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From a woman's point of view:

General chat from a Tgirl

Easter Sunday...Bunny Day!
Posted:Apr 14, 2017 3:52 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2017 5:57 pm

A couple of days ago Husband mentioned it was Easter coming up on Sunday and asked me, “Baby, don’t you have a bunny outfit to wear?” He talks to me just like I am a woman and I luv it!
I wondered what he was talking about because he did mention Easter and I never had a rabbit suit or Easter Bunny outfit to wear and I told him that.
“No sweetie, not that, you told me once you had a Playboy Bunny uniform,” he said. Well I do have a Bunny uniform that I bought years ago for a Halloween costume that I only wore on one Halloween. This costume was not the typical run of the mill cheap Halloween costume but was an actual Bunny uniform very similar to what the girls wear in the Playboy Clubs. I did mention it to him once before that I had one and would wear it for him sometime but I had forgotten all about it. One of my dream jobs that I wanted to be was a Playboy Bunny. I wanted to be a Bunny as much if not more than I wanted to be a Vegas type showgirl.
The other uniform costumes I have are cheerleader uniforms and I have a Rams because being born in southern CA and close to LA, I was a Rams fan before they moved to St. Louis and still remained a fan even after. I am happy that they are now back in LA. Husband is a 49er fan and before we married and he first moved in with me I bought a 49ers cheerleader’s uniform. I wear my uniforms mostly on Sundays during the games. When the Rams and Niners play each other I wear each but change at half time. He wants me to do cheers for him and copy moves that we see the cheerleaders do on TV. One that I do most is turn my back to him, stick my butt out and shake and wiggle it at him while I turn my head back smile seductively at him. Then there are my Elvira, Mistress of the Dark costume that I wear most Halloweens and also my Peggy Bundy outfit that I have wore a few times. I was Sarah Palin once but that just consisted of a wig of the way she wears her hair, the glasses and a one piece women’s swimsuit similar to what they wear in beauty pageants and a sash that said Miss Alaska on it.
So anyway Husband wanted me to go find my Bunny uniform and show it to him with me in it. I went in my closet and in a chest of drawers inside I found the Bunny outfit with all its accessories in the bottom drawer. I laid it all out on the bed and stripped naked getting ready to put it on. My makeup was still fresh from the morning application and my hair was brushed, my nails finger and toe both had just been freshly painted a couple of days before the same shade of red as my lipstick and my prosthetic cunt was glued on to me plus I had large gold hoop earrings hanging from my earlobes. First was the black semi opaque back seamed tights similar to a good pair of panty hose. I worked each leg sleeve up my legs and pulled the waistband up over my hips and around my waist. At the crotch I looked just like a woman with no male bulge but just the gentle bulge of a woman’s vulva and even had a two finger gap at the juncture of my thighs. The prosthetic makes a great gaff and after I push my testicles up into my body and place my flaccid penis (which is always flaccid anymore) in the sleeve on the back side of the realistic cunt so I can pee while wearing it I press it to my body and it sticks to me just like it is a real body part. I have applied some of the medical grade adhesive on the back side of the prosthetic and also some on my skin where it will sit on me the adhesive bonds immediately and it is on me like it is part of me. This adhesive lasts for days but I remove and replace it about every 4 days to do a little maintenance and cleaning on that part of my body and put on a fresh clean prosthetic. One good thing about always flaccid and E.D. is it is easier to do my tuck.
The body suit is like a corset and is steel boned to shape the waist but I do put on a waist cincher to help give me the hourglass shape.
I take the pastel pink satin corset type body suit of the uniform in my hands and sit on the bed while I put my legs through the holes. I stand up and pull the body suit up over my hips and abdomen until the bra cups were over my boobs but fit loosely. I worked the bodysuit in place and then used my special tool I made, which is a wand about 18 inches long with a swivel hook on one end. The bodysuit is back zip and I reach behind me and place the hook through the hole in the zipper tab and then use both hands with my arms up and elbows on each side of my head I reach back and pull the wand upward, it takes both hands and zipping up the back of my bodysuit up to my mid back.
The bodysuit is stiff and with the steel boning can be uncomfortable to wear. I have known 2 GGs that were actual Bunnies and they told me that a Bunny uniform is the most uncomfortable and ungodly thing they have ever worn.
So now it is on me very tight and it has my waist pulled in to give me some shape. It fits tightly over my boobs but I have to put them in place and adjust them in the cups. I use my right hand to reach under the material of the cup on the left side and place my hand inside the cup and pull up my breast and at the same time pulling it to the center of my chest then pull my hand out. I then do the same thing with my left hand on my right boob and after I’m done both my breast are pushed up and close together. I have a nice cleavage and the cup material just covers my nipples. Oh, I just luv having boobs!
Next are my bunny ears which are mounted on a flexible plastic horseshoe shaped head clip that holds the ears in place above my head. I place the white choker collar around my neck covering my throat and reach under my hair in the back and button it. It has a black bowtie in the front attached to it. The white wrist cuffs resemble the cuffs of a man’s dress shirt or tuxedo shirt and they have cufflinks. They cuffs are snug enough so they won’t slide up my forearm lift I left my hands. The last is my Bunny cotton tail that has a hook. At the bottom of the bodysuit zipper is a little slot that the hook from the tail fits into to hold it in place just above my butt.
I have everything on now except my shoes. Bunnies wear pumps but I prefer strappy sandals with ankle straps and stiletto heels. I normally wear 3 inch heels but for this occasion I will wear 4 inch heels.
I took a look at myself in the full length dressing mirror. Transitioning from male to female, bone structure is what it is and if too late in life cannot be changed. My hips are not as wide or defined as a natural woman’s and I had the appearance of a woman but with slightly narrow hips. The steel boning of the bodysuit and the cincher underneath did give me a female shape and somewhat of an hourglass.
I come from first being feminized in the 1950s when I was a child and started living as a woman in the late 1960s but today the young girls have easier access to better hormones mainly estrogen and progesterone and are coming out and starting at an earlier age. They can develop a female bone structure if they start early enough and have more natural female traits. Many preteens are coming out and being diagnosed as transgender and most are male to female. I saw one that was 9 and already was feminine and living as a girl and her mother got her started on HRT. There are many pics on Pinterest of young transwomen and transgirls. They are able to get a start on life much earlier than us older girls could.
So now I am all done and step into the living room. I got Husband’s attention when I stepped in the room and he had a look of approval on his face. I did a slow 360 for him so he could see all of me.
I sat next to him on the couch as we talked about the Bunny uniform. He loved it on me. He got really turned and led me to the bedroom and helped me take off the uniform and screwed me in the butt fuck position.
After sex we lay on bed and I on my side curled up next to him with my head on his chest and we talked. He told me that he wants me to wear my Bunny suit all day on long Easter from early morning until at night when we go to bed. He also told me to wear the 4 inch heels. I just think about how uncomfortable that is going to be all day and night like that and my poor feet with the 4 inch heels. I will do as he says because he is the Dom Husband and I am the sub and bottom wife. I do what my Husband tells me to do!
Julie's Boobs 17
Posted:Mar 2, 2017 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2017 10:48 pm

