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nascarman69 62M
197 posts
4/22/2008 1:30 pm

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11/18/2008 8:25 am

Cum Lovers

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goinshirtless and sharing with U

macacoAdam 57M

3/2/2009 7:42 am

You're fuckin right. It's different from one to another guy. Taste, texture, volume. And that is what makes the cum experience so good.
Is there anything more intimate that a man can give to another? No!
I really don't like to waste a nectar like that.

HugoII 46M

8/25/2008 3:08 pm

I have had some terrible tasting cum before, but majority has been just slightly salty. Volume I've had everything from a dripping faucet to a firehose.
Speaking of firehose, the last load I swallowed the other day I swear I can still taste it, I didn't think he was going to stop.

nascarman69 62M
62 posts
7/7/2008 8:05 am

Hey thanx dudes for sharing. I totally agree as the pleasure is so fuckin hot and satisfying. Hope your loads are large, hot, and tasty. Kyle

goinshirtless and sharing with U

hipster51 59M
30 posts
7/6/2008 6:15 pm

I too love to suck cock, and take in a creamy load a well. I also agree that each man has his own taste, but it's all good, and I don't waste a drop. My favorite is the pre-cum. Now not all men produce it equally as well, so when I have a cock that oozes I take advantage and drain every drop. Volume doesn't make a difference to me either way, as long as their is a least 10cc.


suckmegoodus 64M

4/23/2008 1:10 am

Oh dude...I love sucking a guy until they cum. It's just a great feeling to feel their body as they get closer and closer....listening to them breath heavier and heavier...then the climax...feeling their cock in my mouth as they continue to release their cum. I agree that it's just a great salty and sweet taste at the same time... I agree that you shouldn't waste cum. My current boyfriend loves to jerk I am the clean up guy...still tastes great to me.

For those who don't like it...that's ok, that's what makes the world go would be the pits if we were all the same.

GWJRinDetroit 60M  
13547 posts
4/22/2008 10:23 pm

I understand some guys just don't want to swallow or even have any of it in there mouth. For me it is a reward for a job well done. Every guy taste differant from salty, to sweet, and even sour. It's just there diet. Only one was bitter and had to spit it out. Don't worry about volume, just be gald you got it and then give him yours.