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1/11/2017 6:33 am

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1/13/2017 6:23 am


It was on last July 4th Independence day Celebration that two of our long time members in here were reunited after an 8 year separation.

Young Redsky 100 had left his proud father Redsky 1000 in order to raise his new family of Deer Bonnet his young pretty dark haired squaw wife and their twins boys Red Hawk and Hawk Wings.

Now sitting Indian style on the edge of a Yellow Stone scenic cliff nearly a mile high, only deep thoughts from within each of them taxed their active minds. No words were exchanged during this period of silent thankful prayer.

It was a tiny speck far off in the distant sky that most humans would have never spotted that suddently gathered their full attentions. As the minutes passed it became much closer and thus far larger also.

How magnificent was this lone bald eagle gliding and hovering effortlessly within the invisible thermo currents brought on by the suns heating up trillions of tons of Yellowstone's historic rocks.

After many minutes young Redsky's tongue broke their mutual silence with a question to his well respected dad.

;Father does that great eagle truly enjoy the powers given to him by the Great Spirit

;My son the Eagle glides so that it can spot CARRION below in which to feed upon;

But father this CARRIION you speak of is never listed on the Menu's of all the many diners I have eaten in while driving my tractor trailer truck!"

Your are badly mistaken my son, it listed on the back of every single diner menu if you look hard enough at the back page and very bottom


Footnote: In march of 2013, Redsky 1000 was found to have lost some 84% of his hearing in both ears and thus was given a prescription for two state of the art hearing aids that cost $ 1,975.55. This was not covered by Obama Care and thus poor Redsky is doomed for a lifetime of very hard hearing.

Also that Rosebud Diner in the pics is a great crusing place that offers an extra large glory hole in the mens room but you must buy at least a coffee and piece of home made Virgin cherry pie to use it..

REDSKY100_ 32M
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1/11/2017 7:26 am

It's not the trip you take that's really important, its the grounds you cover that counts.

(dad when I get my 2grand five years of driving bonus check, I'm going to buy you those two hearing aids so that mighty reservation owl can awake you each morning to a new day of life!

Redsky1000_ 60M
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1/11/2017 7:30 am

My son redsky 100. I need not those hearing aids promised. Instead have your twin sons use it for karate lesson's as they will need to properly defend themselves growing up.!

Judge_C_Fairley_ 57M
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1/11/2017 7:33 am

Often during my presiding over trails, my bailiff after swearing in all witnesses
also says quite loudy..


_FBIoverride137 35M
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1/11/2017 8:28 am

During my first three years as a new FBI Agent, I had to work with Homeland Security Agents practicing Air Port Security!!!!!

Now I can speak as a classified expert on the subject of


Forest__Hump 53M
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1/11/2017 8:35 am

as ah scary movie buff, I loved Steven Kings hit movies about Carrie!

The Carrie films ares a re-imagining of the horror novel about Carrie White (Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Moore), who uses her telekinetic powers with devastating effect after being a victim of a cruel prank at her senior prom.

My favorite one of them was the third one where


Chester_Da_Mole 38M
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1/11/2017 8:45 am

When Trump takes office the Federal Air Lines size regulations are sure the change yet again for baggage sizes overhead passenger loading.

Yes new CARRY ON luggage will have to be yet again purchased costing flying passengers yet million and millions of dollars more.. perhaps if you read this poem that happened to me some years back, you might save yourselfs a lot of money by taking a dam Grayhound bus for all your domestic travels. So heres my story...


While aboard a Florida bound jet
Cruising along at some 28,000 feet

I suddenly had to take myself a wicked dump
So I dashed franticly, leaving my third class seat

Much to my anger and dismay
The sign read OUT OF ORDER

This about the very same dam time
We flew over the dam Georgia border

With Mother Nature very unforgiving
In issuing people a second dam chance

My bowels let go, with a nasty flow
Good gracious, I had just shit my pants

It was that fat redneck big mouthed lady
Taking up two full isle seats for herself
That yelled out loud, and not too freakin proud
For the dam flight attendants to come and help

Totally outraged and ripshit, I began to shout
It's running down both legs, get a bedpan out!!!!

The pilot called traffic control in Atlanta
As 87 other passengers began to barf

From those six taco bell hot burrito’s
I had wolfed down just before dark

I wish I could tell you all
That thing’s worked out great

But that is not really what happened at all
As Homeland Security, was waiting at the gate

Wearing gas masks under their riot helmets
We all were filmed by channel 22's news

One might have thought I was a terrorist
Instead of having just an accident or two

Yes I was roughly water boarded
three hoses were indeed sprayed

As the crap flew
while I was black and blued
I'll never forget that day

I should have used Delta,
what was I thinking flying United ?

"I'm part Native American" I screamed,

LckurnutsI 54M
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1/11/2017 2:50 pm

markivany69 58M  
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2/26/2017 1:41 pm

I loved it have not been in same situation but maybe close i have laughed over it with sympathy but we all need to laugh at things where no one seriously hurt but feelings count too.