My last bras I bought were 38C so I guess that I could be now officially a C cup girl. When I was a B cup and smaller, I did want bigger boobs and thought if they quit growing at a B that I would get a boob job to achieve a D cup. If I were to have my own tits growing off my chest that were part of my body, I wanted jugs. But I also had thought that if I could achieve at least a C cup on my own and naturally, that I would be satisfied and not need augmentation.
As we get older it takes a little more and longer to heal from any type of surgery. So whatever breast development a woman my age can achieve naturally on her own is best. Plus the fact that if I stay with what I have naturally I will not have to worry about implant leakage or having implants replaced every few years like many women do.
Right now I am satisfied with my breasts and ruling out augmentation, for now. But I am a woman and like many women do and are known for might just change my mind and want jug status on my boobs. They have actually already served as milk jugs so to speak because I did achieve lactation and milked myself with my electric Medela breast pump and bottled it for a young mom that needed it for her baby and I also nursed the baby from my own breasts because Husband and I helped her more by me babysitting for her while she worked. Babies do take a woman’s nipple deeper into their mouths than I realized and was surprised. They draw it deep back into their throat because they are doing it for food and survival, and not just for fun and pleasure like a man or another woman sucking on a woman’s breast. This was another thing that reinforced my feelings of being a woman. Husabnd also liked watching me nurse and breast feed a baby and was amazed because I was born male. I loved the fact that I was giving an infant nourishment from my own breasts.
I have quit lactating since then after the young mom moved away with her baby and back with her parents but walking around with milk in my breasts was one more thing that made me feel so much like a woman. It did take some expensive equipment and much work to achieve lactation. Conditions also had to be just right. I have everything inside my breasts that a woman has; milk glands and milk ducts, etc, that are needed for a woman to produce milk. I also had to have the proper female hormones.
My husband likes my boobs as they are and he does feel me up often and sucks on them and kisses me all over my breasts. He says it is up to me if I do augmentation or not and he is happy with me just the way I am but he would not object to me having bigger boobs. As I have mentioned before he does feel me up a lot and some times in the night I will be awakened with my baby doll nightie pushed up above my boobs and Husband is sucking on one breast while massaging the other with his hand. Sometimes he wakes me up in the morning doing that to me.
My boobs do bounce, jiggle and sway when I walk or run and do that more noticeably if I’m not wearing a bra and those same movements can still be detected with certain bras. My push-up and demi bras do pretty much hold my rack in place but some of my softer full coverage bras do allow freedom of movement.
I do luv wearing bras because it’s a womanly thing to do but at the breast cancer events that Husband and I attended I did not wear a bra while participating in the walk or jog because I wanted freedom of movement with my boobs bouncing and jiggling under my women’s pink T-shirt as I moved. Husband and I will continue to attend and participate in any breast cancer events that we can easily get to.
My boobs do get to swaying a bit if Husband is doing me doggy style or if I get on top and sit on him and start bouncing up and down on his dick or grinding my bottom in a circular motion while on his pelvis while he is inserted inside me. Husband does reach up and put his hands on my boobs if I’m on top.
Just like many women with natural breasts if I am lying on my back my boobs will flatten somewhat but not completely flatten and lean toward my armpits. I do not have any inserts to hold them in the straight up position.
At the breast cancer events people think that I am a real woman and GG and do not act like they know I’m a transwoman. If they did think I might be a transwoman/shemale they don’t care because it is kind of a sisterhood at the events rather GG or TG because we all have boobs, excluding the men of course but transwomen and shemales can get breast cancer and die from it also. I have learned of other transwomen attending those events also and they pass as real women. Us transwomen have varying techniques but we are all expert at tucking so that we look like a GG in the groin without any tell tale male bulge. At the events we all have one common goal and that is fighting breast cancer.
I have had one mammogram so far for cancer screening and to verify that I do have real female breasts and I am now due for another. It has already been determined that my breasts are the real deal and actual female mammaries from my first mammography but my mammograms from now on will be yearly exams to check for breast cancer. Mammograms are uncomfortable and some say they are painful but to me they are something us women need to do and me having them done does kind of excite me because they are a female thing to do. Stuff like that just makes me feel more like a woman.
The female breast has mammary glands, nodules and milk glands with milk ducts going from the nodule to the nipple for milk delivery. I saw these in the pictures they took during my mammogram and looks like a road map or map of rivers leading from the nodules and glands from various places in the breast and all ducts meeting at the nipple. There is also the fatty tissue and fat cells that surround the glands and ducts under the skin inside the breast and yes, I have that too and that is what determines the size and shape of the breast. Muscles behind the breasts help hold them up and projecting outward. In some colored illustrations of the female anatomy that show veins, arteries and organs there will be a yellowish glob of tissue where the breasts are located and I have that.
Gynecomastia has to do with female breast growth and males can get gynecomastia from a hormonal imbalance. It happens in boys sometimes and is an unwanted and dreaded condition. Boys can be mentally devastated when they learn they are growing female breasts. Imagine what it would be like to a boy in his Little League uniform or gym clothes or locker room and he has noticeable breast growth under his uniform top or if he takes off his shirt at a swimming pool. Many cases surgery is required to remove the breast tissue but it can also go away on its own with age.
My doctor told me that I might have gynecomastia when I talked to him about the swelling on my chest and the two small mounds that seemed to be forming. He gave me a manual breast exam and at the same time asked me what I have been doing. I told him of my estrogen regimen of diet and supplements, smoking weed and how I felt my testosterone was decreasing and he said that I could very well have gynecomastia. To be sure he arranged a mammography and blood test for me. I could not get the regular female hormone panel that a GG gets because I do not have the internal plumbing of a female but they did a different type of blood and saliva test on me to determine my levels of female hormones.
My testosterone level was also tested but I already felt that my testosterone was low because of changes in my body. One was I was losing body hair and when I was younger in denial of my feminine side I was a fairly hairy guy on my chest, down my abdomen, legs and butt crack. This has been changing and my body has become much less hairy and almost hair free. Decreasing testosterone is normal as males get older and I was losing mine faster because I was trying to become more feminine and like a woman. I would have to shave my body often when I was younger and exiting a male mode to a female mode. I do not have to do much shaving now. During the hormone tests my testosterone was very low and my estrogen and other female hormones were dominant. To aid with the female hormone levels I started my estrogen regimen and started using a male hormone and testosterone blocker called Spironolactone, us girls that use it called it Spiro or Spirno. Much of the testosterone is from the testicles and this is another reason I want to be castrated. I may not have to use the Spiro if I do not have testicles. My doctor said that it depends on the individual of how one’s body reacts to desperate measures. If I do get castrated I will want my penis amputated also and be sewn back up so it looks like I have a beaver down there, sewn back up so that it looks like I have a slit with ‘pussy lips’ and a cunt. Yes, I want to look like a woman down there. If I do not have a vagina constructed and cut into me the healing time will be much faster and easier, all my life I have been using my rectum as my vagina anyway. Husband is supportive of this as he supports anything I do to make me more like a woman. I will never ever use my penis or testicles again in my life and they are useless in the way parts that I don’t need. I have already committed myself to being a woman the rest of my life. Without the penis and testicles I will not need to use the prosthetic pussy glued to me anymore because I will have a beaver and cunt down there and panties and swimsuits will fit me better and make me look like a natural woman down there with no male bulge. I do have the female gap at the juncture of my thighs with the prosthetic attached so my guess is that I will still have the gap down there between my legs if I don’t have a penis and testicles in the way.
My diet and regimen of estrogen and other female hormones is; estrogen and progesterone supplement tablets and capsules plus an estrogen elevating diet, which is soy products and tofu, lots of sunflower seeds on my salads and I use fennel, fenugreek (some of us call it femugreek, femu for feminizing you and Greek for getting fucked in the ass) and other foods that promote and elevate estrogen levels. I try to avoid foods that promote testosterone levels.
The sensations of having my boobs squeezed or massaged is much like having my butt squeezed or felt up. I can feel the hand squeezing and the pressure of it. My nipples have the most sensation. Husband does feel up my butt a lot and probably more than he does my boobs.
Something that I have been thinking about and like to experience is having my breasts kissed and sucked on by another woman. I would like to experience lesbian love making on my breasts.
In Nevada we can now smoke weed legally
Posted:Feb 24, 2017 11:27 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2017 9:36 am

