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Julie_Tgirl 67T
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4/14/2017 3:52 pm
Easter Sunday...Bunny Day!

A couple of days ago Husband mentioned it was Easter coming up on Sunday and asked me, “Baby, don’t you have a bunny outfit to wear?” He talks to me just like I am a woman and I luv it!
I wondered what he was talking about because he did mention Easter and I never had a rabbit suit or Easter Bunny outfit to wear and I told him that.
“No sweetie, not that, you told me once you had a Playboy Bunny uniform,” he said. Well I do have a Bunny uniform that I bought years ago for a Halloween costume that I only wore on one Halloween. This costume was not the typical run of the mill cheap Halloween costume but was an actual Bunny uniform very similar to what the girls wear in the Playboy Clubs. I did mention it to him once before that I had one and would wear it for him sometime but I had forgotten all about it. One of my dream jobs that I wanted to be was a Playboy Bunny. I wanted to be a Bunny as much if not more than I wanted to be a Vegas type showgirl.
The other uniform costumes I have are cheerleader uniforms and I have a Rams because being born in southern CA and close to LA, I was a Rams fan before they moved to St. Louis and still remained a fan even after. I am happy that they are now back in LA. Husband is a 49er fan and before we married and he first moved in with me I bought a 49ers cheerleader’s uniform. I wear my uniforms mostly on Sundays during the games. When the Rams and Niners play each other I wear each but change at half time. He wants me to do cheers for him and copy moves that we see the cheerleaders do on TV. One that I do most is turn my back to him, stick my butt out and shake and wiggle it at him while I turn my head back smile seductively at him. Then there are my Elvira, Mistress of the Dark costume that I wear most Halloweens and also my Peggy Bundy outfit that I have wore a few times. I was Sarah Palin once but that just consisted of a wig of the way she wears her hair, the glasses and a one piece women’s swimsuit similar to what they wear in beauty pageants and a sash that said Miss Alaska on it.
So anyway Husband wanted me to go find my Bunny uniform and show it to him with me in it. I went in my closet and in a chest of drawers inside I found the Bunny outfit with all its accessories in the bottom drawer. I laid it all out on the bed and stripped naked getting ready to put it on. My makeup was still fresh from the morning application and my hair was brushed, my nails finger and toe both had just been freshly painted a couple of days before the same shade of red as my lipstick and my prosthetic cunt was glued on to me plus I had large gold hoop earrings hanging from my earlobes. First was the black semi opaque back seamed tights similar to a good pair of panty hose. I worked each leg sleeve up my legs and pulled the waistband up over my hips and around my waist. At the crotch I looked just like a woman with no male bulge but just the gentle bulge of a woman’s vulva and even had a two finger gap at the juncture of my thighs. The prosthetic makes a great gaff and after I push my testicles up into my body and place my flaccid penis (which is always flaccid anymore) in the sleeve on the back side of the realistic cunt so I can pee while wearing it I press it to my body and it sticks to me just like it is a real body part. I have applied some of the medical grade adhesive on the back side of the prosthetic and also some on my skin where it will sit on me the adhesive bonds immediately and it is on me like it is part of me. This adhesive lasts for days but I remove and replace it about every 4 days to do a little maintenance and cleaning on that part of my body and put on a fresh clean prosthetic. One good thing about always flaccid and E.D. is it is easier to do my tuck.
The body suit is like a corset and is steel boned to shape the waist but I do put on a waist cincher to help give me the hourglass shape.
I take the pastel pink satin corset type body suit of the uniform in my hands and sit on the bed while I put my legs through the holes. I stand up and pull the body suit up over my hips and abdomen until the bra cups were over my boobs but fit loosely. I worked the bodysuit in place and then used my special tool I made, which is a wand about 18 inches long with a swivel hook on one end. The bodysuit is back zip and I reach behind me and place the hook through the hole in the zipper tab and then use both hands with my arms up and elbows on each side of my head I reach back and pull the wand upward, it takes both hands and zipping up the back of my bodysuit up to my mid back.
The bodysuit is stiff and with the steel boning can be uncomfortable to wear. I have known 2 GGs that were actual Bunnies and they told me that a Bunny uniform is the most uncomfortable and ungodly thing they have ever worn.
So now it is on me very tight and it has my waist pulled in to give me some shape. It fits tightly over my boobs but I have to put them in place and adjust them in the cups. I use my right hand to reach under the material of the cup on the left side and place my hand inside the cup and pull up my breast and at the same time pulling it to the center of my chest then pull my hand out. I then do the same thing with my left hand on my right boob and after I’m done both my breast are pushed up and close together. I have a nice cleavage and the cup material just covers my nipples. Oh, I just luv having boobs!
Next are my bunny ears which are mounted on a flexible plastic horseshoe shaped head clip that holds the ears in place above my head. I place the white choker collar around my neck covering my throat and reach under my hair in the back and button it. It has a black bowtie in the front attached to it. The white wrist cuffs resemble the cuffs of a man’s dress shirt or tuxedo shirt and they have cufflinks. They cuffs are snug enough so they won’t slide up my forearm lift I left my hands. The last is my Bunny cotton tail that has a hook. At the bottom of the bodysuit zipper is a little slot that the hook from the tail fits into to hold it in place just above my butt.
I have everything on now except my shoes. Bunnies wear pumps but I prefer strappy sandals with ankle straps and stiletto heels. I normally wear 3 inch heels but for this occasion I will wear 4 inch heels.
I took a look at myself in the full length dressing mirror. Transitioning from male to female, bone structure is what it is and if too late in life cannot be changed. My hips are not as wide or defined as a natural woman’s and I had the appearance of a woman but with slightly narrow hips. The steel boning of the bodysuit and the cincher underneath did give me a female shape and somewhat of an hourglass.
I come from first being feminized in the 1950s when I was a child and started living as a woman in the late 1960s but today the young girls have easier access to better hormones mainly estrogen and progesterone and are coming out and starting at an earlier age. They can develop a female bone structure if they start early enough and have more natural female traits. Many preteens are coming out and being diagnosed as transgender and most are male to female. I saw one that was 9 and already was feminine and living as a girl and her mother got her started on HRT. There are many pics on Pinterest of young transwomen and transgirls. They are able to get a start on life much earlier than us older girls could.
So now I am all done and step into the living room. I got Husband’s attention when I stepped in the room and he had a look of approval on his face. I did a slow 360 for him so he could see all of me.
I sat next to him on the couch as we talked about the Bunny uniform. He loved it on me. He got really turned and led me to the bedroom and helped me take off the uniform and screwed me in the butt fuck position.
After sex we lay on bed and I on my side curled up next to him with my head on his chest and we talked. He told me that he wants me to wear my Bunny suit all day on long Easter from early morning until at night when we go to bed. He also told me to wear the 4 inch heels. I just think about how uncomfortable that is going to be all day and night like that and my poor feet with the 4 inch heels. I will do as he says because he is the Dom Husband and I am the sub and bottom wife. I do what my Husband tells me to do!

