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servingyou65 74M
22 posts
11/9/2008 2:27 am
Peep Shows and Glory Holes

I used to do a delivery route that took me to the southern part of Indiana. There was a Peep Show place there that had some great glory holes. On one visit I had gone into one of the booths and was jacking off when a fellow slightly older than myself came in. Of course my shorts were down around my ankles along with my briefs. As I masturbated watching the movie he began to play with my ass. I always carried a small tube of KY jelly with me and put some on his finger and he began to stimulate my opening. I've always found that stimulating so I spread my legs a little further apart so that he had better access to my ass. A short time later I came very hard and it felt extremely satisfying. The next week I stopped again at the Peep Show and, sure enough, he was there again. We nodded at each other and shortly after I entered the booth he came in with me. I brought some rubber gloves with me this time hoping I would see him again. I stripped my clothes off and laid them on the bench seat. I gave him a glove to put on and lubricated it for him. Soon he was playing with my ass as I masturbated and sniffed some poppers. He put a second finger and then a third finger in me. It was about all I could take but it felt pretty good particularly as I watched the movie and sniffed more of the poppers. It was very stimulating having him play with my ass, using the poppers and watching the movie. Once again, I came quite hard and found it very satisfying. I made sure to bring napkins to clean up with after we had finished. We did this for several weeks until I ended up on another route. The end result is that I enjoy having my ass played with including using dildos or having someone pumping their cock into me. I've probably lost a few brain cells from using the poppers but they really add to the experience. Unfortunately, here in Indy, they have closed down the Peep Shows and so I don't get to go anymore. I really miss them and the opportunity for some hot sex. Hence, my joining OP. Still no real luck meeting anyone, yet. But I remain hopeful. I have found that I also enjoy having a strap on used on me as I suck cock.

bsbillsmith12 60M

1/31/2009 10:21 pm

I was living in California several years ago and regularly visited an old theater that had been converted to adult. What a place! I was always cautious but I have seen it all there. There was a small area along back wall (between two entry doors, just below projector window) that was behind the last row of seats and was about 3' wide. It was pitch dark and you had to feel your way through. Always lots of moaning and groaning there.
Last time I was there I was standing there watching the film and stoking. There were a few people standing next to me and I moved over slowly to see what was happening. A woman reached over and stroked my cock (it was wet). It was typically no holds barred there as everyone knew why you were there. That was a surprise as almost entire clientele were males looking for males - especially that row. She leaned over while I squeezed her ass and whispered in my ear, "Will you fuck my husband's ass?" She then shown a pen light onto her husbands ass and you could see a man fucking her husband with a rather small cock. He was moaning and you could see it sliding in and out. I was shocked and turned down the offer, but things like that happened occasionally. There were always lots of blowing going on, and I would see men getting bent over and fucked in that row all the time.

servingyou65 74M
44 posts
2/4/2009 7:42 am

Mmmmmm, where in California? I would enjoy being the subject of someone's pleasure giving. Something about watching porn and getting fucked or sucking someone's cock while it is going on that I enjoy.