The new law was voted on last election and passed by the vote of the people. It went into effect 1/1/17. But there are stipulations; only 1 ounce of smokeable marijuana can be in possession and they do have DUI laws against being stoned while operating a vehicle. One can have weed in their vehicle as long as they are not consuming it while driving. It can only be smoked in a private residence.

The legal age limit is 21.There will be stores that recreational pot can be purchased but those will not be up and running until maybe June or July. People can grow their own as long as they are over 25 miles away from a shop that sells recreational marijuana. So the way I read the law we can grow it up until they have established medical marijuana stores.

Each person growing 420 is allowed to have up to 3 plants per person in a household. So Husband and I can have 6 plants. But we will probably be within the 25 mile range after recreational pot shops are established. I do have a few acres in the Nevada desert that is well away from any civilization and more than 25 miles that we may grow our own. We prefer to grow our own because that way we know will be getting an organic product that we know is not chemically treated. We will keep it at the legal limit and only keep a legal amount around the house.

A few times in these blogs and also some OP groups that I'm in I have mentioned that marijuana is an aphrodisiac for me. It makes me very horny as a woman and all I can think about when stoned is getting a hard dick shoved up my ass and getting soundly fucked. It makes Husband horny too but for him and many men it makes them want to fuck a nice tight warm hole. I have talked to other 'girls' and 'women' like me that marijuana affects them the same way it does me.

Husband and I do use weed regularly but mostly at night after our day is done and much of time before we go to bed to fuck. Sometimes I will smoke some during the day when I do my sissy hypnosis using internet videos, audio tapes, CDs or DVDs and being stoned while doing self hypo makes it more effective and easier to go into trance.
During dinner I asked him if he would like a piece of my tail.
Posted:Feb 21, 2017 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2017 4:04 am

