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wcfields2009 71M
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3/19/2017 11:12 am
Wiretap claim hurts president's credibility

The following is an editorial from today's Syracuse Post Standard. It sums up one of the problems I have with our current liar-in-chief.

It's time for President Donald Trump to put up or shut up. Either supply evidence that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign, or retract the claim and move on. The longer this farce drags out, the more Trump damages his credibility and demeans the office of the president of the United States.

Long before he was elected, Trump had a casual relationship with facts and a reluctance to admit error. (Exhibit A: the demonstrably false claim that Obama was not born in the United States. It took five years for Trump to retract it.) Winning the White House didn't change him. On Day Two of his presidency, Trump fumed about photos comparing the crowds at his inauguration to Obama's -- even though everyone could discern reality with their own eyes.

That was only the first inkling of the cloud of "alternative facts" emanating from the Trump White House, on matters great (i.e. the wiretapping business) and small (i.e. who actually wrote Trump's inaugural speech).

A White House statement made in all seriousness one day is written off as a joke the next. Laugh all you want about Kellyanne Conway's spying microwave; what the administration's shape-shifting rhetoric is doing to political discourse, and confidence in the executive office, is desperately unfunny.

It is not possible to have a rational debate about the policies being implemented by the new administration when you can't trust half of what is says. It is not possible for our allies and adversaries to conduct diplomacy when the words coming out of the administration change meaning from one day to the next.

Most worrisome is what might happen in a real crisis -- a terrorist incident, say, or a North Korean missile strike. Would the public believe the president? Would the world?

Trump and his staff are standing by the wiretapping claims, in the face of denials by Obama, members of the intelligence community and strong skepticism from both parties in Congress. FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify Monday in a public session of the House Intelligence Committee. He will be forced to address Trump's claims directly. That should put an end to all this tail-chasing.

The stated purpose of Comey's appearance is to discuss the FBI's investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election. It might be worse for Trump if it turns out the wiretaps of which he speaks were listening in on foreign actors talking to the Trump campaign. After all, it was routine surveillance of Russia's ambassador to the United States that led to the firing of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for prematurely discussing sanctions.

If the president is right, we'll admit our error. If he's proved wrong, will he?

wcfields2009 71M
1244 posts
3/19/2017 11:13 am

Think about this

wcfields2009 71M
1244 posts
3/19/2017 11:14 am

the next time

wcfields2009 71M
1244 posts
3/19/2017 11:15 am

that red-headed asshole

wcfields2009 71M
1244 posts
3/19/2017 11:16 am

tweets or proclaims some outrageous comment.

robbie565 68M
163 posts
3/19/2017 12:12 pm

In Trump World it seems that the truth is irrelevant. If the Donald wants to believe it's factual that's about all that matters. But I wonder how long this can continue. I wonder what campaign promises to believe and which promises were just convenient at the time. Was his oft-repeated pledge to protect Social Security and Medicare sincere? Will he stand by his promise to repeal the ACA and replace it without stripping people of their coverage? I can't see any way the DJT can fulfill his promises and I don't know which ones were insincere with no intention of actually following up.

OnDaFence 29M/37M  
15378 posts
3/19/2017 2:41 pm

I guess you will find out tomorrow March 20th just like the media , the congress, and we will just see. I am more surprised you didn't follow Madcow's lead and post his Tax returns...

wcfields2009 replies on 3/20/2017 4:50 am:
Bret, I'm surprised you keep defending a man who has been proven to be a liar time and time again. His entire campaign was based on lies (for example, Mexico will pay for THE WALL when his budget includes billions to pay for it). I really thought you were smarter than that.

goofy48 71M
1471 posts
3/19/2017 3:59 pm

Since Obama I have learned not to believe any of them and disappointed by all politicians.

We are in this mess because neither choice was appealing .

newfinder 67M
32567 posts
3/20/2017 5:03 am

The leading Rightwing newspaper Chain in Canada had a huge front page article calling Trump a pathological liar. To me, that is serious.



Take the road less travelled.

boux601 68M
267 posts
3/20/2017 9:47 am

It has been many years that I don't put much stock in anything any politicial has or will say

hamonman 57M
172 posts
3/20/2017 11:40 am

But the bigger question in all this is: Where's Richard Simmons?