise for a second time. I let him continue doing his thing until it was full mast. Then I started licking his taint and working my tongue back into his ass hole. I guess he thought I was going to finally do what he really wanted, but I just worked a couple of fingers up there and sucked him off again. He seemed pleased, but disappointed as he got dressed, but the tip indicated that either the pleasure won out, or he will be trying to make yet another appointment.

If the new year is going to be full of familiar faces and repeat customers, regulars, out-of-towners and blasts from the past, I know someone who won't be complaining much this year!
2 Kens, Larry (again), Lane, Kelly(again) and Gene!!!
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2019 7:30 am
Well, Happy New Year everyone!!! And it is already off to a hectic start. I've made a few changes to my massage business policies that I think will bring in a more consistent and gratuitous clientele, focusing more on my out-of town patrons and VIP's and less on gaining new business. The Christmas party was a dud, and New Year's was a bit of a disappointment. But did spend quite a bit of time with Sawyer, and saw Billy, Robbie, Stephane, Mikey and Michael so my ten day holiday was actually decent overall.

I want to thank Hypolitte1950 for adding me to his hot list, and on Christmas of all days. Quite flattering! Thank you very much! I want to thank the beautiful BrodyBarnes86 for popping by and allowing me to check him out! Louisiana is looking damn good right about now! Dansdick is still looking good in 2019! It was also good to see you again too, Jenu1218! And Crskyler, I must get my hands on you one day! I've also decide that I could probably meet a few more of you guys if I offered you a discount on a massage if you come into town. So, if you are on my hot list, or if I am or was a top fan of yours, holler when you get in town, and we will work something out we can both live with! But I will be checking! lol Speaking of, I also decided which three locals have a whole year to come in for a free sensual massage session. They are...Jackitalloverme, but you'd better look like your picture, Rylie39, and Hotandlooking5. I went all over trying guys that I haven't already offered it to. So I can honestly say, I will not picking the same five guys over and over. I will also be looking in cities before I get there for guys I can learn about the gay life during the course of a free massage. Picking your brain while I'm rubbing your back.

I just feel like this is going to be a damn good year for me, and I hope it will be for you as well! Just remember, the more you invest in your life and the things you want, the bigger the rewards. TWO guys in particular came to mind here, but I'm not calling you out, but I will be paying attention. lol

Gene was this beautiful, rocker type guy who came in for a massage last week. A little bit on the thin side, I was surprised by the fullness of his ass and the awesomeness of his cock. He also had great long, curly, dishwater blonde hair, a lovely face with a thin mustache, gorgeous green eyes. Another beer and Jack guy, we did a bot of both as we discussed the final notes of his massage session.

I didn't care for his feet, but his calves were gorgeous, and he was thrilled with my work on both. Right there on the border of lean and muscular, with long strains of dark hair decorating them, and this ran right into the thighs. I did his hips and lower half alignment, before I did his upper inner thighs, because I couldn't got wrong there no matter what happened. I brushed his balls and rubbed his taint as I worked, and I knew my tongue was going to find a second home in his ass. I nearly suffocated doing what I wanted to do, and then replaced my tongue with one finger. I didn't want him to get too happy, and it was obvious you didn't have to go far up in there for him to enjoy it. I finished his back half when he informed he that it was the best massage he had ever had, and that no one had ever done what I did to his ass before. I may have created a monster! lol

When he turned over, our eyes locked but for some reason, I felt like he needed to lead us into the kiss. So I laid next to him and started to play with his hair and massage his scalp. His hair took me to his neck, and after a couple of minute working his neck, he finally did it, and it was very nice. We made out a bit longer before I moved down to his his chest. He had an awesome patch of hair between his nipples, which were nice but pointless to play with. I kissed and licked my way down to his navel, which now had essence of his precum. His cock was now hard and leaking on my chest. And I did my bush massage as I licked on his taint and sucked on his balls. I even hit his ass crack a couple of times with my tongue for good measure. By the time I actually wrapped my mouth around his thick member, there was only moments of pleasure and moans before the big release. And boy, was it! I nearly choked trying to guzzle as he sprayed. When it was over, we rested, my mouth still on his cock. Eventually we shared a another kiss, another beer and another cocktail before he settled things up and left.

The better looking of the two Kens came in Tuesday. He was tall and lean with short, blonde, curly hair and a mustache. His pale white skin accentuate both his pretty blue eyes and his bout with acne. He had a slightly hairy chest, with gorgeous pubic and armpit hair, nice nipples, a nice full ass and below average penis. Still the pluses outweighed the minuses, so I had no problem being motivated to work on him, and the Captain Morgan's he brought certainly didn't hurt.