On Valentine’s Day, Husband took me out to dinner that night. He had to work that day and but he had previously made dinner reservations for us at an upscale dinner house.
He came home with a dozen roses, red and pink mixed; a heart shaped box of candy and a gift box that was wrapped in pink paper with red ribbons and a Valentine’s Day card.
In the gift box was a transparent pink baby doll nightie that he would want me to wear to bed that night and I would and did. He has bought me nighties for Valentine’s Day before and I wore them to bed on those nights but they were red.
I do have one red cocktail dress to wear sometimes and that was what I wore to dinner. Underneath I had on a black corset with garter straps and also a pushup bra, panty and stockings all black and my hose were back seamed with Cuban heel and toe welts. I did not have red shoes to match the dress so I wore a pair of black strappy sandals (ankle strap) with a 4 inch stiletto heel. I do wear 4 inch heels on occasion but usually wear 3 inch heels if out and about and sometimes 2 inch just around the house.
I do not have a red purse either so I took my black clutch that matches my shoes.
But before getting ready for dinner and when Husband came home I was totally naked waiting for him to come home. I had showered and was freshly shaved and my face madeup and freshly douched to be clean inside for Husband to fuck. The only clothing I had on was the same 4 inch heels that I was going to wear that night. I did smoke some weed about ½ hour before he was due home just so I would be hornier and in the proper mood for sex and love making.
People that read what I write do know how marijuana makes me extremely horny as a woman and all I can think about when I’m stoned on pot is getting a hard dick up my ass and getting the living daylights fucked out of me. That was the way I was when Husband came home. As he came in the door that was how he saw me. Of course I did have my prosthetic realistic cunt attached to me to make me look like a woman as I always do.
The roses were already in a vase and I put them on the dining table and placed the candy, card and box next to them. I opened each and smiled at husband when I thanked him. He was enjoying me standing there nude next to him.
He picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder and carried me to the bedroom with my upper half hanging down behind him and my butt and legs were hanging down in front of him. He had his arm around my thighs to keep me from sliding off. He did reach up with his other hand that was open and smartly smack my butt making a loud slap and leaving a red hand print that was on my butt cheek for awhile. I let out a whimper after his spank. I am a spanked wife and Husband does spank me weekly rather I need it or not just to keep me being a good wife. My spankings are always OTK bare hand to bare bottom and he does not hit me with objects and they are mild to moderate and never hard or severe. Husband does not want to injure me.
He tossed me on the bed and got undressed and joined me. After some foreplay of me sucking his dick a bit and then him sucking my breasts while he had a hand between my legs and was finger fucking me, he got over me with my ankles on his shoulders and put himself inside me and fucked me good and hard until he shot his ample load of sperm filled semen inside me. The marijuana enhances being fucked and I had some orgasms during sex and it was almost like one long continuous orgasm at times. I cum like a woman just from being fucked really well.
After we were done fucking for the time being anyway, we got dressed and went to the restaurant. I had my faux fur wrap wrapped around my shoulders and my black clutch purse in my hand. I had polished my wedding ring so it would shine enough to bring attention to it. I had some extra touches like 3 inch dangling rhinestone earrings, with gold plated bracelets and a one inch wide black velvet choker around my neck and throat. I did do a couple of light squirts of my Giorgio perfume and also added a few squirts of female pheromones to give me the sexual scent of a woman. I also put a dab of ‘Secret Scent’ in the pubic hair of my cunt to give me the musky yeasty scent of a woman down below. Even though I still have my useless male junk in the way down there I do go all out at being a woman and that is the main reason that I have the prosthetic pussy glued to me all the time to make me look like a woman down there. I had my nails done, fingers and toes both by my cosmetologist and they were painted almost the same shade of red as my lipstick.
My finishing touch at being like a woman was inserting a super tampon up my ‘vagina’ (rectum) just for effect to make me like a woman. I use tampons because it is a feminine and womanly thing to do and makes me feel more like a woman. I did not sit on the toilet and drip out after Husband shot his load inside me so the tampon started expanding and softening inside me right after I inserted it while soaking up his semen.
I felt just like a woman with my purse in my hand as we walked out the back door and to Husband’s SUV. Even though he is the dominant and I the submissive Husband still treats me like a woman and a lady and opens doors for me and pulls out chairs for me and etc. He always calls me ‘wife’ or ‘woman’ and sometimes ‘honey’ or one of his other pet names that he has for me.
We parked in the restaurant parking lot and he opened the door for me to get out and placed his hand on my bottom as he walked me to the entrance of the restaurant. Husband always walks me like this to show his ownership and that I belong to him. I proudly hold my head up because I am proud that I am his wife and woman and his ownership of me. He also walked me through the restaurant with his hand holding my butt as we were escorted to our booth we had reserved. We sat next to each other in the booth. We are pretty well known at this restaurant because we go there fairly regularly and they think I am a real woman and they know we are married.
Husband ordered a prime rib and I ordered lobster tails for entrée’s.
We knew that after dinner we would go back home and I would put on the new baby doll nightie and we would go to bed and fuck some more after smoking some more weed.
While we were eating I did use my knife to cut off a piece of lobster and stuck a fork in it and then dipped it in the lemon and butter sauce and held it up in front of Husband’s face and gave him a seductive smile and asked, “Husband, would you like a piece of my tail?”
I just luv being a woman and a wife!

)ur first wedding anniversary
Posted:Jan 2, 2017 11:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2017 1:15 pm

