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hardfayetteville 53M
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5/7/2008 8:36 pm

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7/4/2008 10:13 am

High School Swimming in the nude!

I was in Chicago and in High School when we had to swim in the nude. I think that is what did if for me, seeing all those cocks of all shapes and sizes. I wanted them all but I was in the closet. So did High School turn me gay, probably not but it helped guide me in that direction.

If you had the same or similiar experience, let me know?

GWJRinDetroit 60M  
13547 posts
5/8/2008 11:32 am

We had to swim nude in Jr High. They said it was to make us equal because some families could not affort suits for there kids. I think it was the couch and the teachers he let in to watch looking for boy cock. What ever the reason most of us got out of the pool hard not wanting to be the small guy. Yeah, there was a 13 year old called "meat" he should have been called "side of beef"

2shy2bhappy 71M

5/8/2008 9:33 am

We had swimming in the nude in our boy's phy ed class. When I was in High School (back in the '60s) our phy ed instructor would give a speech once a year about the terrible deviates who were homosexual. He would pull the whole class out of the pool and make them stand there while he told how to tell a "homo" and what a "homo" might want to do to us sweet young things. According to him, all homosexuals would wet their little finger in their mouths and run it over their eyebrows, while staring at you. That was supposed to be the way a homo let you know he was interested in you. Afterward I looked and looked and never did find anyone to give me that signal. There were more than a few of us nervously waiting for the speech to end after he had told us about blow jobs. Personally, I think he just did it to try to get someone hard so he could ridicule them. Ah, the good old days. That was part of our education.

hardfayetteville replies on 5/8/2008 10:54 am:

Thanks for the input. It was a different time then. Now the kids aren't even required to take showers at PE, which I find disgusting. I wish that I would have known I was gay then, I probably would have enjoyed it more, rather than feel uncomfortable. We never got the speech, maybe it would have kept me straight!!

shywade 29M

5/8/2008 4:16 am

I had enough trouble controling my cock wearing speedos, naked everyone would have known. How did you keep from boneing up all the time?lol

hardfayetteville replies on 5/8/2008 7:23 am:
Luckly I was a late bloomer, so it was hard in those days to tell, but I seemed to always be hard. Of course, I developed and more than make up for my shortcomings then.

bikinibriefsguy 50M
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5/7/2008 9:17 pm

We were all given these skimpy speedos in gym when we went swimming. I loved swimming - OMG !