I actually started with his neck and worked my way down to his feet, 1) because most of his requested areas of concentration were the neck, back and shoulders, and 2) the other area of concentrate were his feet, and I use the extra time there that I wouldn't be doing in the front. I sat on his back as I did his neck, back and shoulders. I also paid special attention to his shoulder blades. I'm not sure how it happened, but I was precumming on the small of his back and dripped on his ass on my way down. His ass was quite tasty though, regardless, and I ate it as I worked on his hips and thighs. Then I did his prostate massage, hoping it would make the happy ending earlier at the end. I also did his calves and spent a lot of time on his feet, which were actually cute and clean.

When he turned over, I hit his feet again, as this was his last requested area of concentration. I did his calves and thighs and then jumped up to his chest. It is a crime shame for nipples to be that dreamy and yet do nothing for the person who got them. I massaged his pecs and torso. Then we did the happy ending as we had agreed to. We got in position and started sixty-nining. From our kisses earlier, I knew he had pillow lips, but we was an awesome cock sucker. he actually could have gotten me off, if I hadn't gotten him off first. Probably the sweetest load I've ever had in my life.

The other Ken was shorter, heavier and with dark brown hair. He had a decent face, but his teeth were not good. And between that, the warts, his hair and his hands, I thought he wasn't very hygienic and this concerned me for the massage. Despite his hairy chest, his full hairy ass and his thick uncut cock, I still was having problems getting enthused about this massage. We talked over drinks of Jim Beam, and he was really a nice guy, a sweetheart actually, but I was still dreading this session.

So as he is laying buck naked, ass up on the massage table, I looking at his ass, but thinking he isn't going to be clean enough. His hairy back didn't bother me. I started with his feet, which were just as hideous as his hands, only cleaner. I was surprise they didn't smell, and he was grateful for every single thing I did to him. I've never had a more appreciative patron on the table. And after doing his entire back half, I decided that he was in good shape at some point and was just starting to let himself go. I decided to do some therapy as I worked on his front.

A nice guy, just starting to let himself go...I asked about his family as I worked on his god awful feet again, and sure enough, his girlfriend had left him and he was taking it badly. Could I motivate him to turn the tide before it was too late? I reiterated the fact as I was gay, before I gave him a few compliments and pointed out things that could be enhanced very easily. By this time I had done his thighs, knees, calves, hips and alignment of the lower half. Then sad that I thought he was promising now, what would a woman think if he just decided to make himself better, hotter and sexier than he was with the last girl. Of course, at this point, I was molesting his balls in one hand while playing with his hairy chest with the other. Something in his face said, something had changed. I just hope it was moment of clarity, and not just the fact that he was minutes away from climax. His cock was only at semi state when I stuck my finger into his foreskin to clean out the residue of times before. He quickly got hard which made it easier to do. That was the last successful handjob of 2018! lol

The last time I saw Kelly, he was gorgeous! Long, blonde hair, lovely face, a scrawny chest with hair and nipples, a great smile, blue eyes, one of the dreamiest asses I've ever seen, a nice dick, thicker than average. He was an amazing kisser, I loved being in his ass with my tongue, and he dropped one of the tastiest loads, that still come to mind when I think of best ofs.

The man who presented himself to my door was different. His lovely face had gone thin and elongated. His gorgeous hair was now short and oily. Scrawny had become skin and bones, and I couldn't look at the eyes of this man without tearing up. And although he managed to keep most of his best features and attributes, his teeth were now gone, and the awesome smile was now gums. He still had his wicked sense of humor though, as he said to me, "Here is your chance to get your cock sucked by a guy with no teeth," referring to a comment I had made about a guy sucking my cock had to look just like I met him. Taking his teeth out at any point would be unacceptable to me! And what I thought was a serious illness turned out to be another horror story of addiction.

We sipped on vodka and talked as I worked on his once awesome body. I did his feet were really not a problem for me, and even his calves, knees and thighs were still pretty close to what I remember. His ass was noticeably smaller, but still hot enough to make me want to go there again, and I did, spending more time there with my tongue than my finger, and we both like it that way. I did his neck, back and shoulders and turned him over.