I have had other ‘girls’ in some of the OP groups I am in want me to tell about Husband’s and mine anniversary night at Lake Tahoe on 11/7/16.
Usually whatever I write for OP I post in the blogs and also in my sissy/shemale groups that I’m in. I do have my own group that I moderate and that is “Tgirls That Want To Be Wives” and I am fairly active in the “Boys Turned Into Girls” group because that happened to me and those 2 are ones I’m into the most but there are other groups that I am also in that range from Tgirls, transsexuals, sissies and shemales to anal sex and bareback fucking.
Husband and I spent our anniversary night plus one more in a motel that I previously mentioned about our wedding anniversary at Lake Tahoe. Tahoe was a good romantic choice being it is close by and it is a big beautiful lake and not far from Reno and the north shore can be reached in close to an hour drive and that would be close to Incline Village one of the communities around the lake. Of course it can take up close to 2 hours to get to a particular destination from Reno depending on what part of Reno one is leaving from and what part of Tahoe one wants to arrive at. Tahoe is 72 miles around it.
We selected a motel in Kings Beach which is on the north shore and just across the state line on the California side. Crystal Bay is the community on the Nevada side and Crystal Bay and Kings Beach run together but divided by the state line. Crystal Bay has about 4 casinos but none are like or nearly as big as the larger Vegas, Reno or South Tahoe properties. North Tahoe is not quite as busy and active as the larger South Tahoe area.
The motel where we got our room was not fancy and just a standard mountain resort motel but was clean. What made us interested in this motel was one particular room on the second level. We had stumbled on this room before when we went to stay a couple of days at Tahoe. The room itself had a queen size bed that the foot of the bed faced a huge picture window that looked out over the lake. So people could lye in bed and have a view of Lake Tahoe. Being on the second and top level no one on the beach or even in a boat on the lake could see up into this room even at night with the lights on. It would take someone in a helicopter or in the air looking straight in to see inside this room from the outside. The room itself does have a clean carpet in new condition, a small round table with wood grain Formica top that is probably a little over 2 foot diameter but big enough to have coffee or cocktails on or even big enough to eat on, 2 wooden frame chairs with padded seat and back rest and a medium size flat screen TV. The furniture was in new condition. The bathroom was modern and kept up, with a linoleum floor and had a single bathtub with a shower but there was not enough room for 2 in the tub but the motel did have a hot tub/spa in an outbuilding across the parking lot. This being the off season there was not anyone else on the top floor or the end room just below us. There seemed to be a few rooms taken on the bottom floor. We did bring along with us our small travel 4 cup coffee maker and travel mugs along with some coffee.
The motel manager and his wife told us that room was the most requested by couples wanting a room for a romantic evening. They thought I was a real woman and GG and didn’t act as if they thought any differently. Husband introduced me as ‘his wife Julie’. As far as the managers knew we were Mr. & Mrs. Ferris. The only thing that the managers did not know was that this woman and wife had to take it in the butt from her husband.
The area the motel was in has other motels that are similar and they are all parallel to each other on the lake side of the highway and all extend down to just above the beach area. The other motels there may have similar rooms because they are designed the same with just different names.
Our check in time was for early afternoon so we left Reno around noon and we took Husband’s SUV. I dressed in a Kelly green long sleeve dress with black ankle strap sandals with 3 inch heels. I wear heels almost daily and am used to them. Green goes well with my now red hair that used to be very dark brown and sometimes appeared black in certain light. I do have an Irish look and Husband tells me that I have a Kathy Griffin look. Under my dress I had on a white waist cincher with garter straps and clips to hold up my suntan (light brown) stockings. For a panty I had on a white butt shaper with hip pads inserted just under the panty at the hips to give me the appearance of wider hips. That with the waist cincher does help give me somewhat of an hourglass shape of a woman. I had on a white pushup bra to give me some cleavage. The green dress is like a cocktail dress with a V like plunge at the bodice that shows a bit of cleavage. Hey, I have natural real boobs now so why not show cleavage and I am a woman now, ya know. Before we left home I did insert a super tampon and squirted a bit of warm water behind it from a small bulb syringe to fully expand and soften the tampon inside me and making it more comfortable and even enjoyable. I do that because it makes me feel more like a feminine woman with a tampon inside me.
Husband likes me to ride in the passenger seat with my dress or skirt slightly pulled up to my stocking welt exposing my garter clips and the seat belt that crosses my body runs down between my breasts separating them. Husband likes to see me like that and also the fact knowing that I have a tampon inserted. He likes the things I do to make me a woman.
The Saturday before our anniversary I had an appointment with my beautician to trim my hair; the bangs and ends and give me a manicure and pedicure painting my nails the same shade of red as my lipstick that I wear.
Husband normally works on Mondays but made arrangements to take the day off for our anniversary. He has taken me to where he works and introduced me as his wife and his fellow employees know he is married but they do think that I am a real GG woman. He has not told them that he married a male to female transgender and we both do wear our wedding rings and appear as a straight hetero married couple.
The morning before we left the house on Monday I did my normal morning shower and shave and took a deep enema to get all the yucky out of me and after doing a few other feminizing things I sat on the toilet and douched until the water came back out of me clear. I refilled my douche bag 3 times taking half bag douches each time. Usually when I take a deep enema and rinse out with douches I am good inside for a couple of days.
I removed the prosthetic pussy I had on and cleaned and shaved my pubic area so I could glue back on another clean cunt with red pubic hair to make me look a woman down there. As I have mentioned before those artificial vulvae do make a great gaff while at the same time making me appear as a woman. Of course I do have to squat like a girl or sit on the toilet to pee. I also wipe my pussy like a female while still sitting and drop the tissue into the toilet.
I packed some things to take with me and one of the things was my travel pink douche bag. Included was an extra butt shaper panty but black and in case of an emergency; pair of women’s jeans, pink woman’s sweatshirt and women’s athletic shoes. As I have mentioned before everything I wear now is made for woman to wear, I have no male clothing at all left. For evening wear to our anniversary dinner I took one of my LBDs (little black dress), black corset, bra and black back seamed stockings. I took my LBD on a hanger and would use the same shoes I wore there. I have a bag for traveling stocked with spare makeup, women’s deodorant (Secret), small bottle of perfume (Giorgio) and my spray on female pheromones that I put on along with my perfume to make me smell like a woman and also give me the scent of a woman. I also dab on some ‘Secret Scent’ on my prosthetic cunt in the pubic hair and that gives me the musky yeasty scent of a woman down below. Husband has told me that I do smell much like a real woman down there with the Secret Scent. Even though my cunt is artificial I do want it to smell like a woman’s cunt. I buy the Secret Scent from the same place I buy my prosthetic pussies.
Husband told me to roll a joint for us to smoke that night after dinner and before we fuck. I rolled 2 and put them in an empty tampon applicator and put the applicator back in its wrapper. Weed makes us both extremely horny but in different ways. It makes Husband horny to get his hard dick inside someone and feel their snugness and firm grip on his hard dick and me it makes all that I can think about is getting a hard dick up my ass and getting fucked like a woman while I am stoned on pot. I already luv to fuck, that is fuck like a woman fucks with a man inside me, which is actually being fucked but Weed greatly enhances it. When stoned I also focus more on myself as a woman.
We left Reno and drove up Mount Rose Highway and stopped in Incline Village at a sandwich shop to have lunch because we had a light breakfast.
We got our room and carried up our luggage and bags and settled into the room.
We had fucked that morning before leaving and before we got out of bed in the spoon position and Husband said, “Happy anniversary wife” as he was behind me pushing his hard dick up my ‘vagina’ (rectum) and he lasted about 15 to 20 minutes after penetration and made me cum like a woman twice before he shot his hot thick morning load inside me. Since we were now in the room and this would be a day and night of fucking he wanted to fuck me again. I took off my dress, bra and panty and removed my tampon and flushed it. Husband likes me wearing just a corset or garter belt with hose so I left them on.
After the fucking and he shot a hot thick load deep up inside me I lay curled up beside him with my head on his chest and he had his arm around me. We said “I love you” to each other. Yes, Husband and I are in love just as a man and woman love each other. I did insert another super tampon because after ejaculating inside me I was so full of his goo and being just freshly fucked it was trying to seep out and I did not want to leave snail trails on anything. Of course this being a wedding anniversary the cleaning maid would probably expect to find cum stains on the sheets.
