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Due to an almost endless amount of most interesting subject facts, data and history, this blog of mine today will run a tad longer than most of my normal sized daily blog posts. So get that favorite cup of java, tea or energy drink and prepare to view a very important and key part of man kinds Kingdom of Enjoyment and Entertainment.

Yes Sports is the most valuable asset of the second side of man kinds makeup. After our Minds comes our Physical side that goes hand and hand in our development as coexisting people walking upright on two legs.

When not at foolish war always associated with the Need for Greed, Sports became a COMMON BOND between countries and geographical locations world wide.

"Although the ancient Games were staged in Olympia, Greece, from 776 BC through 393 AD, it took 1503 years for the Olympics to return. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The man responsible for its rebirth was a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who presented the idea in 1894."

A peaceful way to untie people in common cause, promote brotherhood while hosting a great format for witnessed and widely viewed competition.

Today sports is divided into two organized categories Amateur and Professional Levels.

These come about through the growing development of our children. Once focused center stage on Boys, today much advancement has taken place as our once classified as Weaker Sex have come a long way baby! (to quote a famous Virginia Slims cigarette ad campaign) as the Women's Liberation Movement caught fire.

Over the course of history, many mistaken ideas and beliefs were in place by those in power having the need to suit their own private needs and agenda's.

Enter 1976 with the introduction of College Women's Basketball being put on the sports map by a 5'10" female bundle of energy, hustle and determination in the form of Brooklyn NY born Nancy Leiberman.

Until such time. women were never considered true competing athletes outside of women's tennis and golf which were not even team sports.

Skills claimed by male college and pro basketball players clearly displayed speed, power, coordination, and defensive skills. Jumping and rebounding abilities, swift crisp passing, dribbling and shooting skills while rapidly moving or even well up in the air.

Certainly not meant for future mothers and homemakers to enter the so called Men's Private Arena's of hardwood courts.

Yet the famous playgrounds of New York city was a hotbed for chain hung only rimmed outdoor baskets overlooking the 10 foot below hard black pavement.

Perhaps the greatest to emerge was one Connie Hawkins considered by most in the know, as the greatest pure Amateur outdoor playground pavement product ever.

Enter one Nancy Leiberman who around age 13 started playing with the big boys and more than holding her own in her point guard position back around 1971.

Recruited by Old Dominion University and given a full four year athletic scholarship, Lady Magic as she became knick named swiftly launched the arriving Era of Ladies College Basketball all across America.

Yes soon famous NBA LA Laker Ervin Magic Johnson had a female counterpart to share his Magic title with. Nancy's special and unique shooting abilities far surpassed Ervin's marksmanship stats over the course of their comparative careers.

Who could really pass the basketball better in the all important assists department is still a matter of scattered debate amongst faithful basketball sports fans to this very day?

With ESPN (Entertainment Sports Program Network 1970) airing 24/7 three hundred and sixty five days a year and greatly needing sporting event filming to accompany its live sports reporting department, a new marriage was born.

A stroke of genius or perhaps pure well timed luck?..........ESPN never expected the sudden mass following of a once non existent Female viewing audience and interested Fan Base market. Women's team sports had almost overnight suddenly caught on and spread like wildfire in the quickly expanding TV Cable Ratings Races for peak sponsorship revenues.

A new following had started and surprisingly, while Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and a little later Michael Jordon commanded the Professional viewing and attendance markets in the mid too late 70's, women's basketball also was growing by leaps and bounds.

Enter University of Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summit (1974 to 2012) whose 1098 career victories coaching the Lady Vols is the ALL Time most wins by a single coach in ANY SPORT at the Amateur or Professional Levels.

Patricia Summitt mother, coach, teacher and motivator supreme, passed away after a 5 year long declining battle with Alzheimer's Disease this past June. Her best selling sports and human life biography SUM IT UP raised millions of dollars in providing much needed new research Hope for the Alzheimer's Foundation.

Like most of our history, certain events and people spark followings that spawn growth with even more acceptance and popularity.

Enter in 1985 to the Storrs Connecticut campus of the University of Connecticut Women's Huskies basketball coaching ranks, one Italian Born immigrant to America, Luigi Geno Auriemma.

In assuming leadership over this below average program, Geno (as he prefers to be called) had a very obtainable plan in mind like most great athletic coaches always seem to hold in reserve.

Naturally Pat Summits Lady Vols ruled and dominated College Women's Division One Rankings in terms of both numbers of seasonal victories as well as the coveted collection of National NCAA Championship crowns. (8 in all )

Reaching Tennessee's level of play was a slow process for the Lady Huskies located in New England where few teams of any sport, rival all the other national geographical regions in competitive status.

Right now while I am creating this article, The UConn Ladies Huskies have a streak of Winning 103 consecutive games both in regular season and post season tournament form. Thus breaking their 90 game win streak set 2008 to 2010.

With a lifetime record of 970 wins and only 134 total losses. Coach Aurienna has an truly amazing lifetime winning percentage of 879 %.

This includes collecting Eleven (11) National titles to date with no foreseeable reason why his lady Huskies wont stuff a few more in their already crowded prized Storrs Ct. Trophy case.

In part two tomorrow, I will go into further depth about how these amazing coaches and women athletes have accomplished such historic feats based upon two supreme intangibles.

DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION! (please join me)

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In duh world of sports they need gym shoes to get points I'm not Kedding