This was hard for me. He was an amazing kisser before, and I didn't have to close my eyes to do it. His face was the place it was most obvious, he was a skeleton of the man he use to be, and missing teeth and gums wasn't a thrill for me, but I did it. He was still good, but I think I was in my own way and couldn't enjoy it like before. After that, I just kind of did the massage and debated the happy ending. He wanted to suck my cock, for the first time, and I decided that he wouldn't suck it before because he might bite or scrape it. So I found myself in another sixty-nine, this time though I felt like if I buried myself into it, I could lose myself in it and not think of anything else. And I did. I don't remember him biting me or getting me hard or off. But I was so into getting him off, the world went away, and I was thoroughly rewarded for it. Another large and fine load came out of the tube and we just laid there and talked for quite some time before he left. I just really hope I can be of some help to him.

Larry is that gorgeous, dreamy redhead that was in here about a month ago. Well, he was here, just as hot, just as sexy and just as delightful as before.

We sat out on the porch and sipped on some Bud Lights as we got reacquainted and discussed any changes from the last session we did together. Then we went in the kitchen for shots of Goldschlager before we went to the massage room. We made out as we stripped each other of our clothes, and I placed his ass on the massage table. I started with his feet, sucking toes and licking soles as I rubbed and caressed his feet, his calves, his knees, and his thighs. I did his hips and alignment before I buried my face in his ass and stayed there for quite some time. I really worked on his lower back this time, that and his shoulder blades, as well as his neck, shoulders and upper back.

When I turned him over, he pulled me on top of him and his tongue invaded my mouth Then he molested my nipples and licked my armpits. He even bathed my butt crack, washed my taint and sucked my cock and balls before I was permitted to work on him again. Of course, by that time, I didn't care about his feet, or calves or thighs. We made out yet again, and this time, I moved. I teased and tantalized his nipples as I worked on his chest. I drenched his armpits. I basted his balls and marinated his cock with my mouth His pants got more fevered. His moans grew louder. His breathing increased, He wriggled and squirmed and gyrated and ground until he blew his wad deep into my guts. And I had to drain, milk and torture the guy just to savor a flavor of the moment! We laid around in his afterglow for quite a while before he left!

And then there was Lane. This baritone giant was tall and hairy and I just knew I was going to enjoy this guy. We smoked a cigarette and opened the Jack he had brought as he decided to do an upgrade in order to get a couple of fetishes tossed into the session. But I enjoyed it so much, I will be adding it to the list of packages soon.

He got on the table ass up and I started with his feet, and that part of the session came with some licking and toe sucking. He had thick calves, but there were hairy and not very muscular, and that trend carried on into his thighs and even his ass. Actually, his lower half from the back reminded me too much of my last husband. So I did almost everything I would have done to him. And Lane enjoyed the hell out of it! I sat on the small of his back to do the rest of his back half, and my cock moving up and down his back thrilled us both.

He turned over and we made out. He was just an all right kisser, so I moved on to his armpits and his chest, and I discovered that his masculine musk was just on the cusp of becoming funk. I got down to his navel and then hit his feet again. And I made my way up. And he seemed flabbergasted by my oral skills, how quick he got hard, how quickly he got off, how much he had cum. Honestly I was a man on a mission, and it was about to come into play.

In our honest discussion before the massage, he expressed an interested in doing a few fetishes on me. During an erotic session, I'm nude and you are permitted to play with me as long as you don't stop the flow of the session, as I'm usually on a schedule. So essentially, he paid for thirty minutes for me to be on the table for him to use for his fetish. Not knowing what they were, I wanted him so drained and spent, that he wouldn't do anything crazy.

But Lane was a delightful and freaky gentleman.He licked on my armpits for a while. He sucked on my toes for a spell. He ate my ass out for some time, and he attempted to suck me off, but ran out of time before he could get the job done. And I truly believe, he could have!

I have to make this addendum...if I mention any of the five locals guys who refuse to come in for their freebies, it will be because one of them paid me a visit, and tonight it was probably my favorite one. Most of them, I'm guessing from their pictures or their profile. But this one, I actually know, from the better bars in the city before they closed. There was one night when we almost got lucky, but it didn't pan out, and although I have now seen everything I may have missed out on, I still wouldn't mind a closer inspection. I'm guessing he still hasn't figured out who I am just yet. So, Daxter3, thank you for popping by, and I still wouldn't mind getting together sometime. So get brave and holler at your boy! let's see what we can work out!!!
David (again), Caleb (again), Mark and James!!!
Posted:Dec 25, 2018 12:34 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2019 10:15 pm
Happy Holidays, gentleman. I know, it looks like a slow week, but Billy, Robbie and sawyer were all here and we decided to stop talking about them so much! Plus with the parties, the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking and the cleaning, a short easy one should be all I can handle! lol

Let me thank Jenu1218 for all the emails. Extremely appreciated! Sadly, I'm not keeping my list clear, but I saw Just_needing_fun on, and at one time, he was on the freebie list. I know there are only three guys on it this year, but Chip46202 is the only one I can recall for sure. So since there is only one week left in the year, and it is a busy one for most people, Rather than look, if Chip46202, Just_needing_fun or Daxter_3 holler at me, I will go ahead and do them. But you only have until the 31st! And Cumlover401, thank you for popping by to see me! Happy Holidays!