After a bit I wanted to suck his dick for him and to completion and swallow his load so I got up and went into the bathroom and got one warm soapy washcloth and wet another with just warm water and went back to wash husband’s dick. I never take a dick in my mouth right after it has been pulled from my butt until it has been washed even if I have to do it myself. So after I washed him and returned the wash cloths to the bathroom I came back to bed and sucked Husband’s dick and licked his balls. When he gets close to cumming he will put his hands on my head and hold me in place so I can’t pull off from his dick and starts cumming in my mouth and forcing me to swallow his load. As he was getting close to cumming that is what he did and held me until he was finished cumming. I have become to like sucking dick over the years and I like sucking my husband’s dick for him like a good wife should. Actually I suck his dick almost every day as foreplay and not always to completion but to get him hard before we fuck.
Later as it was getting dark outside we started getting ready to go out to our anniversary dinner. I put on my black corset and other black under things including my hose and attached the garter clips to them and then my LBD, which is a satin cocktail dress with long puffy chiffon sleeves and the hem is about 3 ½ inches above my knees and a V neckline in front to show cleavage. Being that I have my own boobs now I like wearing pushup or demi bras to display my cleavage. I wear chokers around my neck often for a couple of reasons one is even though I do not have much of an Addams Apple I still wear a choker to cover my throat. I wore a 1 inch wide crushed velvet choker with a cameo on it that night. I brought my faux mink wrap and had it around my shoulders when we left.
Husband and I do have another secret reason for me wearing chokers and that is we think of it as a slave collar. In our relationship he is the dominant and I am the submissive and like his sex slave. We do practice some B&D and also some mild S&M. He does tie me face down with my wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the bed for him to r ape me in the butt or putting me on the bed kind of doggy style but my head is on the mattress and my arms are pulled back as my wrists and ankles are secured together, left wrist to left ankle and right wrist to right ankle and my butt is upward and accessible. I am on the edge of the bed and Husabnd stands on the floor behind me while he slams into me. I also do submit to OTK bare hand to bare bottom spankings and that is weekly. This is not really punishment but just to remind me to be an obedient wife.
We did discuss some ground rules before being married and so far we have stuck with these rules and Husband is not abusive to me other than what I consent to. The only forceful physical contact with his hand to my body is spanking and his hand on my buttocks while over his lap and that was actually my idea. I have not seen or read “50 Shades of Grey” yet but I think I probably should because the few bits and pieces I have read and seen is kind of what mine and Husband’s relationship is like. He is the Master and dominant and I am the submissive and obedient woman and wife. At home and other places too, I do wear pet collars around my neck.
Many of the good restaurants in this area are closed on Mondays during the slow season so we drove back down to the Hyatt Regency at Incline Village to have dinner in one of their dining rooms. Incline Village is an upscale area with numerous celebrities and rock stars that have homes there. It is kind of like the Beverly Hills of Lake Tahoe. There are working people that live there also that work in the stores and local businesses and the Hyatt.
We put the car with valet and Husband walked me in the resort with his hand on my bottom as I carried my clutch in my hand to show his dominance and ownership of me. To us this shows that my bottom is his and belongs to him. We were seated by the captain and had a nice 4 course dinner. For our entrees Husband had a steak and I had some scampi. He had a glass merlot and I had a glass of N/A wine because I do not drink alcohol. It was an enjoyable and romantic anniversary dinner in a subdued atmosphere. We did not gamble in the casino because we live in Nevada and have learned to control our gaming but instead went back to our room in King’s Beach. We were going to spend the rest of night fucking like husband and wife.
We got back to the room and I changed into just a transparent black baby doll nightie but without the matching panty and my boobs and nipples could be seen through the sheer material and the hem of the nighties hung down below my cunt and that could also be seen through the material. I removed and flushed my tampon while I was changing in the bathroom.
We sat at the table and passed a joint back and forth while we looked out the large picture window at the lake as we turned on the portable CD stereo. We listened to Enigma which is our favorite lovemaking music and also Robert Miles ‘Children’. There was enough moon that night to still put a glimmer on the lake. As we got stoned we kind of went into our own little world inside the room with the view of the lake and the music. Soon Husband had me on the bed and we 69ed like a man and woman does we me on top with my butt over his face and him using his tongue and lips on my hole and I leaning over to suck his dick. We did this for pleasure and intimacy but also to get us each wet with saliva to use for lube. After we were both wet he had me on my back with my ankles on his shoulders and fucking the daylights out of me. His body was slapping against my buttocks and making the loud slapping noises. The other sounds in the room was the music, our heavy breathing and my whimpers, moans and squeals that a woman would make if she was being fucked really good. I had anal/rectal orgasms each time we fucked and a few times I could feel him cum inside me. We fucked twice more in different positions that night taking little breaks in between. I had washed his dick after the last time just in case we woke up during the night and wanted to have more sexual activity. I did wake up about 2 hours after we went to sleep and Husband was still asleep lying on his back. I started sucking his dick, it was limp at first but soon was getting hard and Husband was stirring a bit and his hand went to back of my head. “Oh Julie” he muttered and then also muttered, “Baby that feels so good”. I kept sucking making loud smacking and slurping noises as he still held my head. I wanted to suck him to completion. As he got close to cumming each time I would slow down to let him calm down a bit because I wanted it to last. I wanted to give him a really good dick sucking and wanted it to last for awhile and bring him much pleasure. I can suck dick for a long time and also deep throat. After about 3 times of slowing down and I guess about 20 to 30 minutes of sucking I finally went to finish him off and soon he was holding the back of my head and I was swallowing every last bit of semen he shot into my mouth.
It was daylight when I awoke and we were in the spoon position. Husband’s dick was between my buttocks with his head at my opening forcing its way through. I must have been sleeping soundly because Husband had lubed us both with KY and I did not feel him doing it. He held me tight as he fucked me. After we were done I got up and went into the bathroom and inserted a tampon so I would not be dripping semen from my freshly fucked hole all over the place.
I started some coffee and got out the travel cups we use and we sat at the table and looked at the lake while we had some coffee. The lake was calm with just a few boats on it and there was no activity on the beach except for some guy walking his dog.
As we had another cup of coffee we talked and decided that since Husband was off that day to stay 1 more night if we could. We showered together in the tub and while standing Husband nailed me up the butt again with his dick. We got dressed and I put on my jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers and Husband put on his change of clothes and we talked to the managers about staying another night and they said that was fine because the room was not reserved.
We went and found a local restaurant for some breakfast and also found a store and got some breakfast pastry and some small cartons of orange juice and chocolate milk to put in the small cube refrigerator that was in the room and those items would be for the next morning.
We took a walk on the beach after we got back to the motel. That night we looked up a pizza parlor in the phone book that delivers and had pizza and salad for dinner. We did not watch too much TV these couple of days and Husband had me wearing just my baby doll nightie in the room until we got ready to leave. It was a good anniversary and next year we plan on something else romantic. We did lots of fucking over the 2 days and including the morning before we left Reno on our anniversary it was a total of 9 times and 2 times I sucked husband to completion. We fucked in every possible position that a man and woman could fuck. Our foreplay is just like any hetero man and woman does and Husband finger fucks me just like I’m a woman. He will be holding and kissing me or sometimes sucking on my tits while his hand goes between my legs back until he finds my hole with his lubed middle finger and pushes it in and the tip of his finger finds my G spot (prostrate).
Since our anniversary almost 2 months ago our marriage has only gotten stronger. Husband treats me just like I am a woman and that with the many other things I do to make me like a woman has submerged me deeper into total womanhood.
Next anniversary we are thinking about the California coast; Monterey, Santa Cruz or Morro Bay. I also know of a gay beach further down the coast that I can wear a women’s one piece swimsuit with no worries. I know that for a fact because I have already been on that beach as a woman in a swimsuit.
Our first wedding anneversay 11/7
Posted:Nov 6, 2016 5:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2017 10:55 am