Julie_Tgirl 67T
1112 posts
4/14/2017 3:53 pm

A day without dick up the ass is like a day without sunshine...

Julie_Tgirl 67T
1112 posts
4/14/2017 3:54 pm

But wait a minute! There is no sunshine where that dick goes!

Julie_Tgirl 67T
1112 posts
4/14/2017 3:55 pm

They always say ...put it where the sun does not shine!

Julie_Tgirl 67T
1112 posts
4/14/2017 3:58 pm

I wonder what it looks like inside from different angles with a dick thrusting up the ass...up my ass?

JoRay63 54M
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4/14/2017 5:09 pm

WOW what HOT Story !!!!!!

Julie_Tgirl replies on 4/15/2017 11:20 am:
TY! Glad you liked it. Tomorrow will be the day that I will have to be a Bunny for about 14 hours. 4 inch heels; my poor feet, legs and lower back. I have aspirin, Tylenol and weed to help. I will probably be stoned most of the day. That will also help with the tight waist restricting corset. There is gay church in Reno and although Husband and I are basically agnostic and not deeply religious we have attended on a few occasions but Husband did tease me and said he may take me there as a Bunny. I hope he doesn't but I will go if he insist. Secretly inside I might like it because I like displaying my femininity in different ways and very seldom children are there, never have been any the times we have been there.

OnDaFence 29M/37M  
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4/14/2017 8:27 pm

Get some pics posted and remember to mark them so they stay yours.