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GLORYHOLE-Girl+Guy CockSuckers
I think Masterbation is good when theres noone around!! but if theirs someone there I would perfure to start out in the 69 possition, and both of us should be completly shaven so theirs not hair in the way and we can enjoy the Licking and Sucking untill we are so hot and hard that its time for some riding in the saddle! you see I was born in Texas so, that would say! Cowboys ride long in the saddle!!! but she'll enjoy the ride the best if shes allready climaxed for the first time when I'am licking her!!! then when she lets me ride she can cum again! I like a Girl that enjoys Sucking Cock from when I'am soft and shes has her nose tight against my belle and she is being still and just letting me lay inside her mouth! and shes only useing her tongue to move around and play with my soft cock all small! and I want her to just stay still and swallow normally and slowly as I'am feeling her with me all the way in her mouth and shes got me all the way in and playing She can feel my cock starting to grow all by itself! with out all that up and down sucking thing that girls think they need to do? TRY IT THIS WAY WITH YOUR NEXT COCK YOU SUCK GIRL! THEN AFTER WORDS ASK THE GUY WHAT HE THOUGHT OF YOUR PERFORMANCE? AND EMIAL ME AND TELL ME YOUR ANSEWERS!! ANYWAY! just keep suckelling your cock and letting it grow down your throat and keeping relaxed and letting it slide down your throat as it gets longer and longer and soon yoou;ll have all of it down your throat and your going to hear him mumbling things that will surprise you!! and watch him the next day with that Smile on his face, you will amaze him!! and when he is all hard and big and all the way down your throat! then just move you head only an inch or so away from his belle and back again while moving your tongue up and down on the bottom of his cock shaft! (OH! hes standing and your sitting on two or three pillows at his waist, eye to cock level!!or he's sticking his cock threw a GloryHole that you have somewhere in you home, on a wall or door! the hole should be about as big as a DVD or slightly bigger depending on your enjoyment of this secret Swallowing proformance, and when he cums! his cock will be so far down your throat that, you'll feel his cock throbbing and expanding and trobbing and shooting all his cum into you!! and you wont even have to swallow a drop! but don't stop here , continue to suckle and suck his lenght and you will feel him start to shrink , but keep suckling and using your tongue and keeping him deep! all the time you've kept your nose to the belle!!! Hes going to see you as a hole different women NOW!!! watch the chance in how he treats you after this!!!!! I would enjoy hearing from Girls that make GloryHoles in their Home or on their wooden fences in the back yard! or I guess you could build a shed in the back yard with a front door and a back door! with one door with a MENS! sign! and the other side door with a WOMENS sign, and with door knob locks ! and when your guy and you want to have some Gloryhole fun! just go to the shed! he gos to the MENS and You to the WOMENS! and if he has a party with the Guys!! your in the shed before anyone shows up! with your mini tv and or compter! waiting for some nice extra Cock to suck on!!!! Email me if you think this would be fun!!! If you have a cam recorder! you could start a collection of all the cock you will be sucking off!!! Lucky You!! or copy the video on to your computer! and send me a copy so I can Masturbate watching you sucking on all the Cock I inspired you into SUCKING!!! NOW! thats what I would enjoy!!!Seeing you enjoy yourself from the Idea of building a gloryhole in your backyard!!! the BYGHG-SHED(BACK-YARD-GLORYHOLE-SHED) I just want to have allot of GLORYHOLEGIRLS emailing me!!!!!

Topic(s): Exhibitionism


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I need a gloryhole
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Sorry not a girl but....
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Where are the Gloryholes?
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Looking to hook up?bigtnboy0291  0  5/25/2006[View All]

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