Husband and I will be legally married for 1 year on November 7th of this year. Thank you SCOTUS for making this possible. Of course it is Same Sex marriage but it is legal. Husband and I consider it a marriage between a man and a woman and husband and wife, and I am the woman and wife in our marriage.
I simply luv being a housewife and I luv getting up in the mornings like any other woman and getting my morning shower and doing my makeup, fixing my hair and getting dressed in women’s clothes. I do not have any more male clothing at all and to get dressed it has to be in women’s clothes. I sleep in baby doll nighties but Husband tells me not to wear the panties to bed. At first he liked taking them off from me but now thinks it’s sexier to not wear panties to bed. It kinda shows that I’m ready to be fucked when I come to bed. So now I use the matching panty that goes with the baby doll nightie just as regular panties for every day wear.
I have been fucked every single day by Husband. We usually fuck at night before going to sleep and have only missed a few times but he does screw me sometime during that day, maybe earlier in the evening or during the day time hours but he has fucked me every day. Sometimes he wants a morning piece of ass and screws me in the spoon position before we get out of bed in the morning.
My husband has a very high libido and sex drive and really likes poking his wife’s butt. I committed to being an accommodating wife never turning my husband down whenever he desires to fuck me. I want to be the best wife I can be for my husband. That includes being a perfect housewife by cooking his meals and taking care of him as a good wife should. We are very much in love with each other and often exchange ‘I love you’s’ to each other.
I know my place in our marriage and that is as the woman and wife. Our wedding at the Las Vegas wedding chapel was perfect. It is mainly a gay wedding chapel but they also perform hetero weddings but they honored my requests of referring to me as a woman and using my female name of Julie instead of my male name on my birth certificate. Julie Ferris is my name that I use all the time because I am a total full time woman now. I loved being dolled up and being a bride for our wedding wearing a white wedding dress and a veil, along with high heels (silver strappy sandals with ankle strap) and having a wedding ring placed on my finger and the minister asking Val my groom and now husband that if he accepts ‘this woman Julie as his lawfully wedded wife’ and Val said smiling “I do”. I was also thrilled and had warm feelings inside me when I was asked, “Julie, do you take this man Val as your lawfully wedded husband, to honor and obey” and I whispered in my most feminine voice, “I do”. Then we were pronounced as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Val and Julie Ferris. My heart was racing at now being a married woman and a man’s wife and it was legal. I looked at the wedding ring on my finger and was proud to now be a wife and a married woman. I looked t Val’s wedding ring and felt that now we were connected as husband and wife. The thoughts of “I’m a wife, I’m a man’s wife, I’m a wife, I’m a wife,” kept going through my head. I also knew that it was my wedding night and I would be getting my brains fucked out all night long. That was what happens to a bride and newlywed woman. On top of our wedding cake was the little bride and groom ornaments the wife figure represented me.
The term blushing bride came from when women and girls were still virgins up until their wedding day and everyone knew that the virgin bride was going to be taken to bed and fucked by her groom. It made her blush because everyone knew. I was still somewhat of a blushing bride because the people attending the wedding and the people working the chapel all knew I was going to be taken to bed and fucked in the ass by my husband. It was easy to figure out because I was the bride, wife and woman in my marriage.
My role in the marriage is as the submissive and bottom, that is the wife’s role, and Husband’s role is the dominant and the top. I grew up to believe that the husband rules and the wife obey and this is how it is with us. I also grew up to believe that the husband fucks his wife whenever he desires and this is also how it is with us. I have been fucked in every room in the house including the garage and also in the backyard and a number of times. On his days off from work Husband many times will bend me over the dining table or a kitchen counter and raise my dress and pull down my panty and do it to me right there. Many times he has done it to me on the floor. It’s whenever he desires and where he desires.
Husband actually moved in with me into my house before we were married the first week of September and we have fucked every day since then. Of course I have been doing my Kegel exercises faithfully and sometimes several times a day. I have not known anyone personally that this happened to but I have heard and read that too much anal fucking can cause the muscles in the anus, rectum and colon to break down and not function resulting in someone having to have a colostomy bag for bowel movements. But I have also read that the Kegel exercises can prevent that from happening so I do regularly several times a day. Besides that I want to be a good wife and keep my ‘pussy’ tight for my husband.
We are going to spend our first anniversary at Lake Tahoe, which is not very far away from Reno. We have a room at a motel on the north shore Crystal Bay- Kings Beach area reserved that is on the upper floor and has a big window that overlooks the lake. I just hope there is a bright enough moon on that night to see the lake and the moon reflecting off from it. I checked and the moon will be in the first quarter and not quite a half moon that night. If there are no clouds it can still be a very romantic night with all the stars out and the moonlight reflecting off from Lake Tahoe.
Husband and I go to Lake Tahoe often and to a beach called Sand Harbor on the northeast shore just south of Incline Village. I wear a conservative women’s one piece swimsuit on the beach and pass as a woman. I use foundation garments and pads to shape me like a woman under the swimsuit and my prosthetic cunt I glue on makes an excellent gaff and with the swimsuit material covering my groin it looks like a woman’s pussy underneath the fabric. My swimsuit is a halter that ties or attaches behind the neck and that makes the shoulders narrower and more feminine. My own hair is down to my shoulders now (no more wigs) and my nails are kept done and wear dangling earrings and I have my makeup on with red lipstick, women’s sunglasses and sandals also women’s of course. Everyone that sees me thinks I am a woman and I have never had any problem passing. That is what I want, for people to think that I am a woman. I was first feminized when I was a young boy but the later years from early teens on, I feminized myself mainly just from watching women. When my mom had female roommates I watched them do their makeup and other feminine things and after I had my basics down it was just a matter of practice. Then I did attend a shemale training academy and learn a bit more. After that it was practice and my fem side made it come natural. From a very young age I felt that I was a girl and through life I wanted to be a girl and a woman.
Fucking is one of the things that makes me feel like a woman. When I’m being fucked by a man it is like I’m being fucked like I’m a woman and makes me feel like a woman. Now I get fucked daily by Husband and that helps keeping me feel like a woman. Every day I have Husband’s dick up my ass. There are other things I do also to make me feel like a woman and help keep me as a woman.
Getting my Elvira Mistress of the Dark costume ready
Posted:Oct 26, 2016 10:08 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2017 12:53 pm