James was quite the roller coaster ride when he came in. Initially I thought he was attractive, even if he did come in empty-handed. Minus the gum-chewing, which reminded of watching a cow eat, and the minty spell, I hate mint! But eventually, he would reveal one of the most busted looking grills I've ever seen in my life. No matter how fine some of his other body parts were, mouth to mouth contact was not happening here! And the mint got to me so bad, I poured him a cocktail just to mask it.

He really was an attractive guy. I was taking notes as he was getting undressed in the massage room. Like the tattoo on his left arm, which prevented me from enjoying that armpit. Or the fact that one nipple was considerably bigger than the other, and I don't think it was solely because he had it pierced. He had a great complexion, and his chest was muscular, though I was a bit disappointed with the amount of hair he had on it. He also had a beautiful, full hairy ass, and large balls, making his average dick look a bit odd. And I thought he was a nail biter, until I saw his toenails looked exactly the same. He laid down on the table with that big, beautiful ass in the air.

He enjoyed my feet and calf work, but I was turned off by the toes, When I got to the thighs, he actually started talking to me. Of course, he was also trying to rub my cock with his feet too. I let him, since I had my shirts and sweats on. And eventually, decided to save the butt for last! So I went to his neck and shoulders, and this is where the moans began, especially with his shoulder blades. And as I went lower on his back, he started rubbing and playing with my ass. I did his hips and alignment, and then readied myself for what was going to be my highlight of the session. He loved my work on his butt cheeks. But I'm not sure either of us really enjoyed my rimming. He stopped me every two or three minutes, until I just didn't want to anymore. But it was clean and tasty. I would feel like a heel a little bit later. I started to do a prostate massage, and it seemed too close to me. I asked him a few questions, including questions about his erections, discharges and climaxes, before I asked about his urologist, and referred him to one when he said he didn't have one.

Because I believe he had at the very least an enlarged prostate, I quickly turned him over and finished the massage. And between his nipples, his belly button and his thighs, he got hard again. I will admit, I was uncomfortable and really would have skipped it, or worked a couple of erogenous zones while he handled it himself. I ended up sucking him off, at his request, and it was a large, nice load. But I reiterated that he call about an appointment with the guy whose card I had given him.

I'm going to say, James was very sweet about it. I'm not sure how I would feel if a stranger, doing something intimate with me, expressing concern about a possible health issue based on his observations. He even tipped me. And being me, I did call to see if he had made contact, and he does have an appointment for next month. I actually hope he thinks to tell me if he is okay. hell, I'd give him a discounted session just to find out.

If my memory serves me correctly, I just wrote about David in my last post. The short, skinny, dark-haired, great -looking but feminine young guy. Yes, he has made it back, and it was a little bit different than the last time he was here.

He looked great in all black, like he needed to look any slimmer. But this time, he came in the door in girl mode. Strutting and sashaying in jeans that are too big, kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? But he had the tequila, and I knew I would need it more than he would this time.We sat down and I recalled the details of our last session. In most cases, it becomes the template if you should return. You know, "whatever you did to get it, is what you need to do to keep it" kind of thing. No! No! No! "I want to see you naked. I want to suck your dick. And I hope to get fucked!"

I reiterated the difference between an and a masseur, and asked if we still need to do this. We reached a bit of a compromise, with what I consider to be the appropriate adjustment. Basically, just changed his massage session from sensual to erotic rates, and I don't fuck on the clock, so he'd have to ask me out and see how it goes!

Other than the annoying noises, he was much easier to deal with once he was on the table. The session went pretty much the way the last one, except I was naked for the whole thing. I did spend a little more time rimming his ass. And I did deeper work on his shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet, though I think part of that was to accidentally on purpose inflict a little pain. I turned him over, and when I had finished his lower half, I let him do his thing. I actually enjoyed him more licking my taint and balls than actually sucking my cock. And when it became obvious he wasn't going to be able to make me erect, he gave up on the rest of it and just left me finished the massage and got him off.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. He tipped me well, so guess it was at least okay for him. We have a mutual acquaintance, I was referred, so I'm not sure if they will have a conversation. Shouldn't really matter, I haven't fucked him either, though I would if he asked me out! lol And if the fact that I didn't get hard with him, or fuck him, would ruin what was starting to look like another regular client.

