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West Coast Friend.
Posted:Feb 20, 2017 2:55 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2017 7:27 pm

After a couple of years of back and forth sexting, I finally hook-up with this high yellow piece of manpussy. Even while driving to his hotel, I thought of backing out, discretion is paramount. And that's hard to accomplish in DC, and at a Major International Hotel, Not to mention parking. Had to park several blocks away so it seemed, and started to back out then. But once I parked I was determined to go and fuck this yellow piece of manpussy, he met me down stairs and when I saw him, I knew it was him. It was'nt like he was a flaming faggot but I just knew it was him. We walked through the lobby, and unto the elevator, started to grab him there but had to remember about cameras being everywhere, get to the door of his room, once that door opened, it was time for him to pay up for all the times of talking shit, missed opportunities the last time he was here, and basically for the shit I had went through the last month. Wasn't going to hurt him, but he sure was going to be fucked up his ass tonight. He wasted no time in getting my dick in his mouth and giving me a hell of a sucking, never had I seen such dickworship ( excellent ) started just to let him suck my dick and that's all. But I knew if I don't stick some dick up his ass it might not never happen. So we fall on the bed, I 'm grinding on his yellow ass getting ready to fuck him good. We get lubed up and start to work my cock in to this yellow ass. It takes a while it's quite tight, he's moaning doing his best to make it fit. Not once did he back out, he wants this as bad as I do. After about ten minutes it's finally in, I'm balls deep in this piece of manpussy, it's been TWO YEARS. Should I punish this ass for all the time and shit talking, OR should I put a good long fucking on his ass. Me and a condom, means you're about to be fucked for a long time. I begin fucking his ass slowly at first, then I pick up speed pounding his ass good, he's moaning and groaning making a lot of noise. But at no time did he run from the dick. No matter how hard I was fucking him, he took it all. After what seemed like forever, I stop take off the condom and lay on the bed, no sooner than I lay down, he's in between my legs sucking on my long narrow black dick, now this is some of the best dick sucking, I have had. He's very vocal about fucking and sucking, what can you say. I thought he would stop and give me the hand job that most do when they give up trying to get me to cum. Not him, he didn't run from the dick while I was fucking him and he was not running from the dick while sucking it. It was a enjoyable time together and if you get the chance, ( passionategaybtm ) to get some of this manpussy, it will be well worth the wait. It was for me, had a great time good luck in your search, Peace dig76.

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