I took my Elvira costume out to get it ready for Halloween. I have my gown, wig, black nail polish and makeup. I have mostly been Elvira on Halloween over the years and Husband likes me being Elvira and said I am a sexy Elvira.
I use foundation garments to give me the shape, which is a tight heavy boned black corset with garter straps. I like the garter straps because most Elvira’s wear panty hose or tights under the long black gown but I like showing on my leg a garter clip attached to my stocking welt where the slit is on the gown from the floor up my thigh. I wear fishnet stockings under my gown. I use black ankle strap sandals with 3” heels on my feet.
Underneath I wear a spandex elastane butt shaper panty that is the same as fit as a regular woman’s brief but with the material it is made of is more like a no leg panty girdle. It does lift and separate my buttocks shaping my bottom like a woman’s. The gown hangs and hugs my bottom very nicely. I also insert hip pads to widen my hips.
I can get a nice cleavage with my own natural boobs but I use some breast forms to give me the rack of Elvira and those are being supported by a pushup bra.
Elvira is Goth with heavy Goth makeup but red lipstick. I used to use a pic as a guide when I did my makeup but have done this so many times that I no longer need the pic. My wig is the final touch and I wear long dangling earrings which are optional.
I also have a Peggy Bundy costume (Married with Children) and she is portrayed by Katey Sagal whose latest role was Gemma in Sons of Anarchy, and she is my second favorite character to be.
I have also been Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. But Husband likes me being Elvira. It kind of goes with him being Dracula.
We will be going to a cocktail party like we did last year and then later to a gay TG friendly nightclub. We will do some dancing and I will have my back toward Husband while I twerk against his his groin. I will be able to feel his erection pressed between my buttocks through the material of our clothing as we dance.
Another fact check
Posted:Oct 5, 2016 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2016 3:11 pm

I saw this on TV and Trump whines about things being rigged against him and said Lester Holt is a Democrat and he was not fair to him (Trump). Doing a fat check on Lester Holt he is a registered Republican.
Just did a fact check
Posted:Oct 4, 2016 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2016 3:13 pm

Stories have been floating that Trump actually won more polls than Clinton for the first presidential debate. I did a fact check off from Real Clear Politics and Clinton won the first debate by a large margin.

It was reported according to RCP that for that night Clinton won 24 polls to 3 for Trump and there were 3 ties. Some were fairly close but that is what RCP reported. Over the past couple of years from viewing RCP ii has appeared to me that RCP is basically a conservative website so I do appreciate their honesty and being unbiased.

Also from what I have seen in the days following the first debate that Clinton is still leading in most of the polls although some are close.

Just the facts that I saw. Check them out for yourself at Real Clear Politics
The purpose???
Posted:Sep 28, 2016 11:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2017 7:31 am

I come and go in here so I may have missed it, I could say 'in and out' but that is what husband does but does anyone know the purpose of the 4 comment thing? Sometimes I do not come in here for a few days and might have missed any explanation.

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