I am seriously considering dropping clients who can't keep their appointments, or at least cancel with an appropriate amount of time for me to replace them on the schedule. Even I think that might be a bit harsh, but the only other option would be to charge a fee, and if they don't come back, I won't get the fee anyway.

I had a guy contact me for a morning massage session the following day. Less than three hours, before he was due to be here, he cancels! It took me five hours to find Mark, the guy I put into the schedule later that day, as the replacement.

Mark was a lean, muscular, hairy cowboy. Hairy isn't the right word...carpeted? Fur-coated? I think you know what I am trying to say. Hair was everywhere and in large quantities. Redneck-ish, hillbilly, yeah, he was all of that too! He looked awesome, chest hair waving from his half-buttoned shirt, blue jeans seemed painted on his ass. He handed me the Budweiser and the tequila, and we did cigarettes and drinks as we discussed the session, and by the time we were done, he had not only upgraded to an erotic session, but also doubled the length of the session.

He got naked and got on the massage table. His toes were hideous, but he thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage. And from that point on, his body hair made everything an enjoyable experience for me. His calves, his thighs, his hips, all were just wonderfully lean and hairy. Then I did his alignment and started working on his ass. It wasn't quite what I anticipated from the jean view, but it was a hairy peach and a tasty treat. I was in his ass with my tongue for way too long. And licked his balls as I gave him his prostate massage. I did some extensive work on his lower back, and some deep tissue work on his upper back and shoulders. I went to a sensual mode for his neck, which led to a scalp massage before I turned him over.

His beautiful, nine inches was waving and dripping on his stomach. Thick, hairy and self-glazing, I wanted to go there right away but I didn't. I went back to the hideous toes and did his feet again and worked my way up. He had informed me that he had difficulty keeping an erection, and after seeing it in its glorious entirety, I could see some justification, but I had already decided that maybe edging him a few times might make the final one sustained. He had already rose and fell eight times. So when I got to each thigh, I put in a little each time, massaging the balls and stroking his shaft. I then did his navel and torso. I spent about twenty minutes on his chest, licking fur, armpits and nipples as I kneaded on his pectorals. Then I went down to give his monster a new home for a spell. He spelled so manly down there, as I was licking and sucking his balls and combing his pubic hairs with my fingers. After a while, I took on his shaft with my mouth, but never touching the head. He hasn't fallen one time since I started on his testicles, so I just knew his eruption would come quick and easy. I finally engulfed his cock, and although it took a bit longer that I thought it would, he penetrated and saturated my oral cavity with a large, creamy tasty load. He hung around for a spell, allowing me a few more minutes with his marvelously hairy body, before he paid me, we did one more round of drinks and he left.

Speaking of doubling their time, Caleb was back and this time, you wanted a session that was twice as long as usual. When I inquired as to why, he stated that as many times as he had been here, he has only had a massage one time, so he wanted to make sure we had time to do a massage and our usual thing. And he even came with five bottles of wine, instead of the usual 3. I have to say it, he is the most awesome, extremely young man I've met in quite some time.

I decided I wanted the massage to be in the middle of the session. I wanted to start with a little strip and seduction, makeout session on the couch, carrying him up to the massage room if I had to. Then he could get his actual massage and afterwards, we could cuddle and catch up. I think it was just me, but he looked fine, in his black dress pants and tie, red shirt and red, black and white sweater. I loosen up his tie as we were sipping wine on the couch, and that led to some mad, passionate kissing, and a very slow removal of our articles of clothing. Eventually, we would hold hands and take two bottles of White Zinfandel into the massage room.

It is sad, I forgot how attractive his body was. I normally spend so much time on his face, I forgot how much I like his hairy calves, his lovely little hairy ass, and his palish white, slightly hairy chest with the cute little nipples, and his armpits. And I gave him his deluxe, full body massage, paying extra attention to his neck, back, shoulders and feet from the back, and his feet, armpits and chest in the front. Yes, I skipped all the good parts until last, because I figured I would start in the front, make my way between his legs into the back, hang out there for quite a while before I worked my way back around and finished up.And except for the time he almost came with my tongue in his ass, that is basically what happened.

I was a little bit bothered, when in my natural high and altered state, he asked me if we could go back downstairs. After all, I had planned to lay there and return to our usual routine of enjoyment. We got down there, and he claimed he left his wallet in the car, and needed to get dressed to get it. I poured us another glass of wine while he was out, and he came back in with a bag. He pulled out some flowers, some candy, a stuffed animal, a couple of bottles of liquor, a card and a bottle of my favorite cologne, which I can hardly find anymore. "Merry Christmas" he said. And I nearly cried. I let whatever I was feeling at the time carry me through the rest of the night with him. And after he left, I opened my card, and eventually named my new collie, Caleb.

After my third husband died, I thought I would never marry again. I'm stuck on the wrong things, like honest communication and huge on romance, and there is only so many compatible guys out there for me. So some really good friends with benefits will have to do. Of the five guys who have come into my life in that capacity since, none are in a position to spend time with me. Don't get me wrong, it is quality time, just not enough of it. So I thought I might need to find a few more, but they would have to come from either my client list, or party guests...guys I already know to some degree, and have some sort of history with. I will give a few more months, but it is starting to look like I might have found one!
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David, John, Pierce, Peter, Lane and Sonny!!!
Posted:Dec 19, 2018 3:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2019 7:33 am
Hello boys, howdy gentleman and Happy Holidays!!! I'm not sure what day next week I will be back, but I wanted to get that out there in the universe!

I want to thank Akl1234 and Bitchlinda300 for their emails. I also want to thank Bitchlinda300, as well as Uncutubtoo, for adding me to their hot list. I want to thank Bjhogan for flirting with me. I need to thank Shortview for reading and responding to some of my old post, providing me with a stroll down Menory Lane. Despite the fact that I have saved the best pictures for myself, the picture in my blog makes for one hell of a collage. Mral65, I am digging the new picture dude. May start crushing on you again! lol And welcome back Jenu1218, Spicy_D69, Scottywoo and Dansdick! It is always great to see you guys again. And Chip46202, you are not far from me, so you still have time to get in here for your free massage session before the year is out. It may come in handy with stress of the holiday upon us!

We all have done it...spotted a guy with two, three, maybe ten things we could do without, but because he was so damn fine, you took a chance on it anyway. David would have been that guy for me. He was young, very young, and skinny, and a bit on the shorter side. But the biggest issue would have been his femininity. But something about his jet black hair, with the mustache starting to come in, his gorgeous, smooth, alabaster/porcelain skin, his beautiful blue eyes, which twinkled like the huge diamond studs in his ears, and his amazing smile, just won me over.

And he got even better when his clothes were off. I noticed as he was getting undressed and I was pouring the wine he had bought. Considering his size, he had a surprisingly impressive ass, and his dick was a winner as well. He even managed to have bush under his arms and decorating his cock, and a happy trail that surrounded his navel and made its was up to his pecs.

I started with his feet, which he really enjoys, and then did his calves, which I enjoyed. I actually started eating his ass out as I was working his upper inner thighs and his hips. And by the time I was ready to do his prostate massage, my drool and his drips were mixing on his balls. I kept my tongue on his balls and taint as I worked my magic on his gland. When he got loud and started squirming too much, I went on to finish his back, neck and shoulders. Then I asked him to turn over.

I went back to his feet, and worked my way up each leg, giving me two more opportunities to excite him, not that he needed it. His dick was slowly filling up his navel with cream. When I got halfway up the second thigh, I went up and started working on his neck and shoulders. This led to our first kiss, which led into a massive makeout session. I also got to spend time on his nipples, his armpits and cleaned his navel before I cleaned his pubic hair with my tongue, bathed his balls, vacuumed his shaft with my mouth, and drained every ounce of juice from that slab of meat. We rested for a bit and made out some more before we finished the wine and he took his leave.

As bad as I thought David might have been with the feminine thing, John was much worse. He was an out-of-town guy who chose his last day in town to get his massage. John was actually an attractive black guy, his caramel colored skin looked edible, especially his ass. His cock was approaching double digits and looked like it could have been a lot of fun. He was virtually hairless, including up top, except for a few strays on his chest. I guess I should have known something wasn't quite right when he brought a half gallon of tequila with him. And I got the impression that he was nervous, but we were nearly halfway through it before he felt comfortable enough to get naked on the massage table. And on top of that, the more tipsy he got, the more feminine he became. I swear, at one point, that beautiful ass of his strutted and swayed like Tina Turner in a music video.

I started with his feet and calves, which went without incident. But the back of his knees and his upper thighs started him with the soprano shrieks and screeches. I did his hips and alignment, and then tried to knead his butt cheek as I ate his ass. As beautiful as it was, it was the shortest rim job I've done this year, and because of the high notes, I refuse to give him a prostate massage. I'm sure he was waking up zombies and pissing dogs off by then. I finished his back neck and shoulders, and then asked him to turn over.

I went back to his feet again, and did his calves and his moisture deprived knees, and as I was working on his thighs, I noticed him mouthing "oohs," "aahs," and "ohs," but no noise was coming out, and I hoped he had lost his voice. When his cock was erect and lying on his stomach, I moved up to his neck and chest. This was no big thrill as he wasn't hairy or muscular, and his nipples barely existed. And when I got to his torso, around the belly button, he found his voice again. I wanted to enjoy that dick so badly, but the voice was getting to me, even after I put my cock in his mouth to muffle him. Ten minutes of licking his balls and sucking his dick while trying not to hear his pleasure, bite him or have him bite me, and it was over, and it wasn't even worth the trouble. What's worse, my cock has been very itch and more sensitive since he had it in his mouth.

This was the third time Lane has been here in eight years, and he never ceases to surprise or amaze me. The first time he was here, he was gorgeous and our time together was magical. The second time he was here, he had picked up several tattoos and packed on a shitload of muscles. Despite the tattoos and the work actually being a bit hard to do, we still had an amazing time. This, he just seemed bigger and thicker, down there.

Even in jeans and tee-shirt, Lane looks amazing. And despite the number of tattoos now being in the double digits, most were away from my usual playgrounds...still clear butt cheeks with a little fuzz on the awesome globes, nothing anywhere near the cock, tattoos on each pec but I could still work the nipples with my mouth and tongue. He started working on his twelve pack of beer, as we got reacquainted and I poured myself a glass of Arbor Mist he had bought.

I started on his feet and found myself sucking his toes. He has always had a deep appreciation for the work I do on his calves, and especially the back of his knees. By the time I got halfway up the thighs, that flaccid member had started to grow, and by the time I had finished this thighs and hips, I wondered if I'd even be able to handle the damn thing anymore. It looked like 8 or 9 inches, and much thicker than I remembered. I spend a lot of time eating his beautiful ass, since he doesn't care for much else going in it. That was awesome! Then I finished off the rest of his back half and had him turn over.

He was a little better at kissing than he had been before. Whether it was the guy thing or the mustache, we usually had to do that Vicki Buchanan know, pressing the lips together and maybe turn your heads a little. This time I actually got to taste his tongue and suck on his lips, actually twice. I also licked his armpits and sucked on his nipples before I clean his navel and got down to business. I marinated his balls for the longest time in my mouth, warming and basting each balls separately. Then I licked the entire genital and pubic area, and he actually surprised me again by making a little noise while I did it. Then I licked the shaft a few times up and down and side to side, before I barely encompassed the whole thing in my mouth. Thank goodness it couldn't grow anymore! I tried to work my tongue around it, but it felt like a half ass job to me. But between bobbing on it and vibrating my tongue against it, I got the job done, and the creamy load quickly filled up my mouth. I have to pull back off of it some to make it fit, but it also meant I got to taste more of it. I'm saying his must have enjoyed it because he initiated a kissing session before he went home.

Pierce was a huge surprise! He was extremely attractive, but perhaps appeared to be enough of a redneck to make me slightly uncomfortable. Add to that he had six inches on me in height, and was right about my size, and it could have been intimidating. He even sounded manly when he confirmed the appointment. I didn't feel much better when he actually showed up, in a tee-shirt and overalls, and carrying a case of Bud and a bottle of Jim Beam.

He had three beers, a couple of shots and a Beam and Coke, while I was still working on my Beam and Coke. And as we were discussing the nuances of the massage, I found his voice to be more deep and sexy than redneck. He had an awesome body when he got naked, minus that one huge tattoo. His chest looked like his had just shaved it, with just enough stubble all over to keep me interested. Awesome armpits, awesome cock, a beautiful, hairy ass, soulful eyes, great face and a nice smile. If I could shake off this uneasiness I had about him, we could have a really nice time.

I started working on his feet, which he really enjoyed. But I didn't start loosening up until i got to his calves. I did his knees and thighs and hips and the alignments before I went back to work on his dreamy ass. I molded, kneaded and caressed the globes before I licked, sucked and ate his ass. He purred, he whimpered and he sighed during this part, and I managed to get three fingers in to do the prostate massage. He moaned, groaned, grunted and even nearly fainted before I was done. And he seemed drained at that point, so doing his back, neck, shoulders and especially the blades, seemed to have taken the rest out of him. I actually let him rest a bit before I had him turn over.

That's when the tide turned. He pulled me into him and started kissing me. I was taken back, but he was damn good at it. Then he licked on my neck, and nibbled on my ear. Then he pulled on my armpit hair as he sucked, licked and snacked on my nipples. I was in a frenzy at this point. Then he started sucking on my cock and pulling on my pubic hair, especially the hair on my balls. He is one of the few clients I know could have sucked me off if I had given him half a chance. But as much as I was enjoying being ravaged like that, I knew time was getting to be of the essence, and I hadn't done a damn thing to him in front. I cheated, and rubbed his legs with my feet as I sucked his cock and balls and played with his nipples with my hands and fingers. The nails on the nipple really did the trick for him, and five minutes later, he was dropping this massive load onto my taste buds, blanketing them in a seas of salty goodness. He actually finished off his clock sucking on me, trying to get a load out, but it just didn't happen...that time!

Another big dude I had last week was Peter. I rarely get truck drivers, there are so many lot lizards around here, plus they seem to have their own subculture now. I have one regular from Texas who is hot as hell. So when he asked about the appointment, I was surprised but flattered.

He was young and attractive, a little heavier than he needed to be. He was also quite hairy and another damn Budweiser drinker. It gives me the runs so somebody may be getting a twelve pack for Christmas. He arrived in a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans and after a couple of beers and a discussion about him being shy in front of strange people, we went to the massage room to get started.

As he laid there naked with his ass up on the massage table, I immediately decided there was going to be no rimming of his ass. It was all kinds of hairy, but it was too dimply and jello-like for me to enjoy like that. I gave him an excellent foot massage as he requested. I did each leg in its entirety, including the hips and the alignment, before I did the other. That's when I discovered the huge, thick monster lurching around his legs. When I finished the second leg, I noticed that his ball sack was nothing to laugh at either. I worked his butt cheeks with my elbows and then worked my two longest fingers in for the prostate massage. I got my first sounds of pleasure out of him then. And honestly, at this point, i didn't care if I made him cum here or not. But I eventually moved along, honoring his request that I work on his shoulder blades, and the rest of his upper back quadrant before I had him turn over.

I immediately thought that the happy ending would have to be done by hand. There was no way I could work all of that into my mouth.

About 90 percent of my happy endings are done orally. I believe most guys prefer that to a hand job, so unless I am not interested or you pissed me off, it will be done in the best way for me to be rewarded for it. And unlike most people, I rarely use my hands for a blow job. If I do, it took too long, or you were either too thick or too long, sometimes both. I have surprised myself a few times, but for the most part, I know my limits.

I worked on Peter's chest, nipples and feet as i tried to figure out how to close the session. I cupped each of his balls in a hand, and massaged and manipulated them until I saw the monster at full mast, a thick ten inches and already dripping venom. Maybe this will be easier than I think, I thought as I then sucked on each of the balls separately. This is when I decided to let the volcano erupt by stroking its sides. And so while I was working the balls, genital and pubic regions with my mouth, my hands continued to work on the shaft and head until Peter started roaring about cumming. I licked his head three or four times, and slid my tongue down the underside to his balls again. With this loud, gutteral grunt, the first flew glob flew and landed on his face. Then, his chest, a few on his stomach and belly button, before it just oozed over and glazed his pubic hair. I was impressed, and judging from his tip, he was too!

Sonny was so sexy that his tattoos didn't bother me. There were mainly on his arms and back, so I wouldn't have to see them working on my favorite parts. He had beautiful black hair, awesome brown eyes, minimal facial hair, but delicious armpits, a decent chest with suckable nipples, a dreamy hairy ass and a nice dick. He showed up in a white, wife-beater and blue jeans, with a bottle of gin with him.

He actually kept his socks on, and his tee-shirt on for most of the massage, as the focus was to be on his neck, calves and arms. I did his arms, and neck first, and then did a little work on his shoulder blades. You could tell he appreciated it, but not enough to take the shirt off. I then went to his calves, and did some masterful work down there, if I do say so myself. I also did his thighs and did some butt work before I rimmed his ass. He thoroughly enjoyed that, so much so I didn't bother with a prostate massage and ate his ass out for about a half hour.

Of course, his dick was hard when he turned over and since my work was actually done for him, I went ahead and offered to get him off. When he said yes, I started eating his ass out again. This led to a tongue massage for his taint, and a tongue bath for his balls. And at this point, he was saying my name. I prolonged the agony by licking between his legs and his pubic hair as the whimper sand purrs came. I then started licking the shaft, just enough to keep him hard without going over the top. I massaged his balls with my hands some more before I finally put his meat in my mouth. I wrung the cum out of his cock, like water out of a rag, his tasty load hitting the roof of my mouth before falling on my tongue. I kept his dick in my mouth for five minutes, securing every drop, and draining him in the process. He laid there for quite some time before he finally left, but he has been back three times since. lol

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